51 Interesting Vatican City Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know Vatican city? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Vatican city? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Vatican city.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Vatican city Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Vatican City, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What was Vatican city formerly called?
A. Ager Vaticanus.
B. Ager Vatican.
C. Agerd Vaticanus.
Answer: Ager Vaticanus.

2. Which is the tallest building in Europe?
A. Sistine Chapel.
B. Vatican Necropolis.
C. St. Peter’s Basilica.
Answer: St. Peter’s Basilica.

3. What is the capital of Vatican city?
A. San Pietro.
B. Vatican city.
C. Laocoön.
Answer: Vatican City.


4. What is the official name of Vatican city?
A. The Vatican city.
B. State of the Vatican city.
C. The Vatican city-state.
Answer: State of the Vatican city.

5. One of these is the most consumed food in Vatican City.
A. Pasta.
B. Rice.
C. Burger.
Answer: Pasta.

6. When did Vatican city gain her independence?
A. 1920.
B. 1930.
C. 1929.
Answer: 1929.

7. What is the official language of Vatican city?
A. English.
B. Italian.
. Latin.
Answer: Latin.

8. Which correctly represents the national flag of Vatican city?
A. Horizontal stripes of yellow and white.
B. Vertical stripes of yellow and white.
C. Vertical stripes of white and yellow.
Answer: vertical stripes of yellow and white.

9. When is the National Day of Vatican city?
A. 11th February.
B. 1st February.
C. 21st February.
Answer: 11th February.

10. How many restaurants are in Vatican city?
A. None.
B. About 10.
C. About 5.
Answer: none.

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11. The national dish of Vatican city is?
A. Pasta.
B. Fettuccine alla Papalina..
C. Pizza.
Answer: Fettuccine alla Papalina.

12. ___ is the national flower of Vatican city.
A. Rose.
B. Orchid.
C. Easter lily.
Answer: Easter lily.

13. What is the national game of Vatican city?
A. Cricket.
B. Soccer.
C. Golf.
Answer: soccer.

14. The oldest church in Vatican city is __.
A. Santa Maria in Trastevere.
B. Church of Saint George.
C. St. Peter’s Basilica.
Answer: St. Peter’s Basilica.

15. Are there any mountains in Vatican city?
A. No.
B. Yes.
C. Maybe.
Answer: no.

16. Who rules Vatican city?
A. President.
B. Prime minister.
C. Pope.
Answer: pope.


17. Where does the Pope of Vatican city live?
A. Vatican palace.
B. White House.
C. Cathedral.
Answer: Vatican palace.

18. What is the population of Vatican city?
A. About 500.
B. About 510.
C. About 600.
Answer: about 510.

19. Who was the first pope of Vatican city?
A. Saint Peter.
B. Saint Linus.
C. Saint Paul.
Answer: Saint Peter.

20. Who is the current pope of Vatican city?
A. Pope Francis.
B. Pope Benedict XVI.
C. Pope John Paul.
Answer: Pope Francis.

21. Vatican city is located in ___ country.
A. France.
B. Italy.
C. Germany.
Answer: Italy.

22. What is the currency of Vatican city called?
A. Dollar.
B. Krona.
C. Euro.
Answer: euro.

23. In which part of Europe is Vatican city located?
A. Southern.
B. Northern.
C. Central.
Answer: Southern.

24. What is the approximate land area of Vatican city?
A. 0.25 sq mi.
B. 0.19 sq mi.
C. 0.30 sq mi.
Answer: 0.19 sq mi.

25. What is the Vatican city army called?
A. Vatican Army.
B. Swiss Guard.
C. Swiss Army.
Answer: Swiss Guard.

26. Which is not among the museums in Vatican city?
A. Museo Gregoriano Etrusco.
B. Museo Gregoriano Egiziano.
C. Museo Gregoriano Egizisco.
Answer: Museo Gregoriano Egizisco.

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27. On which side of the car does the driver sit while driving in Vatican city?
A. Right.
B. Left.
C. At the back.
Answer: right.

28. Who is the current pope of Vatican city?
A. Pope Francis.
B. Pope Benedict XVI.
C. Pope John Paul.
Answer: Pope Benedict XVI.

29. Who was the shortest leading Pope of Vatican city.
A. Pope John Paul.
B. Pope Urban V.
C. Pope Urban VII.
Answer: Pope Urban VII.

30. How many popes have Vatican city had?
A. About 260.
B. About 250.
C. About 270.
Answer: about 260.

31. What is the time zone of Vatican city?
A. GMT +2.
B. GMT +1.
C. GMT +3.
Answer: GMT +2.

32. What is the dailing code for Vatican city?
A. +35.
B. +39.
C. + 306.
Answer: +39.

33. How long did Pope John Paul I last?
A. 13 days.
B. 10 days.
C. 1 month.
Answer: 1 month.

34. Who was the pope before Pope Francis?
A. Pope Benedict XVI.
B. Pope John Paul I.
C. Pope Urban VII.
Answer: Pope Benedict XVI.

35. What objects are found on the Vatican coat of arms?
A. Crown, key, and lock.
B. Two keys and a tiara.
C. A tiara, a lock, and its key.
Answer: two keys and a tiara.

36. Which country did Vatican city gain independence from?
A. Germany.
B. Norway.
C. Italy.
Answer: Italy.

37. Who is the longest-lasting pope in the Vatican?
A. Pope Benedict XVI.
B. Pope Francis.
C. Pope Pius IX.
Answer: Pope Pius IX.

38. What is the Vatican newspaper called?
A. L’Ossatore Roman.
B. La el Osservatore Romano.
C. L’Osservatore Romano.
Answer: L’Osservatore Romano.

39. How long did Pope Urban last?
A. 10 days.
B. 13 days.
C. 1 month.
Answer: 13 days.

40. What is the real name of Pope Francis?
A. Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
B. Francis Bergoglio.
C. Francis Mario Bergoglio.
Answer: Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

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41. The Vatican was gotten from __.
A. Heliopolis.
B. Rome.
C. Egypt.
Answer: Heliopolis.

42. On whose tomb is Vatican city built?
A. St Paul.777
B. St Thomas
C. St Peter.
Answer: St Peter.

43. Where does the pope have his summer vacations?
A. Catholic Palace at Castel Gandolf.
B. Apostolic Palace at Castel Gandolfo.
C. Apostolic Place at Castle Gandolfo.
Answer: Apostolic Palace at Castel Gandolfo.

44. What does the PP mean by the end of a pope’s name?
A. Pope.
B. Papa Pontif.
C. Papa Pontifex.
Answer: Papa Pontifex.

45. What is the primary source of electricity in Vatican city?
A. Dam.
B. Photovoltaic plant.
C. Fossil fuels.
Answer: photovoltaic plant.

46. Is Vatican city the smallest country in the world?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. None of the above.
Answer: yes.

47. Which of these are not paid for in Vatican city?
A. School fees.
B. Taxes.
C. Levi.
Answer: taxes

48. Does Vatican city have any major imports?
A. Yes.
B. Partially.
C. No.
Answer: no.

49. How does Vatican city generate its revenue?
A. Through donations.
B. Through exports.
C. Through museums.
Answer: through donations.

50. What is the major export of Vatican city?
A. Nothing.
B. Cotton.
C. Vegetables.
Answer: nothing.

51. Where is the major source of electricity of Vatican city located?
A. On the roof of the Vatican palace.
B. In the garden of the Vatican palace.
C. OntheroofoftheVaticanAudienceHall.
Answer: On the roof of the Vatican Audience Hall.

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