51 Interesting Trivia Questions and Answers about Nepal

Are you ready to test how well you know Nepal? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Nepal? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Nepal.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Nepal Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Nepal, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. When was the final Nepal-Britain treaty signed?
a. 2008.
b. 1923.
c. 1921.
Answer: 1923.

2. The highest mountain in Nepal is ___.
a. Lhotse Mountain.
b. Kangchenjunga Mountain.
c. Mount Everest.
Answer: Mount Everest,

3. Which of these countries shares the largest border with Nepal?
a. China.
b. Bangladesh.
c. India.
Answer: India.


4. Which of the following colors is not on the national flag of Nepal?
a. White.
b. Blue.
c. Green.
Answer: green.

5. Where in Asia is Nepal located?
a. North.
b. South.
c. Central.
Answer: south.

6. Who was the last king of unified Nepal?
a. GyanendraBir Bikram Shah.
b. Dharmakar.
c. Prithvi Narayan Shah.
Answer: GyanendraBir Bikram Shah.

7. Which of these animals found in Nepal is nicknamed Abominable snowman.
a. Snowman.
b. Frosty.
c. Yeti.
Answer: Yeti.

8. Which is the largest airport in Nepal?
a. Tribhuvan International Airport.
b. Gautam Buddha International Airport.
c. Pokhara International Airport.
Answer: Tribhuvan International Airport.

9. What is the dialing code of Nepal?
a. +779.
b. +797.
c. +977.
Answer: +977.

10. Who was the first prime minister of Nepal to wield absolute power?
a. Jung Bahadur Rana.
b. Jawaharlal Nehru.
c. MukhtiyarBhimsen.
Answer: MukhtiyarBhimsen.

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11. The official language of Nepal is ___.
a. Maithili.
b. Nepali.
c. English.
Answer: Nepali.

12. How many districts can be found in Nepal?
a. 70.
b. 75.
c. 77.
Answer: 77.

13. Which of these countries does not share a border with Nepal?
a. Bangladesh.
b. China.
c. India.
Answer: Bangladesh.

14. The national flag of Nepal is called ___.
a. Chandra Ra Surya.
b. Jung Nisha.
c. Chandra Sura.
Answer: Chandra Ra Surya.

15. In what year did Nepal become a federal republic?
a. 2010.
b. 2008.
c. 1923.
Answer: 1923.

16. The most produced food commodity of Nepal is ____.
a. Wheat.
b. Barley.
c. Rice.
Answer: Rice.


17. Mount Everest is fully located in Nepal.
a. True.
b. False.
c. Partially.
Answer: false.

18. What is the main import of Nepal?
a. Rice.
b. Refined petroleum.
c. Broadcasting equipment.
Answer: refined petroleum.

19. In which of these parks is mount Everest located?
a. Sagarmatha National Park.
b. United Nations Park.
c. Paras National Park.
Answer: Sagarmatha National Park.

20. What is the capital city of Nepal?
a. Pashupatinath.
b. Kathmandu.
c. Pokhara.
Answer: Kathmandu.

21. What is the official name of Nepal?
a. Federal Republic of Nepal.
b. Federal Republic Democratic Nepal.
c. Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
Answer: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

22. Where do yetis live in Nepal?
a. Mount Everest.
b. Himalayas mountains.
c. Tsum Valley.

23. The largest lake in Nepal is ___.
a. Rara Lake.
b. Gokyo Lake.
c. Panch-Pokhari Lake.
Answer: Rara Lake.

24. Who was the first king of Unified Nepal?
d. GyanendraBir Bikram Shah.
e. Dharmakar.
f. Prithvi Narayan Shah.
Answer: Prithvi Narayan Shah.

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25. One of the following is the main religion of Nepal.
a. Buddhism.
b. Kiratism.
c. Hinduism.
Answer: Hinduism.

26. ____ is the major export of Nepal.
a. Nutmeg.
b. Soybean oil.
c. Palm oil.
Answer: soybean oil.

27. What is the time zone of Nepal?
a. GMT +5.
b. GMT +5:45.
c. GMT +5:15.
Answer: GMT +5:45.

28. The earthquake day is celebrated on the 2nd of Magh in Nepal. When is 2nd Magh in real-time?
a. 2nd May.
b. 2nd March.
c. 16th January.
Answer: 16th January.

29. Which best describes the geography of Nepal?
a. Archipelagoes.
b. Mountainous.
c. Flat land area.
Answer: mountainous.

30. What is the main source of electricity in Nepal?
a. Wind.
b. Solar.
c. Hydro.
Answer: Hydro.

31. How many countries border Nepal?
a. 4.
b. 2.
c. 1
Answer: 2.

32. Who was the first recognized prime minister of Nepal by Britain?
d. Jung Bahadur Rana.
e. Jawaharlal Nehru.
f. MukhtiyarBhimsen.
Answer: MukhtiyarBhimsen.

33. When did the unification of Nepal begin?
a. 1743 AD.
b. 1743 BC.
c. 1734 AD.
Answer: 1743 AD.

34. How many regions is Nepal divided into?
a. 6.
b. 5.
c. 3.
Answer: 5.

35. The major import partner of Nepal is ___.
a. Honk Kong.
b. United Arab Emirates.
c. India.
Answer: India.

36. The national flag of Nepal is ____ shaped.
a. Squarely.
b. Rectangular.
c. Triangularly.
Answer: triangularly.

37. What is the largest river in Nepal is called?
a. Arun River.
b. Ghaghara River.
c. Koshi River.
Answer: Ghaghara River.

38. Nepal has ___ climate zones.
a. 9.
b. 5.
c. 3.
Answer: 5.

39. Which is the largest region in Nepal?
a. Middle hills.
b. Higher Himalaya.
c. Central hilly region.
Answer: middle hills.

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40. The tallest building in Nepal is known as ____.
a. Kathmandu View Tower.
b. Grand Hotel Kathmandu.
c. Everest Hotel.
Answer: Kathmandu View Tower.

41. When was Nepal founded?
a. 1768.
b. 1786.
c. 1687.
Answer: 1768.

42. Which is the most consumed food in Nepal?
a. Dal bhat.
b. Dhido.
c. Momo.
Answer: dal bhat.

43. The largest city of Nepal is ___.
a. Ghorahi.
b. Kathmandu.
c. Pokhara.
Answer: Kathmandu.

44. How many languages are spoken in Nepal?
a. 123.
b. 120.
c. 115.
Answer: 123.
45. Which is the national game of Nepal?
a. Basketball.
b. Baseball.
c. Volleyball.
Answer: volleyball.

46. What is the largest island in Nepal?
a. ImjaTse Island.
b. Mustang Island.
c. Phewa Island.
Answer: ImjaTse.

47. One of these animals is used to play polo in Nepal.
a. Horses.
b. Camel.
c. Elephant.
Answer: elephant.

48. Which of these is not a region of Nepal?
a. Far-Western Development Region.
b. Eastern Development Region.
c. Far-Eastern Development region.
Answer: Far-Eastern Development Region.

49. How many colors are on the national flag of Nepal?
a. 3.
b. 4.
c. 2.
Answer: 3.

50. Which of these Indian states does not share a border with Nepal?
a. Bihar.
b. Uttarakhand.
c. New Delhi.
Answer: New Delhi.

51. What is the largest province of Nepal?
a. Karnali Province.
b. Province 2.
c. Siquijor.
Answer: Karnali Province.

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