51 Interesting Zimbabwe Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you think you know everything about Zimbabwe? Think again, because this Interesting Zimbabwe trivia quiz will expose you to many fascinating things about Zimbabwe.

It will help you learn some essential things you should know about Zimbabwe that you probably do not know. You will also uncover some powerful questions that will make you feel proud and smart when you answer them in front of people.

We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Zimbabwe Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful country, Zimbabwe.

1. In which part of Africa is Zimbabwe located?
A. Northern.
B. Central.
C. Southern.
Answer: Southern.

2. What colours are found in the national flag of Zimbabwe?
A. Green, white, red, blue and black.
B. Red, green, blue, black and pink.
C. Green, white, red, yellow and black.
Answer: green, white, red, yellow and black.


3. Which is the longest river in Zimbabwe?
A. Zambezi River.
B. Buzi River.
C. Limpopo River.
Answer: Zambezi River.

4. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
A. Gweru.
B. Harare.
C. Bulawayo.
Answer: Harare.

5. One of these is the largest city in Zimbabwe.
A. Harare.
B. Bulawayo.
C. Chitungwiza.
Answer: Harare.

6. Zimbabwe was formerly known as___?
A. Northern Rhodesia.
B. Southern Rhodesia.
C. Central Rhodesia.
Answer: Southern Rhodesia.

7. Which is the most produced food commodity in Zimbabwe?
A. Rice.
B. Wheat.
C. Corn.
Answer: corn.

8. One of the following is the most spoken language in Zimbabwe.
A. Ndebele.
B. English.
C. Shona.
Answer: Shona.

9. Which is the national sport of Zimbabwe?
A. Cricket.
B. Soccer.
C. Field hockey.
Answer: soccer.

10. Who is the first president of Zimbabwe.?
A. Robert Mugabe.
B. Canaan Banana.
C. Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Answer: Canaan Banana.

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11. One of the following is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe.
A. Buchwa mountain.
B. Monte Binga.
C. Nyangani mountain.
Answer: Nyangani mountain.

12. What was Harare formerly called?
A. Sailbuy.
B. Salisbury.
C. Saisbry.
Answer: Salisbury.

13. Which country did Zimbabwe gain her independence from?
A. Portuguese.
B. French.
C. British.
Answer: British.

14. In what year did the Rhodesian Bush War start?
A. 1964.
B. 1960.
C. 1946.
Answer: 1964.

15. Which of these is the most exported commodity of Zimbabwe?
A. Tobacco.
B. Gold.
C. Diamond.
Answer: Gold


16. How many neighbouring countries does Zimbabwe have?
A. 4.
B. 5.
C. 6.
Answer: 5.

17. Around what year was Great Zimbabwe constructed?
A. 900 C.E.
B. 800 C.E.
C. 900 B.C.
Answer: 900 C.E.

18. Which of these is the largest cave in Zimbabwe?
A.Chinhoyi Caves.
B. Mabura Guano Caves.
C. Big Cave Camps.
Answer: Chinhoyi Caves.

19. Which is the oldest building in Zimbabwe?
A. The Mana Pools.
B. The Soapstone Birds.
C. Great Zimbabwe.
Answer: Great Zimbabwe.

20. What is the largest island in Zimbabwe called?
A. Chundu Island.
B. Bed Island.
C. Chete Island.
Answer: Chundu Island.

21. How many seaports does Zimbabwe possess?
A. 6.
B. 5.
C. 4.
Answer: 4.

22. Which is the tallest building in Zimbabwe?
A. New Reserve Bank tower.
B. ABC Building.
C. Joins city.
Answer: ABC Building.

23. When is the national day of Zimbabwe?
A. April 18.
B. April 8.
C. April 28.
Answer: April 18.

24. What is the largest library in Zimbabwe called?
A. Greendale Library.
B. National Library of Zimbabwe.
C. Mt Pleasant Library.
Answer: National Library of Zimbabwe.

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25. How many colours are on the national flag of Zimbabwe?
A. 4.
B. 5.
C. 3.
Answer: 5.

26. What is the official language of Zimbabwe?
A. Ndebele.
B. English.
C. Shona.
Answer: English.

27. One of these is the oldest museum in Zimbabwe.
A. Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences.
B. Great Zimbabwe National Monument Museum.
C. Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe.
Answer: Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences.

28. Which of these languages are not spoken in Zimbabwe?
A. Venda.
B. Barwe.
C. Efik.
Answer: Efik.

29. What is the largest dam in Zimbabwe?
A. Kariba Dam.
B. Suri Suri Dam.
C. Ncema Dam.
Answer: Kariba dam.

30. Which is the national animal of Zimbabwe?
A. Sable antelope.
B. Lion.
C. Gray wolf.
Answer: sable antelope.

31. What is the current population of Zimbabwe?
A. 15.5 million.
B. 15.3 million.
C. 15.4 million.
Answer: 15.3 million.

32. In what year did the first coup d’etat attempt occur in Zimbabwe?
A. 2005.
B. 2007.
C. 2017.
Answer: 2007.

33. Who is the recent president of Zimbabwe?
A. Emmerson Mnangagwa.
B. Robert Mugabe.
C. Canaan Banana.
Answer: Emmerson Mnangagwa.

34. __ is the least populated province in Zimbabwe.
A. Bulawayo.
B. Mutare.
C. Harare.
Answer: Harare.

35. What is the currency of Zimbabwe called?
A. Zimbabwe kwacha.
B. Zimbabwe Dollar.
C. Zimbabwe Naira.
Answer: Zimbabwe Dollar.

36. Which is the least populated province in Zimbabwe?
A. Bulawayo.
B. Matabeleland South.
C. Matabeleland North.
Answer: Bulawayo.

37. When did the first successful coup d’etat occur in Zimbabwe?
A. 2007.
B. 1997.
C. 2017.
Answer: 2017.

38. What is the national anthem of Zimbabwe called?
A. Simudzai mureza Zimbabwe.
B. Simudzai mureza we Zimbabwe.
C. Simuai mura we Zimbabwe
Answer: Simudzai mureza we Zimbabwe.

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39. The least populated city in Zimbabwe is__.
A. Lupane.
B. Beatrice.
C. Lalapanzi.
Answer: Lupane.

40. __ is the national bird of Zimbabwe.
A. Golden eagle.
B. Hungwe.
C. Redwing.
Answer: hungwe.

41. One of these options is the highest bridge in Zimbabwe.
A. Victoria Falls Bridge.
B. Jack Quinton bridge.
C. Birchenough Bridge.
Answer: Birchenough Bridge.

42. Which is the longest bridge in Zimbabwe?
A. Kazungula weigh station.
B. Chirundu bridge.
C. Victoria falls bridge.
Answer: Kazungula weigh station.

43. One of these options is the most imported commodity of Zimbabwe.
A. Foodstuffs.
B. Fuel.
C. Vehicles.
Answer: vehicles.

44. When did the Rhodesian Bush War end?
A. 1979.
B. 1997.
C. 1980.
Answer: 1979.

45. Which is the oldest city in Zimbabwe?
A. Mashonaland.
B. Harare.
C. Masvingo.
Answer: Masvingo.

46. Which one of these is not among the boundaries of Zimbabwe?
A. Cameroon.
B. Botswana.
C. Mozambique.
Answer: Cameroon.

47. When did Zimbabwe gain independence?
A. 1980.
B. 1908.
C. 1964.
Answer: 1980.

48. One of these is the oldest castle in Zimbabwe.
A. Elmina castle.
B. Vumba castle.
C. Nesbitt castle.
Answer: Nesbitt castle.

49. How many provinces are in Zimbabwe?
A. 11.
B. 10.
C. 9.
Answer: 10.

50. Which is the largest lake in Zimbabwe?
A. Lake Kariba.
B. Lake Chivero.
C. Lake Mutirikwi.
Answer: Lake Kariba.

51. __ is the national food of Zimbabwe.
A. Sauerkraut.
B. Kefir.
C. Sadza.
Answer: sadza.

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