51 Interesting Sweden Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Sweden? Think again, because this Interesting Sweden trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Sweden.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Sweden that you probably do not know. You will also uncover some powerful questions that will make you feel proud and smart when you answer them in front of people.

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Sweden Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Sweden.

1. What is the Sweden currency called?
A. Euro.
B. Krona.
C. Dollar.
Answer: krona.

2. Which perfectly describes the national flag of Sweden?
A. A blue cross in a golden background.
B. A white cross on a blue background.
C. A golden cross on a blue background.
Answer: a golden cross on a blue background.


3. Which is the capital of Sweden?
A. Stockholm.
B. Göteborg.
C. Lule.
Answer: Stockholm.

4. The highest mountain in Sweden is called ___?
A. Kaskasatjåkka.
B. Sarektjåkkå.
C. Kebnekaise.
Answer: Kebnekaise.

5. What is the national flower of Sweden called?
A. Bluebell.
B. Lily.
C. White rose.
Answer: Bluebell.

6. ___ is the oldest city in Sweden.
A. Gothenburg.
B. Malmö.
C. Sigtuna.
Answer: Sigtuna.

7. What is the traditional dress of Sweden called?
A. Nationella drän.
B. Nationella dräte.
C. Nationella dräkten.
Answer: Nationella dräkten.

8. Which is the most dominant religion in Sweden?
A. Muslim.
B. Christianity.
C. Non-religious.
Answer: Christianity.

9. Which is the largest city in Sweden?
A. Sigtuna.
B. Gothenburg.
C. Stockholm.
Answer: Stockholm.

10. Sweden is located in ___ Europe.
A. Southern.
B. Central.
C. Northern.
Answer: Northern.

11. Which is the largest library in Sweden?
A. National Library of Sweden.
B. Hultsfreds bibliotek.
C. Malmo City Library.
Answer: National Library of Sweden.

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12. How many counties are in Sweden?
A. 15.
B. 21.
C. 10.
Answer: 21.

13. ___ is the smallest city in Sweden.
A. Marstrand.
B. Trisha.
C. Mölle.
Answer: Mölle.

14. Which is the oldest building in Sweden?
A. Älvsborg Fortress.
B. Tithe barn Tiondeboden i Ingatorp.
C. Borgholm Castle.
Answer: Tithe barn Tiondeboden i Ingatorp.

15. When is the national day of Sweden?
A. July 6.
B. June 16.
C. June 6.
Answer: June 6.


16. What is the largest museum in Sweden called?
A. Vasa museum.
B. Malmömuseer.
C. Skansen Open-Air Museu.
Answer: Malmömuseer.

17. What is the main language of Sweden?
A. English.
B. Finnish.
C. Swedish.
Answer: Swedish.

18. Which is the oldest castle in Sweden?
A. Borgholm Castle.
B. Gripsholm Castle.
C. Burgazer Castle.
Answer: Gripsholm Castle.

19. In what year was gay marriage legalized in Sweden?
A. 2009.
B. 1997.
C. 2007.
Answer: 2009.

20. One of these is the national animal of Sweden.
A. Moose.
B. Reindeer.
C. Golden eagle.
Answer: moose.

21. Which of these is not a province in Sweden?
A. Västergötland.
B. Stockholm.
C. Gästrikland.
Answer: Stockholm.

22. Which is the largest container port in Sweden?
A. Port of Trelleborg.
B. Pretty of Stockholm.
C. Port of Gothenburg.
Answer: Port of Gothenburg.

23. ___ is the most imported commodity of Sweden.
A. Car.
B. Accessories.
C. Crude petroleum.
Answer: car.

24. Who is the first prime minister of Sweden?
A. Kjell Stefan Löfven.
B. Louis Gerhard De Geer.
C. Sven Olof Joachim Palme.
Answer: Louis Gerhard De Geer.

25. Which is the longest river in Sweden?
A. Klarälven River.
B. Torne River.
C. Dalälven River.
Answer: Klarälven River.

26. What is the official language of Sweden?
A. Finnish.
B. English.
C. Swedish.
Answer: Swedish.

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27. Sweden was formerly called __?
A. Svithiod.
B. Suiones.
C. Svear.
Answer: Svithiod.

28. Who is the first female president of Sweden?
A. Tobias Baudin.
B. Magdalena Andersson.
C. Stefan Löfven.
Answer: Magdalena Andersson.

29. What is the official name of Sweden?
A. Kingdom of Sweden.
B. Castle of Sweden.
C. Empire of Sweden.
Answer: Kingdom of Sweden.

30. Which is the national bird of Sweden?
A. White-throated dipper.
B. Eurasian blackbird.
C. Golden eagle.
Answer: Eurasian blackbird.

31. How many land borders does Sweden have?
A. 2.
B. 3.
C. 9.
Answer: 2.

32. Which of the following separates Denmark and Sweden?
A. Øresund Bridge.
B. Øred Bridge.
C. Øresund waterfall.
Answer: Øresund Bridge.

33. From which country was the independence of Sweden gained?
A. Denmark.
B. France.
C. Britain.
Answer: Denmark.

34. On which part of Sweden’s border is the Sweden coastline found?
A. Northern border.
B. Western border.
C. Eastern border.
Answer: Eastern border.

35. Which is the largest lake in Sweden?
A. Lake Silijan.
B. Lake Väner.
C. Lake Akkajaure.
Answer: Lake Väner.

36. One of these is not among the borders of Sweden.
A. Arctic circle.
B. Atlantic Ocean.
C. Torne River.
Answer: Atlantic Ocean.

37. Which of the following is the most produced food commodity in Sweden?
A. Vegetables.
B. Wheat.
C. Milk.
Answer: wheat.

38. How many maritime borders does Sweden have?
A. 2.
B. 7.
C. 9.
Answer: 7.

39. Who is the current king of Sweden?
A. Carl XII Gustaf.
B. Carl XV Gustaf.
C. Carl XVI Gustaf.
Answer: Carl XVI Gustaf.

40. One of these is considered the national food of Sweden by most Swedes.
A. Lingonberries.
B. Hamburger.
C. Pizza.
Answer: lingonberries.
NB: Sweden has no official national food.

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41. Which of these prime ministers was assassinated?
A. Kjell Stefan Löfven.
B. Louis Gerhard De Geer.
C. Sven Olof Joachim Palme.
Answer: Sven Olof Joachim Palme.

42. One of these is not part of the Øresund Bridge.
A. Crossroad.
B. Tunnel.
C. An artificial island.
Answer: crossroad.

43. How many country borders does Sweden have?
A. 10.
B. 9.
C. 7.
Answer: 9.

44. Who is the current president of Sweden in 2022?
A. Tobias Baudin.
B. Magdalena Andersson.
C. Stefan Löfven.
Answer: Magdalena Andersson.

45. One of the following is the most exported commodity in Sweden.
A. machinery
B. Vehicles.
C. Paper.
Answer: machinery.

46. What is the largest forest in Sweden called?
A. Furilden Naturreservat.
B. Padjelanta
C. Stenshuvud National Park.
Answer: Padjelanta.

47. ___ is the name of the national anthem of Sweden.
A. Du gamla, du fjällhöga.
B. Du fria, du fjällhöga.
C. Du gamla, du fria.
Answer: Du gamla, du fria.

48. In what year did Sweden gain its independence?
A. 1532.
B. 1523.
C. 1352.
Answer: 1523.

49. One of the following is the largest island in Sweden.
A. Gotland.
B. Öland.
C. Rügen.
Answer: Gotland.

50. What is the highest waterfall in Sweden called?
A. Danska Fall.
B. Njupeskär Waterfall.
C. Tannforsen Waterfall.
Answer: Njupeskär Waterfall.

51. What is the cross on the Swedish flag called?
A. Nordic cross.
B. Scandinavian cross.
C. Northern cross.
Answer: Nordic cross.

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