51 Interesting Trivia Questions and Answers about Peru

Are you ready to test how well you know Peru? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Peru? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Peru.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Peru Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country of Peru, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is the capital of Peru?
a. Lima.
b. Cusco.
c. Arequipa.
Answer: Lima.

2. The highest mountain in Peru is ___.
a. Coropuna.
b. Huandoy.
c. Huascaran.
Answer: Huascaran.


3. How do Peruvians celebrate New Year’s Eve?
a. By gifting people.
b. By celebrating the Holy mass.
c. By eating 12 grapes at midnight.
Answer: by eating 12 grapes at midnight.

4. __ is the largest lake in Peru.
a. Coipasa Lake.
b. Laguna Colorada.
c. Lake Titicaca.
Answer: Lake Titicaca.

5. Peru was colonized by ___.
a. Spain.
b. Mexico.
c. the USA.
Answer: Spain.

6. Which of these is the largest in Peru?
a. Amantani Island.
b. San Lorenzo Island.
c. Taquile Island.
Answer: San Lorenzo Island.

7. In which part of America is Peru located?
a. Western.
b. Southern.
c. Eastern.
Answer: Southern.

8. Who was the first prime minister of Peru?
a. Miguel de San Roman.
b. Juan Manuel del Mar Bernedo.
c. Pedro Castillo.
Answer: Miguel de San Roman.

9. When did Peru gain independence?
a. 1821.
b. 1820.
c. 1818.
Answer: 1821.

10. Who was the first female president of Peru?
a. Martha Beatriz Merino.
b. Virginia Borra Toledo.
c. Patricia Balbuena.
Answer: Martha Beatriz Merino.

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11. What is the official language of Peru?
a. English.
b. Peruvian.
c. Spanish.
Answer: Spanish.

12. How many countries share borders with Peru?
a. 4.
b. 5.
c. 6.
Answer: 5.

13. Which of these is the tallest building in Peru?
a. Chocavento Tower.
b. Torre Begonias.
c. Torre Telmex.
Answer: Torre Begonias.

14. Which of these oceans share a boundary with Peru?
a. Atlantic.
b. Indian.
c. Pacific.
Answer: Pacific.

15. What currency is used in Peru?
a. Dollar.
b. Sol.
c. Krona.
Answer: Sol.

16. Which of these is not an official language used in Peru?
a. Quechua.
b. Apache.
c. Aymara.
Answer: Apache.


17. What is the main religion of Peru?
a. Roman Catholicism.
b. Protestantism.
c. Islam
Answer: Roman Catholicism.

18. Who was the last king of Peru?
a. Felipe.
b. Huáscar.
c. Atahualpa.
Answer: Atahualpa.

19. The most consumed food in Peru is ____.
a. Ceviche.
b. Causa.
c. Cuy al Horno.
Answer: Ceviche.

20. Which of these correctly describes the national flag of Peru?
a. Horizontal bands of red, white, and blue.
b. Vertical bands of red, white, and red.
c. Horizontal bands of red, white, and red.
Answer: horizontal bands of red, white, and red.

21. Which of the following foods originated from Peru?
a. Yam.
b. Potato.
c. Plantain.
Answer: Potato.

22. When is the national day of Peru?
a. July 31.
b. July 28.
c. July 26.
Answer: July 28.

23. Which of these countries has the same national flag as Peru?
a. Spain.
b. Canada.
c. Mexico.
Answer: Canada.

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24. With which country does Peru share the Titicaca lake?
a. Chile.
b. Ecuador.
c. Bolivia.
Answer: Bolivia.

25. Peru is the __ largest country in South America.
a. 1st.
b. 3rd.
c. 2nd.
Answer: 3rd.

26. Which of these countries does not share a boundary with Peru?
a. Venezuela.
b. Ecuador.
c. Colombia.
Answer: Spain.

27. Peru is considered the potato capital.
a. True.
b. False.
c. Partially.
Answer: true.

28. What is the largest river in Peru?
a. Purus River.
b. Amazon River.
c. Putumayo River.
Answer: Amazon River.

29. The Machu Picchu is in Peru. True or false?
a. False.
b. True.
Answer: true.

30. What animal is on the national flag of Peru?
a. Camel.
b. Vicuña.
c. Llama.
Answer: vicuña.

31. How many regions are in Peru?
a. 25.
b. 27.
c. 23.
Answer: 25.

32. Who is the founder of Peru?
a. Vasvo Núñez.
b. Hernando d Luque.
c. Francisco Pizarro.
Answer: Francisco Pizarro.

33. Which people first inhabited Peru?
a. Incans.
b. Nasca.
c. Europeans.
Answer: Nasca.

34. When did Peru’s independence war start?
a. 1809.
b. 1808.
c. 1823.
Answer: 1809.

35. Where can the ruins of Machu Picchu be found?
a. Cordillera de Vilcabamba.
b. Aconcagua.
c. Chilean Coast Range.
Answer: Cordillera de Vilcabamba.

36. What is the main import of Peru?
a. Raw materials.
b. Capital goods.
c. Mineral fuels.
Answer: raw materials.

37. In what year did Peru join United Nations?
a. 1949.
b. 1960.
c. 1947.
Answer: 1949.

38. What is the traditional dance of Peru?
a. Mari anenain.
b. Marinene.
c. Marinera.
Answer: Marinera.

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39. How many provinces are in Peru?
a. 190.
b. 196.
c. 200.
Answer: 196.

40. Peru is a member of the European Union.
a. True.
b. False.
c. Maybe.
Answer: false.

41. What is the official name of Peru?
a. Republic of Peru.
b. Federal Republic of Peru.
c. People’s Republic of Peru.
Answer: Republic of Peru.

42. What is the largest region in Peru?
a. Ancash.
b. Loreto.
c. Ica.
Answer: Loreto.

43. What is the largest dam in Peru called?
a. Limon Dam.
b. Cobriza Dam.
c. Manseriche Dam.
Answer: Limon Dam.

44. Which of these is not a major import partner of Peru?
a. Spain.
b. China.
c. Mexico.
Answer: Spain.

45. __ is the national flower of Peru.
a. Qantu.
b. Incus.
c. Rose.
Answer: Qantu.

46. The smallest region of Peru is ___.
a. Ayacucho.
b. Callao.
c. Cuzco.
Answer: Callao.

47. Which of these is not a traditional dress of Peru?
a. Chullo.
b. Ponchos.
c. Ponichios.
Answer: Ponichios.

48. What was the former capital of Peru?
a. Lima.
b. Cuzco.
c. Callao.
Answer: Lima.

49. What is the main export of Peru?
a. Gold.
b. Copper.
c. Potato.
Answer: copper.

50. What is the approximate length of Peru’s coastline?
a. 1,000 miles.
b. 1,500 miles.
c. 1,300 miles.
Answer: 1,500 miles.

51. What is the time zone of Peru?
a. GMT -5.
b. GMT -2.
c. GMT -7.
Answer: GMT -5.

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