51 Interesting Turkey Trivia Questions and Answers

Turkey Trivia questions. Photo: tourscanner.com

Do you think know everything about Turkey? Think again, because this Interesting Turkey trivia quiz will expose you to lots of fascinating things about Turkey. It will help you learn some important things you should know about Turkey that you probably do not know. You will also uncover some powerful questions that will make you feel proud and smart when you answer them in front of people.

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Turkey Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Turkey.

1. Which two continents can Turkey be found in?
A. North America and Asia.
B. Europe and South America.
C. Asia and Europe.
Answer: Asia and Europe.

2. One of these is the capital of Turkey.
A. Istanbul.
B. Ankara.
C. Anatolia.
Answer: Ankara.


3. What two colors are found in the flag of Turkey?
A. Red and silver.
B. Silver and gold.
C. Red and white.
Answer: red and white.

4. Which celestial bodies are found in the flag of Turkey?
A. Sun and moon.
B. Sun and Star.
C. Moon and star.
Answer: moon and star.

5. Which of these is the national animal of Turkey?
A. Fallow deer.
B. Gray wolf.
C. Lynx.
Answer: gray wolf.

6. What is the main language spoken in Turkey?
A. Arabic.
B. English
C. Turkish.
Answer: Turkish.

7. One of these options is the most dominant religion in Turkey.
A. Muslim.
B. Christianity.
C. Judaism.
Answer: Muslim.

8. Which is the longest river in Turkey?
A. Kızıl River.
B. Euphrates River.
C. Kilmarnock River.
Answer: Kızıl River.

9. What is the largest lake in Turkey called?
A. Burdur lake.
B. Lake Van.
C. Lake Tuz.
Answer: Lake Van.

10. Which is the national flower of Turkey?
A. Rose.
B. Tulip.
C. Cauliflower.
Answer: tulip.

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11. Which of the following is the largest island in Turkey?
A. Gökçeada Island.
B. Burgaz Island.
C. Büyükada Island.
Answer: Gökçeada Island.

12. Which is the highest mountain in Turkey?
A. Uludoruk mountain.
B. Mount Cilo.
C. Mount Büyükağrı.
Answer: Mount Büyükağrı.

13. One of the following is the largest city in Turkey.
A. Istanbul.
B. Konya.
C. Ankara.
Answer: Istanbul.

14. How many provinces can be found in Turkey?
A. 80.
B. 81.
C. 82.
Answer: 81.

15. Which of these is the largest dam in Turkey?
A. Keban Barajı.
B. Atatürk Dam.
C. Oymapinar Dam.
Answer: Atatürk Dam.

16. Which is the national bird of Turkey?
A. Falcon.
B. Eagle.
C. Redwing.
Answer: redwing.


17. Who was the first president of Turkey?
A. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
B. Cemal Gürsel.
C. İsmet İnönü.
Answer: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

18. Who is the only female to have become the prime minister of Turkey?
A. Tansu Çiller.
B. Tasu Čile.
C. Tanu Ćilr.
Answer: Tansu Çiller.

19. Which one of these is not among the neighboring countries of Turkey?
A. Azerbaijan.
B. Armenia.
C. China.
Answer: China.

20. What is the smallest city of Turkey?
A. Bayburt.
B. Mardin.
C. Amasya.
Answer: Bayburt.

21. Which is the tallest building in Turkey?
A. Anthill Residence 1.
B. Çamlıca Tower hotel.
C. Anthill Residence 2.
Answer: Çamlıca Tower hotel.

22. One of these options is the official name of Turkey.
A. Türky Cumrieti.
B. Türkir Cuhurit.
C. Türkiye Cumhuriyeti.
Answer: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti.

23. When is the National Day of Turkey?
A. 29th October.
B. 19th October.
C. 9th October.
Answer: 29th October.

24. What is the national game of Turkey?
A. Oil wrestling.
B. Mud wrestling.
C. Wine wrestling.
Answer: oil wrestling.

25. What is the part of Turkey in Asia called?
A. Eastern Thrace.
B. Anatolia.
C. Eastern Turkey.
Answer: Anatolia.

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26. What was Turkey formally called?
A. Ottoman Empire.
B. Thrace.
C. Trivial.
Answer: Ottoman Empire.

27. Which is the largest airport in Turkey?
A. Sabiha Gokcen Airport.
B. Istanbul airport.
C. Lufthansa airport.
Answer: Istanbul airport.

28. Which of these is the oldest University in Turkey?
A. Abdullah Gül University.
B. Anadolu University.
C. Middle East Technical University.
Answer: Anadolu University.

29. What is the largest library in Turkey called?
A. Presidential Library.
B. National Library.
C. IRCICA Farabi Library.
Answer: Presidential Library.

30. Who is the current prime minister of Turkey?
A. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
B. Cemal Gürsel.
C. İsmet İnönü.
Answer: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

31. In what year did Turkey become a republic?
A. 1921
B. 1922
C. 1923
Answer: 1923

32. About what percentage of Turkey is in Europe?
A. 10%.
B. 3%.
C. 5%.
Answer: 3%.

33. What does the red part of the Turkish flag signify?
A. The blood of murdered presidents.
B. The blood of fallen warriors.
C. The blood of their loved ones.
Answer: the blood of fallen warriors.

34. Which is the largest container port in Turkey?
A. Port of Izmir.
B. Port of Haydarpaşa.
C. Mersin International Port.
Answer: Mersin International Port.

35. Which of these options is the highest waterfall in Turkey?
A. Manavgat Waterfall.
B. Tortum Waterfall.
C. Bulut Falls.
Answer: Tortum Waterfall.

36. What is the traditional dance of Turkey called?
A. Haley.
B. Dabke.
C. Harmandalı.
Answer: Haley.

37. Which of these is not one of the boundaries of Turkey?
A. the Aegean Sea.
B. the Mediterranean Sea.
C. India sea.
Answer: India sea.

38. Which of these is the largest mosque in Turkey?
A. Grand Çamlıca Mosque.
B. Grand Selimiye Mosque.
C. Grand Mosque of Bursa.
Answer: Grand Çamlıca Mosque.

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39. In which year was the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey founded?
A. 1903.
B. 1390.
C. 1930.
Answer: 1930.

40. One of these is not a city in Turkey.
A. Ürgüp.
B. Van.
C. Reading.
Answer: Reading.

41. What is the national food of Turkey?
A. Döner.
B. Manty.
C. Şiş kebap.
Answer: Manty.

42. Which is the most produced food commodity in Turkey?
A. Wheat.
B. Rice.
C. Corn.
Answer: Wheat.

43. What is the most imported good in Turkey?
A. Crude oil.
B. Gold.
C. Cars.
Answer: gold.

44. What is the tallest statue of Turkey,
A. Twin Minaret Madrasa.
B. Canakkale Truva Heykeli.
C. Artvin Atatürk Statue.
Answer: Artvin Atatürk Statue.

45. One of these is the oldest city in Turkey.
A. Çatalhöyük.
B. Göbekli Tepe.
C. Istanbul.
Answer: Çatalhöyük.

46. What is the most exported good of Turkey?
A. Vehicles.
B. Gems.
C. Iron.
Answer: Vehicles.

47. Which is the most famous mosque in Turkey?
A. Grand Çamlıca Mosque.
B. Sultanahmet Cami.
C. Grand Mosque of Bursa.
Answer: Sultanahmet Cami.

48. What is the traditional wear of Turkey called?
A. Hijab.
B. The şalvar.
C. Abụba.
Answer: the şalvar.

49. What is the part of Turkey in Europe called?
A. Eastern Thrace.
B. Anatolia.
C. Eastern Turkey.
Answer: Eastern Thrace.

50. Which year did Turkey join NATO?
A. 1950
B. 1952
C. 1953
Answer: 1952

51. What percentage of Turkey is in Asia?
A. 90%.
B. 97%.
C. 95%.
Answer: 97%.

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