61 Fascinating and Fun Peacock Facts

Fascinating and Fun Peacock Facts

Peacocks which are also known as peafowls are the species of birds that are under the pheasant family. Most of the time, the bird that is mostly known as Peacock is the Indian Peacock that has metallic green and blue as its color. Do you know that male peacock engages themselves in different displays to attract females? Discover more interesting facts in the article of facts. Do you know that Albatross birds can fall asleep while flying at 25 miles per hour? Check out 61 Fascinating Bird Facts that will Blow your Mind

Congo Peacock Facts

Male blue, or Indian, peafowl (Pavo cristatus) with a collapsed tail. During courtship displays, the peacock raises its tail and brings it forward. (Photo credit: © Karen Grigoryan/Shutterstock.com)

1. The Congo Peacocks are known to be able to reproduce as early as 3 years old.

2. When it is time to breed, the male Peacock will form a harem that consists of 2 to 5 female peahens.

3. The Congo Peacock was discovered after a search started to find a single feather of the bird in 1913 and it was finally discovered in 1936.

4. It is in the interior of the forest of the Republic of Congo that this species of Peacock breeds.


5. While they are courting the females, the male ones elevate their tails and bring them forward.

White Peacock Facts

White Peacock (Photo: Stock Photos from Tatiana Grozetskaya/Shutterstock)

6. Unlike what people think about it, the White Peacock is not as albino as people think.

7. The male white Peacock is more beautiful than the female white Peacock.

8. There are small crystals that adorn the feathers of the White Peacock.

9. The feathers and beautiful tails of the white Peacock grow to perfection at the age of 2.

10. In some cultures, the white color of this Peacock symbolizes peace and purity.

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Indian Peacock Facts

11. The Indian Peacock has a huge symbolism, it is the national bird of India.

12. The Indian Peacock has a lot of color variations, ranging from green to purple.

13. The Indian Peacock is a predator and can eat anything that fits into its beak and sometimes it can even eat small snakes.

14. During the breeding season, it is the female that has much power to choose who to mate with.

15. The population of the Indian Peacock is continually on the decrease due to hunting.

Baby Peacock Facts

16. The correct name that should be used instead of baby Peacock is peachicks.

17. The name baby peacocks only apply to the Indian, Congo, and green species of peacocks.


18. You cannot tell if a baby Peacock is a male or female when they are firstborn.

19. Some of the baby peacocks look like game birds.

Male Peacock Facts

20. The broad coloration of some of the species of male peacocks helps them to attract females.

21. The male peacocks are bigger when compared with the female peacocks.

22. The trains of the male peacocks can be from 1 to 5 feet long depending on the species.

23. The male peacocks are the ones that engage themselves in different displays to attract females.

Female Peacock Facts

24. The female peacock’s correct name should be peahens instead of female peacocks.

25. Some of the species of female Peacocks have white patches in their belly.

26. The female peacocks are smaller in size than the male peacocks.

27. The female peacocks do not have any train at all and so don’t engage in any display.

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Peacock Spider Facts

28. As their name suggests, these are not peacocks, but spiders that have the coloration of peacocks.

29. This species of spiders can only be found in one continent and that is Australia.

30. This species of spider is incredibly small and can be as small as a grain of rice.

31. This type of spider came in varieties and the females can eat the males.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

32. The Peacock Matos shrimp can be very big and can grow up to 13 inches.

33. Their eyes can move independently and they are located at their long stalks.

34. The Peacock mantis shrimp has one of the most complex eyes in animals.

35. When Peacock mantis shrimp wants to attack, it can be very quick and can happen more than 40 times faster than the blink of an eye.

36. Peacock mantis shrimp use smells to locate their family and neighbors.

Peacock Butterfly Facts

37. Peacock butterflies are one of the most beautiful species of butterfly.

38. These species of butterfly are found in different parts of Europe and also in the temperate part of Asia.

39. The conservation status of this species of butterflies is not endangered.

40. It is one of the largest species of butterflies that has been found.

Peacock Bird Facts

41. It is only the male peacocks that have the beautiful design of feathers.

42. On average, peacocks take about three years to grow their feathers to maturity.

43. The tail feathers of peacocks are shed regularly.

44. The crest on the neck of peacocks is a very essential sensor that they use.

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Peacock Bass Facts

45. The Peacock bass is native to the Amazon River basin and is a member of the cichlid family.

46. Peacock bass is very sensitive and cannot have a water temperature 8s below 65 degrees.

47. This species of fish prefers to stay near seawalls and shorelines.

48. Peacock bass kills their prey by ambushing them in their hideouts.

Peacock Habitat Facts

49. Most Peacock species live in forests and also places where there are farmlands.

50. Sometimes peacocks stay near cities where they can come out and search for food.

51. Most of the things that they eat in their habitat are grasshoppers and locusts.

52. They also can survive and live in dry habitats.

53. Forests that are on lowlands are the most preferred place to stay and breed.

Jonnie Peacock Facts

54. Jonnie Peacock won the 100m gold and this was one of the breakout stars of the London Paralympics.

55. Jonnie Peacock had meningitis when he was at the age of 5 and this lead to the amputation of his right leg.

56. He also defended the title he won in 2012 at the Rio 2016.

57. Jonnie Peacock was a world champion in the year 2013 after he won many awards.

58. Jonnie Peacock wanted to play football before his leg was amputated.

59. Jonnie Peacock missed the Doha 2015 Championship because of an injury.

60. Jonnie Peacock has two lucky charm armbands; he carries a St. Christopher and army badge.

61. The grandfather of Jonnie Peacock was a footballer and played for Liverpool and Everton.

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