61 Fascinating and Interesting Roman Facts

Fascinating Roman Facts

Rome is an awesome city that has a rich history. Do you want to take a trip to Rome or do you want to know some facts about this city? Stay tuned as you are to discover some interesting and fascinating facts about Romans.

1. Rome is the first city in the whole world to record the milestone of 1 million population.

2. Rome is the only city in the world that has another country, which is the Vatican city inside it.

3. The Roman Empire had an estimated population of around 65 million people in the second century.


4. The first palace ever built was in Rome, on Palatine Hill.

5. Rome has the largest number of catacombs (originally underground tunnels for burial) in the world.

6. Two Roman emperors were killed in the Battle of Abritus in 251 AD.

7. At the Battle of Cannae in 216 BC, Rome suffered the worst defeat in its military history from Hannibal.

8. There are more churches in the city of Rome than in any other city in the world.

9. In the past, the Romans washed their clothes with urine because they needed ammonia.

10. The dome of the Pantheon in the city of Rome is still the world’s biggest unsupported concrete dome

11. The city of Rome has more Obelisks than the whole of Egypt.

12. The Colosseum was Rome’s great games arena which took about 10 years to build, starting around 70 AD.

13. Rome from the past was already a deeply hierarchical society.

14. Rome dominated Europe and some parts of Africa for more than 700 years.

15. Roman history has been broken down by historians into about 3 segments.

16. Italy was once a country that was controlled by the pope before it was taken back by Italian soldiers.

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17. Right in the heart of Rome, Vatican City is the smallest independent country in the world.

18. Trade-in wild animals was a very big business in Rome, where animals like lions, tigers were traded.

19. Caesar was married three times, to Cornelia Cinnila, Pompeia, and Calpurnia.

20. Rome was the first society to have a free grain allowance for its citizens – for both the poor and the rich.

21. Julius Caesar was never an emperor. He was a powerful general who would eventually rule as a dictator.

22. The Romans celebrated victory so much, as anyone who has been to Rome knows from the numerous triumphal arches.

23. Rome in the past was a patriarchal society to the extent women weren’t even considered citizens.

24. According to tradition, the 21st of April every year is celebrated as the date of Rome’s birthday.

25. During their days, Rome had one of the largest stadiums in ancient times.

26. Ancient Rome had a fire brigade because of the fire outbreaks that sometimes devastated a major part of the city.

27. St Peter’s Basilica is the tallest building in Rome and no other building is allowed to pass its height.

28. Gambling was popular in ancient Rome because people were very poor and everybody hoped to win big.

29. The first complex sewer system in the world was located in the city of Rome.

30. Today the word palace has its origin in the grand, stately homes of the early emperors.

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31. Not every Roman citizen was born in Rome. In the past, You could be a Roman citizen and never go to Rome.

32. The ancient Romans had a stadium made only for the purpose of witnessing naval battles.

33. Ancient Rome had a bad taste color and not the classical white color we imagined them to love.

34. It was the Romans that gave us our calendar In 46 BC by Julius Caesar.

35. Interestingly, the world’s first legal system known as the twelve tables was in Rome.

36. In the past, Roman slaves were protected by the law and could buy their freedom.

37. The Romans are said to be the cleanest civilization in their day because everyone strives to be clean.

38. Romans are the inventors of the modern Spa since they always took their baths seriously.

39. The Romans had different types of gods, they worshipped multiple gods for different purposes.

40. To have a luxury tomb became a symbol of fashion in ancient Rome.

41. The Romans were known to learn their current affairs and from the first century, they displayed news in the Roman forum.

42. Throughout his political career, Julius Caesar had a fear of personal debt from lavish spending.

43. There are still Roman bridges that are still standing and are still in use today.

44. In the year 53 BC, Crassus died from the after-effects of the disastrous Battle of Carrhae.

45. In ancient times, Chariot racing was the most popular sport in Rome.

46. After he was stabbed 23 times by a group of about 60 men, Caesar was killed on the 15th of March.

47. Great structures were an important means by emperors to show off their power and reputation.

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48. Rome had a very good road that the transport of people, goods, and soldiers relied on.

49. There was a time when Rome was about a quarter of the world’s population.

50. There was an emperor of Rome named Emperor Commodus that was famous for his devotion to fighting in games himself.

51. Julius Caesar was forced to go into hiding at 16 years old when his father died suddenly in 85 BC.

52. One of Julius Caesar’s greatest victories that confirmed Roman domination was the battle of Alesia in 52 BC.

53. Hamilcar Barca, the father of Hannibal, commanded the forces in the First Punic War.

54. Interestingly, Hannibal led The Battle of Cannae in 216 BC which was a huge disaster for the Roman army.

55. Due to the shortage of gladiators, Augustus banned fighting to the death to help tackle the shortage.

56. Although the Romans didn’t invent either the arch or the vault, they improved the usage of both.

57. Rome granted citizens’ rights, short of voting, to its conquered foes after its victory in the Latin war.

58. The first major fight between Rome and Carthage was in the battle of Agrigentum in 261 BC.

59. Caligula is seen by many as Rome’s worst emperor because of the famine and drain of treasury that happened in his reign.

60. Right from time, Rome had an organized military with Regiments of infantry and cavalry.

61. Discovery shows that Roman concrete is very similar to modern Portland cement.

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