51 Interesting Tunisia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Tunisia? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Tunisia? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Tunisia.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Tunisia Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Tunisia, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. Which of these is the capital of Tunisia?
a. Tunis.
b. Bizerte.
c. Sfax.
Answer: Tunis.

2. What is the oldest castle in Tunisia?
a. Borj El Kebir.
b. Carthage Palace.
c. Kelibia Fort Gulaibije Castle.
Answer: Kelibia Fort Gulaibije Castle.

3. ___ is the oldest university in Tunisia.
a. Tunis University.
b. Ez-ZitounaUniveristy.
c. University of Sfax.
Answer: Ez-Zitouna University.


4. Which is the largest library in Tunisia?
a. Institute of Arabic letters.
b. National Library of Tunisia.
c. Egyptian National Library and Archives.
Answer: National Library of Tunisia.

5. When is the national day of Tunisia?
a. March 20.
b. March 30.
c. March 10.
Answer: March 20.

6. Which of the following is the most produced food commodity in Tunisia?
a. Olive oil.
b. Wheat.
c. Rice.
Answer: wheat.

7. What is the oldest city in Tunisia?
a. Carthage.
b. Tunis.
c. Sfax.
Answer: Carthage.

8. Which is the largest lake in Tunisia?
a. Endorheic lake.
b. Chott El-Jarid.
c. Chott El-Jade.
Answer: Chott El-Jarid.

9. What is the most populated city in Tunisia?
a. Tunis.
b. Sousse.
c. Sfax.
Answer: Tunis.

10. One of these is the currency of Tunisia.
a. Krona.
b. Dinar.
c. Naira.
Answer: Dinar.

11. What is the national animal of Tunisia?
a. Dromedary.
b. Rhinoceros.
c. Camel.
Answer: dromedary.

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12. The largest region in Tunisia is called__.
a. Nabeul.
b. Sahel.
c. Tunis.
Answer: Tunis.

13. What is the national tree of Tunisia?
a. Olive.
b. Oak.
c. Bamboo.
Answer: olive.

14. Who is the incumbent president of Tunisia in 2022?
a. BejiCaidEssebsi.
b. Kais Saied.
c. Caid Kais Saied.
Answer: Kais Saied.

15. What is the national bird of Tunisia?
a. Brown-colored courser.
b. Black-colored courser.
c. Cream-colored courser.
Answer: cream-colored courser.

16. The official language of Tunisia is __.
a. English.
b. French.
c. Arabic.
Answer: Arabic.


17. Which is the largest airport in Tunisia?
a. Hammamet International Airport.
b. Tunis-Carthage International Airport.
c. DjerbaZarzis International Airport.
Answer: Tunis-Carthage International Airport.

18. What is the largest river in Tunisia called?
a. OuedSeybouse.
b. OuedMedjerda.
c. OuedCheliff.
Answer: OuedMedjerda.

19. In what year did Tunisia join the United Nations?
a. 1965.
b. 1960.
c. 1956.
Answer: 1956.

20. The inscription on the coat of arms of Tunisia means _, _, and _ in English.
a. Love, discipline, and order.
b. Order, freedom, and love.
c. Freedom, order, and justice.
Answer: freedom, order, and justice.

21. What animal is found on the national coat of arms of Tunisia?
a. Dromedary.
b. Lion.
c. Eagle.
Answer: lion.

22. Who was the first president in Tunisia?
a. Habib Bourguiba.
b. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
c. BeijCaidEssebsi.
Answer: Habib Bourguiba.

23. ___ is the largest container port in Tunisia.
a. Port of Zarzis.
b. Port of Tunis.
c. Port of Bizerte.
Answer: Port of Tunis.

24. What is the national anthem of Tunisia called?
A. Millī Surūd.
B. Ḥumāt al-Ḥimá.
C. al-Jomhuriyah al-Mottaḥedah.
Answer: Ḥumāt al-Ḥimá.

25. What is the dominant religion of Tunisia?
a. Christianity.
b. Non-religious.
c. Islamic religion.
Answer: Islamic religion.

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26. In what year did Tunisia gain her independence?
a. 1965.
b. 1960.
c. 1956.
Answer: 1956.

27. What is the tallest building in Tunisia?
a. EY Towers.
b. Helya Tower.
c. Residence Marama.
Answer: EY Towers.

28. What is the largest dam in Tunisia called?
a. Sidi Salem Dam.
b. Kasserine Dam.
c. Sidi El Barrak Dam.
Answer: Sidi Salem Dam.

29. The most consumed food in Tunisia is ____.
a. Noodles.
b. Pasta.
c. Rice.
Answer: pasta.

30. What is the official name of Tunisia?
a. the Kingdom of Tunisia.
b. the Federal Republic of Tunisia.
c. Tunisian Republic.
Answer: Tunisian Republic.

31. Which of the following is the former name of Tunisia?
a. Ifrīqiyyah.
b. Ifiquiyah.
c. Ifiqiyyah.
Answer: Ifrīqiyyah.

32. The national game of Tunisia is __.
a. Rugby union.
b. Football.
c. Volleyball.
Answer: Football.

33. Which country colonized Tunisia before her independence?
a. France.
b. Britain.
c. Germany.
Answer: France.

34. What is the largest island in Tunisia?
a. Djerba.
b. Galite.
c. Djerba Lotus-Eaters.
Answer: Djerba.

35. Which of these correctly defines Tunisia’s national flag?
a. A red background with a blue disc in the middle having a red star and a red moon in it.
b. A white background with a red disc in the middle having a white star and a red moon in it.
c. A red background with a white disc in the middle having a red star and a red moon in it.
Answer: a red background with a white disc in the middle having a red star and moon in it.

36. In which year did Tunisia join the African Union?
a. 1963.
b. 1989.
c. 1965.
Answer: 1963.

37. Which is the largest museum in Tunisia?
a. Guellala Museum.
b. Bardo Museum.
c. El Jem Museum.
Answer: Bardo Museum.

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38. ___ is the main export of Tunisia.
a. Mechanics and electronics.
b. Agricultural products.
c. Chemicals.
Answer: mechanics and electronics.

39. What is the national flower of Tunisia called?
a. Jasmine.
b. Lily.
c. White rose.
Answer: jasmine.

40. Which of the following is the traditional dress of Tunisia?
a. Abada.
b. Jebba.
c. None.
Answer: Jebba.

41. The largest city in Tunisia is ___.
a. Sousse.
b. Tunis.
c. Sfax.
Answer: Tunis.

42. What is the national food of Tunisia?
a. Rice dishes.
b. Bread with olives.
c. Couscous.
Answer: couscous.

43. Tunisia has ___ boundaries.
a. 4.
b. 3.
c. 5.
Answer: 3.

44. The coastline of Tunisia is approximately ____.
a. About 1.3km.
b. About 1.2km.
c. About 1.1km,
Answer: about 1.1km.

45. Which part of Africa is Tunisia located in?
a. Northern.
b. Southern.
c. Central.
Answer: Northern.

46. How many Governorates are in Tunisia?
a. 24.
b. 20.
c. 18.
Answer: 24.

47. What is the approximate population of Tunisia?
a. 11 million.
b. 12 million.
c. 10 million.
Answer: 12 million.

48. What is the main import of Tunisia?
a. Insulated wire.
b. Wheat.
c. Refined petroleum.
Answer: refined petroleum.

49. Which is the highest mountain in Tunisia?
a. Jebel echChambi.
b. DjebelChéila.
c. DjebelBireno.
Answer: DjebelChéila.

50. Which is the most populated region in Tunisia?
a. Center-Eastern Region.
b. North-Eastern Region.
c. District of Tunis.
Answer: district of Tunis.

51. Which of these is not among the country borders of Tunisia?
a. Chad.
b. Algeria.
c. Libya.
Answer: Chad.

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