61 Fascinating and Fun Facts about Los Angeles

Fascinating and Fun Facts about Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a fascinating and interesting city that is known for growing from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the most valuable cities in the world. Los Angeles has passed through the hands of some countries before becoming a territory of the US. Surprisingly about 60% of people living in Los Angeles do not speak English. It is also fascinating to know that the licking of frogs is banned in Los Angeles. Keep reading to discover more interesting and surprising facts like the one you just learned.

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1. The first Europeans that came to Los Angeles landed on the territory in the year 1769.

2. Apart from Mexico, the next place in the world where you will see the highest number of Mexicans in Los Angeles.

3. Only 40 percent of the people living in Los Angeles speak English, 60% speak other languages other than English.

4. The average age of a person living in Los Angeles is 35 years and people from more than 140 countries live there.


5. Los Angeles became a territory of the US after the war that was fought between the US and Mexico in 1847.

6. The initial name of Los Angeles is pretty long and it goes by El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles Sobre El Río Porciúncula.

7. Los Angeles is known as a home to a lot of skyscrapers and it is the biggest city in the US by territory.

8. Los Angeles has five airports and it is home to the fifth busiest airport in the world.

9. The first movie theater that was established in Los Angeles was in 1902.

10. The only lighthouse in the world that is made of wood is located in Los Angeles.

11. Los Angeles is a home of entertainment and there are about 225 theaters in Los Angeles.

12. The fanciest bar in Los Angeles is located in the oldest house in Los Angeles it was opened in 2013 and is called No Vacancy.

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13. The skin of a frog contains hallucinogens and drug addicts sometimes lick it and this made the licking of frogs to be banned in Los Angeles.

14. In Los Angeles, it is legal for you to hit your wife with a belt, so long as the length does not exceed 2 inches.

15. Los Angeles is a center of filmmaking as a lot of popular films have been shot there such as Fast and Furious 7.

16. Los Angeles is home to famous Hollywood actors such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Marilyn Monroe.

17. Los Angeles is known as the entrepreneur center of the world, more than 244,000 businesses are registered here.


18. The oldest commercial building in Los Angeles is the Bradbury Building.

19. There are a lot of hotels in Los Angeles, with over 100 hotels that are of top quality.

20. The tallest structure in Los Angeles is about 310 meters tall and is the US Bank Tower.

21. Los Angeles has a lot of giant food eaters. In a hamburger eating competition, Los Angeles beat the whole of California 4 times.

22. Los Angeles is made up of sixteen districts and eighty neighborhoods in the city.

23. The most densely populated neighborhood in Los Angeles is Koreatown, with over 120,000 residents.

24. Before some cities took over, Los Angeles produced one-quarter of the world’s oil and it still has the third-largest oil field in the US.

25. Los Angeles is one of the best cities for good sunshine with around 284 sunny days per year.

26. The GDP of Los Angeles is quite impressive and is bigger than some countries in the world with a $1.05 trillion GDP.

27. There are about three notable industries of Los Angeles, which are tourism, entertainment, and aerospace.

28. The tax rate of Los Angeles is quite progressive ranging between 1% to 12.3%.

29. The median household income of families in Los Angeles is quite big at $62,142.

30. House is quite expensive in Los Angeles, and an average house costs about $809,865.

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31. The two largest seaports in the US are located in Los Angeles, and this is why the city is always overflowing with international trade.

32. The entertainment industry of Los Angeles is responsible for the majority of the jobs in the city, with over 175,000 people employed.

33. The minimum wage per hour in Los Angeles is fifteen US dollars.

34. Los Angeles was directly involved in the $2.5 billion worth of Marijuana that was sold in California.

35. The palm trees of Los Angeles aren’t native to the continent that Los Angeles belongs to, it is native to South Africa and India.

36. The entertainment industry of Los Angeles generates about $177 million in tax revenue.

37. Los Angeles is the home to one of the most iconic animations, The Mickey Mouse.

38. Los Angeles is the only city that has hosted the prestigious summer Olympics twice.

39. One of the world’s most beautiful gardens is in this city, with about 16 of the world’s most beautiful gardens in the city.

40. Because of the influx of people coming into Los Angeles, parking your car is an absolute challenge.

41. Almost every day, movies are being shot in the city, with over 1,500 shows and movies being shot in the city.

42. Los Angeles has one of the weirdest city nicknames, one of them is La La Land and The Big Orange.

43. In Los Angeles, even your suit has to receive a lot of attention as it is prohibited to wear baggy suits.

44. With a population of 4 million, after New York, it is the most populated city in the US.

45. Los Angeles has a lot of road traffic and the time and money that an average driver spends in traffic are equal to $2800.

46. Los Angeles and San Francisco have a weird relationship as they are getting closer to each other by 2.5 inches every year.

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47. Hollywood, which is the most recognized movie industry in the world, became a municipality in 1903.

48. Because of too much traffic congestion, plans are being made to make Los Angeles cars free by the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.

49. Hollywood land was merged with Los Angeles to become one city in 1910.

50. During World War 2 Los Angeles was the city where the ships and aircraft were built for the war.

51. The official flower of Los Angeles is the Paradise Flower which is native to South Africa.

52. The largest electrified railway system is located in Los Angeles and is known as the Pacific Electric Railway Company.

53. Los Angeles is the pioneer city of the internet as the first internet router was used.

54. Most of the largest riots in the US happened in Los Angeles, like the one in 1992 where 54 people were killed and $1 billion worth of properties was damaged.

55. Known as the Rampart scandal, Los Angeles has witnessed the most documented police corruption.

56. The highest point in Los Angeles is the Mountain Lukens which is 1457 meters tall.

57. There was a time in 2002 that Hollywood wanted to secede from Los Angeles.

58. The home to the highest population of Jews in the United States except for New York is Los Angeles.

59. Los Angeles experiences quite a lot of earthquakes every year, with over 5 earthquakes each year.

60. The largest temple in the world is located in this city and is known as The Los Angeles California Temple.

61. There are a lot of creative people in Los Angeles as one out of every six people is employed in a creative field.

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