51 Interesting Switzerland Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Switzerland? Think again, because this Interesting Switzerland trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Switzerland.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Switzerland that you probably do not know.  We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Switzerland Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Switzerland.

1. When did Switzerland gain its independence?
A. 1684.
B. 1864
C. 1648.
Answer: 1648.

2. What is the national animal of Switzerland called?
A. Cow.
B. Horse.
C. Buffalo.
Answer: cow.
NB: Switzerland does not have an official national animal, but the cow is mostly referred to in conjunction with Switzerland.

3. What is the currency of Switzerland called?
A. Swiss Dollar.
B. Swiss Franc.
C. Swiss Euro.
Answer: Swiss Franc.


4. Which is the largest lake in Switzerland?
A. Lake Zürich.
B. Lake Constance.
C. Lake Geneva.
Answer: Lake Geneva.

5. One of these is the capital of Switzerland.
A. Bern.
B. Geneva.
C. Zürich.
Answer: Bern.

6. When is the National Day of Switzerland celebrated?
A. 1st August.
B. 21st August.
C. 31st August.
Answer: 1st August.

7. Which is the largest container port in Switzerland?
A. Port of Kleinhuningen.
B. Port of Basel.
C. Port of Zürich.
Answer: Port of Basel.

8. Who was the first president of Switzerland?
A. Ignazio Daniele.
B. Jonas Furrer.
. Ruth Dreifuss.
Answer: Jonas Furrer.

9. One of these options is the highest waterfall in Switzerland.
A. Staubbach Falls.
B. Lauterbrunnen fall.
C. Mürrenbach Fall.
Answer: Mürrenbach Fall.

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10. Which correctly represents the Switzerland flag?
A. A red cross on a white background.
B. A white cross on a red background.
C. A white cross on a blue background.
Answer: a white cross on a red background.

11. Who was the first female president of Switzerland?
A. Ignazio Daniele.
B. Jonas Furrer.
C. Ruth Dreifuss.
Answer: Ruth Dreifuss.

12. Which of these cities is the smallest city in Switzerland?
A. Prilly.
B. Vevey.
C. Rolle.
Answer: Prilly.

13. Which is not among the borders of Switzerland?
A. Italy.
B. Germany.
C. United Kingdom.
Answer: United Kingdom.

14. What is the tallest building in Switzerland called?
A. Grande Dixence dam.
B. Prime tower.
C. Roche-turm.
Answer: Grande Dixence dam.

15. What is the cross on Switzerland called?
A. State cross.
B. United cross.
C. Federal cross.
Answer: Federal cross.

16. Which is the largest dam in Switzerland?
A. Mauvoisin dam.
B. Grande Dixence dam.
C. Luzzone dam.
Answer: Grande Dixence dam.


17. __ is the oldest building in Switzerland.
A. Bethlehem-Haus.
B. Predigerkirche.
C. Chillon Castle.
Answer: Bethlehem-Haus.

18. One of these is the most spoken language in Switzerland.
A. French.
B. Italian.
C. German.
Answer: German.

19. Who is the current president of Switzerland in 2022?
A. Ignazio Daniele.
B. Jonas Furrer.
C. Ruth Dreifuss.
Answer: Ignazio Daniele.

20. What is the national anthem of Switzerland called?
A. Swiss Song
B. Swiss Psalm.
C. Swiss Words
Answer: Swiss Psalm.

21. One of the following is the largest forest in Switzerland.
A. Sihlwald Forest.
B. Zauberwald.
C. Creux du Van.
Answer: Sihlwald Forest.

22. Which Swiss city is referred to as the Swiss San Francisco?
A. Bern.
B. Lausanne.
C. Stockholm.
Answer: Lausanne.

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23. One of these is the largest valley in Switzerland.
A. Lauterbrunnen valley.
B. Engadine valley.
C. Valle Verzasca.
Answer: Lauterbrunnen valley.

24. Which is not among the official languages of Switzerland?
A. English.
B. Romania.
C. Italian.
Answer: English.

25. How many states does Switzerland have?
A. 25.
B. 27.
C. 26.
Answer: 26.

26. How many times has Switzerland hosted the Olympics?
A. 0.
B. 1.
C. 2.
Answer: 2.

27. Which is the national bird of Switzerland?
A. Turaco.
B. Suriname.
C. Purple Crested.
Answer: Turaco.

28. In what year did Switzerland join the UN?
A. 2000.
B. 2002.
C. 2001.
Answer: 2002.

29. One of the following is the national flower of Switzerland.
A. Lotus.
B. Edelweiss.
C. Rose.
Answer: Edelweiss.

30. Which of the following best describes Switzerland?
A. Forests.
B. Mountainous.
C. Riverine.
Answer: mountainous.

31. When did Switzerland join European Trade Association.
A. 1992.
B. 1929.
C. 2002.
Answer: 2002.

32. In what Switzerland city was the Olympics hosted in 1948?
A. Zürich.
B. Bern.
C. St. Moritz.
Answer: St. Moritz.

33. What is the national food of Switzerland?
A. Cheese fondue.
B. Muesli.
C. Rösti.
Answer: Cheese fondue.

37. Which is the largest island in Switzerland?
A. Lützelau Island.
B. Lake Maggiore.
C. Ufenau Island.
Answer: Ufenau Island.

38. Has Switzerland ever hosted the Summer Olympics?
A. No.
B. Yes.
C. Maybe.
Answer: no.

39. How many official languages does Switzerland have?
A. 2.
B. 3.
C. 4.
Answer: 4.

40. One of these is the most visited museum in Switzerland.
A. Landesmuseum Zürich.
B. Luzern’s Swiss Museum of Transport.
C. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.
Answer: Luzern’s Swiss Museum of Transport.

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41. ___ is the oldest city in Switzerland.
A. Chur.
B. Thun.
C. Sion.
Answer: Chur.

42. Which is the highest mountain in Switzerland?
A. Signalkuppe.
B. Dufourspitze.
C. Dom.
Answer: Dufourspitze.

43. What is the oldest castle in Switzerland called?
A. Castle Spiez.
B. Hallwyl Castle.
C. Wädenswil.
Answer: Castle Spiez.

44. Which Empire colonized Switzerland?
A. Roman Empire.
B. France.
C. Britain.
Answer: Roman Empire.

45. How many countries surround Switzerland?
A. 6.
B. 5.
C. 4.
Answer: 5.

46. Which river separates Switzerland from Germany?
A. Elbe River.
B. Rhine River.
C. Danube River.
Answer: Rhine River.

47. Which is the largest city in Switzerland?
A. Bern.
B. Geneva.
C. Zürich.
Answer: Zürich.

48. Which year did Switzerland not host the Olympics?
A. 1968.
B. 1928.
C. 1948.
Answer: 1968.

49. Which of these is not among the borders of Switzerland?
A. Austria.
B. Sweden.
C. Liechtenstein.
Answer: Sweden.

50. Which is the largest library in Switzerland?
A. Stiftsbibliothek.
B. Mossadegh Foundation.
C. Swiss National Library.
Answer: Swiss National Library.

51. One of these is the largest River in Switzerland.
A. Rhine River.
B. Po River.
C. Rhône River.
Answer: Rhine River.

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