51 Interesting Turkmenistan Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you ready to test how well you know Turkmenistan? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Turkmenistan? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Turkmenistan.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Turkmenistan Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Turkmenistan, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What was Turkmenistan formerly known as?
a. Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic.
b. Turkmen Socialist Republic.
c. Turkmen Soviet Union Socialist Republic.
Answer: Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic.

2. One of the following is not among the boundaries of Turkmenistan.
a. Kazakhstan.
b. Uzbekistan.
c. Kosovo.
Answer: Kosovo.


3. Which of these countries colonized Turkmenistan?
a. Britain.
b. Turkey.
c. Russia.
Answer: Russia.

4. When did Turkmenistan gain independence?
a. 1990.
b. 1919.
c. 1991.
Answer: 1991.

5. ___ is the official language of Turkmenistan.
a. Turkish.
b. Turkmen.
c. Russian.
Answer: Turkmen.

6. Which of these waterbody is among the borders of Turkmenistan?
a. Caspian Sea.
b. Caribbean Sea.
c. Mediterranean Sea.
Answer: Caspian Sea.

7. Which of these is not a Turkmenistan dress?
a. Balaq.
b. Koynek.
c. Balb.
Answer: Balb.

8. Which of the following is the largest lake in Turkmenistan?
a. ZeidReservior.
b. Sarygamysh Lake.
c. HanhowuzHowdanyReservior.
Answer: Sarygamysh Lake.

9. The traditional dance of the Turkmen folk is called___.
a. Kushtdepdi.
b. Ikorodo.
c. Accikollo.
Answer: kushtdepdi.

10. What is the approximate length of Turkmenistan’s coastline?
a. 1.6 km.
b. 1.8 km.
c. 1.7 km.
Answer: 1.8 km.

11. The dominant religion of Turkmenistan is___.
a. Muslim.
b. Non-religious.
c. Orthodox.
Answer: Muslim.

12. When is the national day of Turkmenistan?
a. September 17.
b. September 27.
c. September 7.
Answer: September 27.

13. Which Turkmenistan city is called the ‘ghost city’ or ‘city of the dead?
a. Kenar.
b. Gubadag.
c. Ashgabat.
Answer: Ashgabat.

14. Where in Asia is Turkmenistan located?
a. Southern.
b. Northern.
c. Central.
Answer: Central.

15. What is the national animal of Turkmenistan?
a. Hedgehog.
b. Jerboas.
c. Turkmen Ahalteke.
Answer: Turkmen Ahalteke.

16. One of these is the largest river in Turkmenistan.
a. Hari.
b. Atrak.
c. Amu Darya.
Answer: Amu Darya.


17. How many stars are on the Turkmenistan national flag?
a. 2.
b. 5.
c. 3.
Answer: 5.

18. The tallest building in Turkmenistan is named ___.
a. Yyldyz Hotel.
b. Turkmenistan TV Tower.
c. Constitution Monument.
Answer: Turkmenistan TV Monument.

19. What color is used to form the background of the Turkmenistan national flag?
a. White.
b. Red.
c. Green.
Answer: green.

20. Turkmenistan is divided into __ regions.
a. 5.
b. 6.
c. 4.
Answer: 5.

21. How many colors are on the national flag of Turkmenistan?
a. 5.
b. 4.
c. 3.
Answer: 4.

22. Which is the capital of Turkmenistan?
a. Ashgabat.
b. Balkanabat.
c. Dashoguz.
Answer: Ashgabat.

23. One of these is the national food of Turkmenistan.
a. Manti.
b. Gutap.
c. Plov.
Answer: plov.

24. What is the largest airport in Turkmenistan?
a. Ashgabat International Airport.
b. Turkmenbashi Airport.
c. Mary Airport.
Answer: Ashgabat International Airport.

25. The name given to the national anthem of Turkmenistan is called___.
a. National Anthem of Independent Soviet Turkmenistan.
b. National Anthem of Turkmenistan.
c. National Anthem of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan.
Answer: National Anthem of Neutral Turkmenistan.

26. One of the following is the major crop produced by Turkmenistan.
a. Barley.
b. Cotton.
c. Sugar beet.
Answer: Cotton.

27. What is the national flower of Turkmenistan?
a. Red rose.
b. White rose.
c. White lily.
Answer: red rose.

28. Which of these is not a region in Turkmenistan?
a. Balkan.
b. Ahal.
c. Turkmenbashi.
Answer: Turkmenbashi.

29. __ is the national sport of Turkmenistan.
a. Cricket.
b. Golf.
c. Soccer.
Answer: soccer.

30. __ is the main export of Turkmenistan.
a. Cotton.
b. Crude petroleum.
c. Petroleum gas.
Answer: petroleum gas.

31. What is the national tree of Turkmenistan?
a. Oak.
b. Dagdan.
c. Ficus fig.
Answer: Dagdan.

32. Which is the largest container port in Turkmenistan?
a. Port of Turkmenbashi.
b. Alaja Loading Terminal.
c. Ekerem Loading Terminal.
Answer: Port of Turkmenbashi.

33. What is the national fruit of Turkmenistan?
a. Apple.
b. Mangp/
c. Watermelon.
Answer: Watermelon.

34. The major import of Turkmenistan is __.
a. Iron and steel pipes.
b. Aluminum.
c. Rice.
Answer: iron and steel pipes.

35. How many borders does Turkmenistan have?
a. 5.
b. 6
c. 4.
Answer: 5.

36. What is the highest mountain in Turkmenistan called?
a. Arlan mountain.
b. Aýrybaba.
c. Mount Rizeh.
Answer: Aýrybaba.

37. Who was the first president of Turkmenistan?
a. Han Ahmedow.
b. SaparmuratNiyazov.
c. SerdarBerdimuhamedow.
d. Answer: SaparmuratNiyazov.

38. Which of these is the largest island in Turkmenistan?
a. Ogurchinskiy Island.
b. Artificial Bird Island.
c. KiçikÇilov.
Answer: Ogurchinskiy Island.

39. Who is the president of Turkmenistan in 2022?
a. Han Ahmedow.
b. SaparmuratNiyazov.
c. SerdarBerdimuhamedow.

40. In what year did Turkmenistan join the United Nations?
a. 1992.
b. 1991.
c. 1990.
Answer: 1992.

41. The five pictures on the national flag of Turkmenistan represent the ___.
a. Five main cities.
b. Five pillars.
c. Five regions.
Answer: five regions.

42. What is the largest library in Turkmenistan called?
a. Mary Library.
b. National Library of Turkmenistan.
c. Library of Arts and History Turkmenistan.
Answer: National Library of Turkmenistan.

43. What is the smallest city in Turkmenistan?
a. Esenguly.
b. Sayat.
c. Farap.
Answer: Edenguly.

44. What is the official name of Turkmenistan?
a. Turkmenistan.
b. Republic of Turkmenistan.
c. Turkmenistan Kingdom.
Answer: Turkmenistan.

45. Which is the oldest city in Turkmenistan?
a. Merv.
b. Sayat.
c. Farap.
Answer: Merv.

46. __ is the largest dam in Turkmenistan.
a. Rogun Dam.
b. Karakum Canal.
c. Iran-Turkmenistan Friendship Dam.
Answer: Iran-Turkmenistan Friendship Dam.

47. Which is the majorly consumed food in Turkmenistan?
a. Plov.
b. Wheat.
c. Rice.
Answer: plov.

48. Which best explains the economy of Turkmenistan?
a. Highly economical.
b. Moderately economic.
c. Lowly economic.
Answer: Moderately economic.

49. The largest city in Turkmenistan is ___.
a. Dashoguz.
b. Ashgabat.
c. Mary.
Answer: Ashgabat.

50. What is the currency of Turkmenistan called?
a. Turkmenistani yen.
b. Turkmenistani won.
c. Turkmenistani man.
Answer: Turkmenistani man.

51. ___ is the oldest university in Turkmenistan.
a. Turkmenistan State University.
b. International Oil and Gas University.
c. Türkmenistanyň Telekommunikasiýalar we informatika instituty.
Answer: Türkmenistanyň Telekommunikasiýalar we informatika instituty.

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