51 Interesting Zambia Trivia Questions and Answers

Lusaka, Zambia. Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus / Jason J Mulikita

Do you think know everything about Zambia? Think again, because this Interesting Zambia trivia quiz will expose you to lots of fascinating things about Zambia. It will help you learn some important things you should know about Zambia that you probably do not know. You will also uncover some powerful questions that will make you feel proud and smart when you answer them in front of people.

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Zambia Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Zambia.

1. In what part of Africa is Zambia located?
A. Northern.
B. Southern.
C. Central.
Answer: Southern.

2. Which of these is not among the neighboring countries of Zambia?
A. Malawi.
B. Zimbabwe.
C. Ghana.
Answer: Ghana.


3. ___ is the capital of Zambia?
A. Chipata.
B. Lusaka.
C. Ndola.
Answer: Lusaka.

4. What is the largest lake in terms of area in Zambia called?
A. Lake Tanganyika.
B. Lake Bangweulu.
C. Lake Kariba.
Answer: Lake Tanganyika.

5. Who was the first female Vice President of Zambia?
A. Vera Tembo.
B. Inonge Mutukwa.
C. Verocia Chiluba.
Answer: Inonge Mutukwa.

6. What is the largest island in Zambia called?
A. Chete Island.
B. Chiluba Island.
C. Mbabala Island.
Answer: Chiluba Island.

7. How many colours are found in the flag of Zambia?
A. 5.
B. 3.
C. 4.
Answer: 4.

8. Which is the most produced food commodity in Zambia?
A. Rice.
B. Corn.
C. Wheat.
Answer: corn.

9. How many provinces are found in Zambia?
A. 9.
B. 10.
C. 11.
Answer: 10.

10. What is the largest city in Zambia?
A. Lusaka.
B. Kitwe.
C. Kabwe.
Answer: Lusaka.

11. When is the National Day of Zambia celebrated?
A. Every first Tuesday of July.
B. Every Tuesday following the first Monday of July.
C. July 5th.
Answer: EveryTuesdayfollowingthefirstMondayofJuly.

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12. How many boundaries does Zambia have?
A. 9.
B. 4.
C. 8.
Answer: 8.

13. ___ is the most exported commodity in Zambia in 2021.
A. Copper.
B. Sugar.
C. Gemstones.
Answer: copper.

14. Which is the dominant Church in Zambia.
A. Roman Catholic.
B. Anglican.
C. Protestant.
Answer: protestant.

15. Which of these is the most spoken language in Zambia?
A. Bemba.
B. Lozi.
C. Chewa.
Answer: Bemba.

16. What is the currency of Zambia called?
A. Naira.
B. Lahks.
C. Kwacha.
Answer: Kwacha.


17. __ was the former name of Zambia.
A. Southern Rhodesia.
B. Northern Rhodesia.
C. Central Rhodesia.
Answer: Northern Rhodesia.

18. One of these options is the tallest building in Zambia.
A. Findeco House.
B. Society House.
C. Indeco House.
Answer: Findeco House.

19. ___ is the highest mountain in Zambia.
A. Mafinga North.
B. Mafinga Central.
C. Mafinga South.
Answer: Mafinga Central.

20. What is the national animal of Zambia called?
A. African fish eagle.
B. Seagull.
C. Lion.
Answer: African fish eagle.

21. What inscription is written on the coat of arms of Zambia?
A. One nation, one people.
B. One Zambia, United.
C. One Zambia, one nation.
Answer: one Zambia, one nation.

22. What is the largest national park in Zambia?
A. South Luangwa National Park.
B. Kafue National Park.
C. Lusaka National park.
Answer: Kafue National Park.

23. How many districts are in Zambia?
A. 116.
B. 106.
C. 126.
Answer: 116.

24. How many deserts are in Zambia?
A. 8.
B. 0.
C. 6
Answer: 0.

25. Zambia was colonized by___?
A. Portugal.
B. France.
C. Britain.
Answer: Britain.

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26. Which is the first University that was built in Zambia?
A. University of Zambia.
B. Mukuba University.
C. Evangelical University.
Answer: University of Zambia.

27. Which is the largest library in Zambia?
A. Balme Library.
B. University of Zambia Library.
C. Kenneth Kanuda National Library.
Answer: University of Zambia Library.

28. __ is the oldest castle in Zambia.
A. Shiwa Ngandu.
B. Ingombe Ilede.
C. Kalambo Falls.
Answer: Shiwa Ngandu.

29. One of the following is the national flower of Zambia.
A. Sunflower.
B. Tulip.
C. Bougainvillaea.
Answer: bougainvillaea.

30. One of these options is the smallest province in Zambia.
A. Copper belt.
B. Western.
C. Lusaka.
Answer: Lusaka.

31. Which is the largest container port in Zambia?
A. Port of Lusaka.
B. Mpulungu port.
C. Port of Mombasa.
Answer: Port of Lusaka.

32. One of the following is the oldest museum in Zambia.
A. Livingstone museum.
B. Lusaka museum.
C. Kafue museum.
Answer: Livingstone Museum.

33. __ is the current president of Zambia.
A. Hakainde Hichilema.
B. Levy Mwanawasa.
C. Michael Sata.
Answer: Hakainde Hichilema.

34. Which is the oldest city in Zambia?
A. Chipata.
B. Lusaka.
C. Ndola.
Answer: Ndola.

35. When did Zambia join the United Nations?
A. 1964.
B. 1946.
C. 1694.
Answer: 1964.

36. Which is the oldest church in Zambia?
A. Child Jesus Cathedral.
B. Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross.
C. Niamkolo Church.
Answer: Niamkolo Church.

37. One of these is the national food of Zambia.
A. Rice.
B. Corn.
C. Wheat.
Answer: corn.

38. Which is not one of the cities of Zambia?
A. Sesheke.
B. Kama.
C. Mbala.
Answer: Kama.

39. __ is the largest dam in Zambia.
A. Chipata dam.
B. Lusaka dam.
C. Kariba dam.
Answer: Kariba dam.

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40. What was the former capital of Zambia?
A. Livingstone.
B. Mfuwe.
C. Lusaka.
Answer: Livingstone.

41. When was The Central Bank of Zambia founded?
A. July 1946.
B. August 1964.
C. August 1964.
Answer: August 1964.

42. Which of these is not among the provinces of Zambia?
A. Northwestern province.
B. Muchinga Province.
C. Northeastern province.
Answer: Northeastern province.

43. __ is the oldest building in Zambia.
A. Livingstone Museum.
B. Mfuwe airport.
C. Niamkolo Church.
Answer: Niamkolo Church.

44. __ is the largest airport in Zambia.
A. Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
B. Mfuwe Airport.
C. Livingstone Airport.
Answer: Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

45. What is the official language in Zambia?
A. Bemba.
B. English.
C. French.
Answer: English.

46. One of the following is the highest waterfall in Zambia.
A. Victoria Falls.
B. Sioma Falls.
C. Lumangwe Falls.
Answer: Victoria falls.

47. Which province is the largest in Zambia?
A. Copper belt.
B. Western.
C. Lusaka.
Answer: Western.

48. What is the national anthem of Zambia called?
A. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.
B. kosi Sikelel’ iArika.
C. Nkosi ikelel’ iAfri.
Answer: Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.

49. Which is the largest River in Zambia?
A. Zambezi River.
B. Rafue River.
C. Chobe River.
Answer: Zambezi River.

50. Who is the first president of Zambia?
A. Simon Kapwepwe.
B. Kenneth Kaunda.
C. Frederick Jacob Titus.
Answer: Kenneth Kaunda.

51. Which year did Zambia gain her independence?
A. 1964.
B. 1946.
C. 1960.
Answer: 1964.

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