51 Super Interesting facts about Thailand

Thailand is a very beautiful country in Asia. It is known for its tourist centers and also wonderful culture.  There is a lot of general knowledge about Thailand, but there are untold stories about Tanzania that will surprise you. Do you know that going out without underwear and driving without a shirt is a punishable crime in Thailand?

We will be uncovering some historical, cultural, food, and religious facts, and more in the article.  If you want to visit Thailand or just want to know more about that beautiful country, this article will surely be an eye-opener for you.

Thailand known officially as the Kingdom of Thailand is a country located at the center of the Indochinese Peninsula in South-eastern Asia. With a land area of 513,120 km², Thailand’s population is 70 million.
Find out more about this Asian country from the following facts.

1. Thai beer is safer to drink than tap water. The alcohol level in this local beer kills germs and it’s also cheaper and more popular than bottled water.

2. Shaking hands is not a typical greeting in Thai. A common way of greeting is ‘Wai’.


3. Thailand is the only country in southern Asia that was not colonized by European countries, but they accepted western influences to be able to survive.

4. Spirit or phi houses are common in Thailand, gifts and presents are offered to make the spirit happy and keep it from bothering people who stay around them.

5. Thailand has two natural and three cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites.

6. Going out without underwear and driving without a shirt is a punishable crime in Thailand, even if the weather is hot.

7. The threshold in houses in Thailand is believed to have a spirit living in it, hence one is advised to respect the spirit by not stomping on the threshold.

8. It is polite to leave a bite or two bites of food on one’s plate after eating to show satisfaction, a clean plate signifies that there wasn’t enough to eat.

9. It is rude to point at someone with an index finger or feet while sitting in Thailand.

10. Elephant is the symbol of Thailand and they had 300, 000 elephants with100, 000 domesticized in the 20th century.

11. Thailand once had a floating water market during the period of road construction. It is still in existence but it’s no longer popular.

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12. Thailand has a culture of receiving the traditional Sak Yank tattoo every year as it is believed to bring good luck, and power, and offer protection against death and danger.

13. Buddhism is highly regarded in Thailand, and 95% of them practice it. It is a tradition for men to become monks before they are 20 years old, even if it is for a short period.

14. Bangkok was the first most visited city in 2016 and 2017.

15. Thailand is the second-largest exporter of rice in the world. Jasmine rice is the most esteemed rice in the country.


16. The major influencer of Thailand’s climate is the Southwest and Northeast monsoon wind.

17. The word ‘Siamese twins’ originated from Thailand when the country was called Siam. Two brothers, Chang and Eng were joined in their chest and their life brought about the term.

18. The national anthem is played twice every day in Thailand and everybody, including foreigners, is expected to stand to listen to it.

19. One of the presents given to spirits in the spirit house is fanta – a color that signifies blood.

20. People in Thailand are mandated to wash up outside the house after staying out for a long before entering to avoid spreading dirt all over the house.

21. Thais are indirect communicators who stress politeness, so they are likely to repeat any question directed at them.

22. It is illegal to step on Thai currency because it has the picture of their king who is a very respected personality.

23. Thais are so ardent about respect. Younger people are expected to keep their hands down when talking to elders.

24. A Thai woman, Kanchana Ketkaew set a new world record by staying in a glass room full of scorpions for 33 days and nights.

25. Thais have a special respect for the royal family; mother’s day is celebrated on their former Queen’s birthday and father’s day on their former King’s birthday.

26. Most Thais have nicknames chosen for them by their parents. So, one could have an official name and a nickname. These nicknames are meaningful or sometimes could be a foreign name that one’s parent likes.

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27. Thailand has 76 alphabets, 44 consonants and 32 vowels, and five tones. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most difficult languages to learn.

28. Deep-fried cockroaches and some other insects are popular snacks in Thailand. The way could one could reach for candies in public places is the way Thais reach for fried insects.

29. The traditional Thai massage is done with clothes on, and it is done by stretching and twisting with a yoga-like technique.

30. Cooking at home is a rare activity in Thailand, most people buy food outside. This is because most of them live in a small apartments where there is no room for a kitchen, and also because buying already-cooked food is cheaper than buying ingredients for the food.

31. It is unholy to touch someone’s head in Thailand as the head is considered holy according to Buddha.

32. Girls are expected to wear underwear under their skirts while stepping out and boys are expected to wear two underwear in Thailand. This is a simple act of modesty.

33. There is a total of 40, 000 temples in Thailand and it is advisable to cover up properly while visiting anyone.

34. Rice is a basic meal in Thailand, it is such an important meal that one could say ‘I’m hungry’ and it would literally translate to ‘I want to eat rice’. It can also serve as dessert.

35. Just like the English, Thailand practices a democratic government where a monarch sits as the head of state, this method was adopted in 1932.

36. Thailand has two Buddhist universities. The two universities are located in Bangkok with several monk students.

37. One of the Buddhist customs is that animals should not be cooked whole for consumption, this is why meat in most Thai dishes is served in bite-size pieces.

38. The traditional Sak Yant tattoo is believed to offer protection against death and danger and also to bring good luck, power, and courage. It is advised to always get the tattoo above the waist because anything below the waist is considered taboo.

39. One of the biggest markets in Asia is the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok with different vendors selling literally everything and also a perfect place to buy desserts.

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40. The smallest mammal, the bumble bee bat, and the largest fish, the whale shark, are both found in Thailand.

41. Felling trees is completely banned in Thailand. About ¼ of the forest areas are still left intact.

42. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and it is also considered to be sacred.

43. It is rude to dish up one of each type of food on your plate at the beginning of a meal. It is more polite to take a helping of rice with one or two meals; other meals could be tried subsequently.

44. As the king and Buddha are important figures in Thailand, it is important not to stand over any of their images.

45. It is acceptable to snap a picture of Buddha in Thailand unlike in Japan, but it is totally unacceptable to take a selfie with one’s back turned to Buddha.

46. The Thailand Durian fruit has a rotten sweet onions smell, and it is banned from public places. But it has a nice taste like the taste of marshmallows and whipped cream.

47. The white temple, Wat Rong Khun is very beautiful under the moonlight and is also known to be the home to Thailand’s most beautiful restroom.

48. The fun mode of traveling in Thailand is the ‘tuk-tuk’ which is an open-air 3-wheel vehicle. It took its name from the sound of the engine but it is uncomfortable to spend more than 30 minutes in it.

49. Thailand has so many sacred festivals but Songkran is a festival that both the locals and foreigners participate in, it is a friendly water fight party held in April. It is believed that this festival is used to wash away all the misfortunes of the past year.

50. Buying a small statue of Buddha in the trinket store at their temple is not illegal but it is illegal to take it out of Thailand.

51. Thailand’s name before 1939 was Siam and it was Siam again in 1946-1948 but the official English name for the country is ‘The Kingdom of Thailand’.

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