61 Fun and Mind-blowing Facts About Dubai

61 Mind-blowing Facts About Dubai

Dubai is part of the emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and this city is mostly known because of the beautiful and fascinating structures and technologies in the city. It is also one of the top choices for tourists. Do you know that the tallest hotel on earth is located in Dubai?  Do you know that because of the records that Dubai breaks every day, the Guinness Book Of Records had to open its office there to keep up with the records that are being broken? Grab a coffee if you can, sit back, and relax as you are about to be thrilled with some surprising and interesting facts and stories about the beautiful city of Dubai.

Dubai Fun Facts

1. The world’s largest choreographed fountain is located in Dubai.

2. After London, Paris, and Bangkok, the city of Dubai is the most visited city in the world.

3. In Dubai, racing with camels was once popular, but nowadays it is now done with robots.


4. The population of Dubai is around 9.89 million and is made up of 11 different nationalities.

5. Although the food that is made in Dubai is Michelin star-worthy, it does not have a Michelin guide.

6. Because Dubai is a city that is always improving its development, about a quarter of all the cranes in the world are located there.

7. The Dubai police have a collection of the best cars in the world such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti.

8. The tallest skyscraper in the world, known as the Burj Khalifa at a height of 830 meters, is located in Dubai.

burj khalifa skyscraper, the tallest skyscraper in the world located in Dubai.
burj khalifa skyscraper Photo Credit: CNN.COM

9. The tallest hotel on earth is located in Dubai and it is known as the Gevora hotel at 356 meters.

10. Dubai is planning to make use of 3D technology in building and is expected to have about 25% of its building printed in 3D by 2030.

11. Palm Jumeirah was created with about 10.5 million worth of dump trucks.

12. The 30 days Dubai fitness challenge is usually where a lot of world records are being broken.

13. The Burj AL Arab that is located in Dubai has about 1800 employees.

14. Tourists who want to visit Dubai can get the license to fly their drones on the internet before they come to Dubai.

Dubai Economic Facts

15. In Dubai, because there are no foreign exchange controls, the economy is very good for investors.

16. It was from the oil industry that the economy of Dubai was first built before other industries started contributing significantly.

17. The political conditions in Dubai are very stable and so it has greatly contributed to the growth of the economy.


18. The legal framework of setting up a company in Dubai is not stressful and that is why many start-ups go there.

19. The Growth of Dubai’s economy is simply amazing since it has grown to 11%.

20. In recent years, it is seen that the economy of Dubai has diversified and no longer depends only on oil and gas.

21. Other industries have risen to contribute to the economy with the tourism sector contributing about 20% to the country’s GDP.

22. Dubai’s position makes it well connected with countries all over the continents and this has boosted the economy.

23. Because of the top-class infrastructure that is found in Dubai, it attracts investors all over the world.

24. When it comes to limited liability companies, foreigners can own up to 49% of the company.

25. Because of its connections with the outside world, the Dubai market boasts 1.5 billion people each year.

26. Another boost to Dubai’s economy is that it is connected by 85 airlines and 120 shipping lines.

Dubai Cultural Facts

27. In Dubai, the type of pet you have signifies your social status, the wealthy ones have cheetahs, lions, tigers, and other cats as pets.

28. The most popular food that is eaten in Dubai is shawarma.

29. The official language of this city is Arabic, but English is one of the most spoken languages.

30. Debts are not an acceptable culture in Dubai and one can bag life imprisonment for the slightest debt.

31. The crime rate in Dubai is very low, almost 0% crime rate.

32. The oldest heritage site in Dubai, the Bastakia quarter is located in Bur Dubai district.

33. The Emiratis makeup about 15% of the Dubai population and are granted free education and medical care.

34. The lavish lifestyle is one of the major things that Dubai is known for.

35. It is a culture in Dubai that one should be paid for losing their weight.

36. There’s an event in Dubai known as the Dubai global village submit where different nationalities that live there come to represent themselves.

37. Dubai is so diverse in culture because there are about 11 nationalities that live in Dubai nowadays.

38. Dubai has a favorable attitude to women compared to other Islamic cities or countries.

Dubai History Facts

39. Dubai and Qatar came together and formed a new currency so that it can improve its economy.

40. Before the discovery of oil in this city, fishing, pearling and trading were the bedrock of Dubai’s economy.

41. It was in the year 1894 that the tax exemption bill was signed in Dubai.

42. Trades that were carried out in Dubai suffered a major setback because of the first World War.

43. The history of Dubai can be traced back to the period of the Early Minoan.

44. The United Arab Emirates was formed by Dubai and other emirates such as Abu Dhabi in the year 1979.

45. After the setback of artificial pearls, the great depression was the point that Dubai’s economy fell.

46. According to researchers, the first human settlement in Dubai was around 3000 BC.

47. The first shipment of oil which helped Dubai to become one of the most developed countries in the world happened in 1969.

48. When the Dubai economy started booming, Japan invented artificial pearls in the 1950s which led to a downturn in Dubai’s economy.

49. Bedouin cattle herders started living in Dubai when the swap that was there dried up in 3000 BC.

50. Dubai was under the control of a Neo-Persian dynasty known as the Sassanids until the 7th century.

51. According to evidence that has been found, it suggests that before now, Dubai was a mangrove swamp.

Dubai Tourism Facts

52. The fish market that is in Dubai is one of the major tourist attractions in the city.

53. Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is a beautiful mosque in Dubai that has become a destination for tourists.

54. The largest gold bazaar in the world is located in Dubai, Deira Gold Souk.

55. Snapping sunset pics in Dubai is one of the coolest things a tourist can do.

56. Tourists usually go to the Dubai world trade center to have an amazing view of the city.

57. The oldest school that was constructed in Dubai, the Al-Ahmadiya School is a place for public education of tourists.

58. There’s a gallery in Dubai known as the Dubai future gallery that shows how Dubai might look in the future to tourists.

59. There’s an underwater world in the Dubai Aquarium where visitors can go and witness amazing sights.

60. All the Dubai cultural and architectural heritage can be seen by tourists in the Heritage and Diving Village.

61. The most famous traditional market in Dubai is Deira.

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