61 Fun and Surprising Albert Einstein Facts

Albert Einstein Facts

Albert Einstein was often considered as the greatest genius and physicist of his generation, a man whose groundbreaking theories in science and mathematics can only be matched by a few. His E=mc² formula rings a bell in the heads of many around the world. You will discover some unique and mind-blowing facts about Albert Einstein.

1. Albert Einstein had a strange back head at birth. Although, the shape of his head went back to normal after a few weeks.

2. Einstein was born into a middle-class Jew family.

3. Einstein is a great fan of classical music and loves sailing. He was so fond of his violin that he named it “Lina”.


4. According to various reports, Einstein had a lot of difficulties with his speech and didn’t start speaking until he was 4 years old.

5. Albert Einstein renounced his German Citizenship at the age of 17 in an attempt to avoid military service.

6. Due to his lack of a job and his father’s company suffering from Bankruptcy, Einstein had a lot of financial problems in 1902.

7. Despite rumors of Einstein failing mathematics at a young age, he had actually mastered calculus at the age of 15.

8. Einstein was a weird man as he set some unbelievable rules for his first wife named Maric. The rules included; She shouldn’t expect any form of intimacy from him, she must serve him three meals a day and she must stop talking when he asked her to.

9. In 1919, Albert Einstein surprisingly got married to his cousin Elsa Lowenthal having divorced his first wife Maric.

10. In one of the letters written to Elsa by Einstein, he acknowledged the fact that he hated wearing socks.

11. In 1952, Einstein declined the offer to become the President of Zionist Israel.

12. Einstein was an obsessive smoker as he was never found to turn down cigar or cigarettes offers. Although, he’s much more fond of smoking pipes.

13. Surprisingly, most of his successes are a product of carrying out visual experiments in his mind rather than going to the Lab to test his theories.

14. Following Albert Einstein’s death in 1955, the Pathologists in charge of his autopsy stole his brain and kept it in a jar for 40 plus years before finally returning it in 1998.

15. Interestingly, Einstein’s eyeballs are been preserved in a safe deposit box in New York City.

16. Einstein surprisingly failed his university entrance exam at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in 1895 as a 16-year-old. Although he passed his physics and mathematics, he failed in other subjects.


17. Despite being a bad husband to his first wife, Einstein actually fulfilled his promise of giving his Nobel Prize money worth up to $32,250 to his wife as part of their divorce agreement in 1919 had later won the prestigious award in 1921.

18. He won the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics due to his photoelectric effect theory not any general or special theory of relativity.

19. Einstein had an illegitimate daughter in 1902 whose name was believed to be “Lieserl” but her fate or whereabouts remains unknown.

20. One of his sons named Eduard Einstein suffered tremendously from Schizophrenia and was later shipped to an asylum.

21. Despite his great love for sailing, Einstein didn’t know how to swim.

22. Einstein’s brain is believed to be 15% larger than that of an average human being.

23. For over a decade, he struggled to get a job in academia due to his unruly and rebellious behavior.

24. Due to his German roots, he was under strict surveillance by the FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover when he moved to the US for over two decades who had agents monitoring his calls and emails with many believing he might be a spy for the soviet union.

25. It might sound a bit strange but Einstein developed most of his important theories while working as a Patent clerk in a Swiss Office.

26. In February 1933, he became the Chancellor of Germany but left for the US a month after and never returned to his place of birth due to Adolf Hitler’s hatred for Jews.

27. He was born on the 14th of March, 1879 in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany.

28. He surprisingly completed his doctoral thesis at the age of 26 and was awarded a Ph.D. at the University of Zurich on the 30th of April.

29. Despite his high level of intelligence and brilliance, Einstein suffered from Amnesia as he often forgot names, faces, and dates.

30. Einstein shockingly refused to learn how to drive during his lifetime as he would prefer to be chauffeured or driven by his friends.

31. Between 1913 to 1933, Einstein was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics.

32. Dr. Thomas Sowell often described Einstein’s delayed speech syndrome as men born with a rare gift.

33. His level of brilliance and attention to detail was unrivaled such that even his greatest blunder turned out to be revolutionary.

34. As a child, Albert had the habit of throwing objects at people when he is angry or displeased.

35. He wasn’t fully part of the famous Manhattan Project which led to the development of the atomic bomb by the US under President Roosevelt, Einstein’s letter was key in getting it started as his famous E=MC² also made his theory possible.

36. Interestingly, Einstein preferred answering Fan mails from children than that of the public.

37. Einstein was many things but was always sensitive to racial discrimination and championed the rights of Black Americans and was also a member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

38. Still wondering about the inspiration behind the Yoda character in Star Wars? Look no further as Einstein was the major inspiration behind the famous character.

39. Up until the age of 9, Albert Einstein usually think through what he had in his mind before speaking out.

40. Due to his impertinence, Einstein was once chased out of his class in college at the age of 15. It was believed he found the class boring and couldn’t hide his displeasure.

41. The year 1905 was often considered as the “Miracle Year” for Einstein as he was able to publish his four different academic papers which birthed the theories on the principle of relativity and the famous E=mc².

42. Einstein and his esteemed colleague Leo Szilard once designed and developed an absorption refrigerator that required no electricity and had no moving part but never became a commercial product due to the earlier discovery of the Freon.

43. Interestingly, the force and the curiosity behind Einstein’s keen interest in Physics was the “Compass” which his father brought for him while he was on a sickbed at the age of five years old.

44. While trying to fake a smile at his 72nd birthday, he stuck his tongue out instead and that Photograph was sold at auction for a staggering $74,324.

45. Towards the end of World War II, a brilliant scientist and a Russian spy named Margarita Konenkova had a passionate affair with Einstein with the aim of extracting information about the Manhattan project of which he wasn’t directly involved.

46. It is believed that Einstein’s final words before he died were in German but unfortunately, the nurse didn’t understand him because she couldn’t speak German.

47. The 99th element on the periodic table was named after Albert Einstein and is usually called “Einsteinium”.

48. Einstein once had a tomcat called Tiger and was usually depressed when it rained.

49. In 1923, Einstein traveled down to Jerusalem to present his first scientific address at the Hebrew University he funded and labeled it the greatest day of his life.

50. Two days before his death, Einstein refused surgery as suggested by the doctors in an attempt to prolong his life but he declined to have said prolonging his life artificially was “Tasteless”.

51. Einstein’s wife Elsa was in charge of his fan mail and usually charge $1 for an autograph and $5 for his photograph. Although, proceeds from the above are being donated to charity.

52. Einstein prevented the persecution of over 1,000 unemployed German-Jewish scientists from the Nazis having written letters continuously to the various leaders, Presidents, and Prime ministers to recruit them.

53. Despite his German roots, the Nazis once placed a whopping $5,000 bounty reward on Einstein’s head.

54. Einstein’s favorite scientist is known as Galileo Galilei.

55. Quite fascinating to know that Einstein wrote his first essay on theoretical physics at the age of 16 of which he titled “ the Investigation of the State of the Ether in a Magnetic Field.”

56. Einstein admires the Swiss a lot because the country respected the individuality and privacy of his residents and was told he would be given Swiss Citizenship provided he can secure a job on a permanent basis.

57. At the age of 30, Einstein was already appointed as a junior professor at the University of Zurich. His style of teaching was different from others as he used cards instead of papers for preparing notes and also built an interactive environment between him and his students.

58. He became more famous after his theory of gravity bending light became widely accepted following the eclipse in 1919.

59. In 1925, the Royal Society of London awarded him its prestigious medal for his immense contributions to the quantum theory and the theory of relativity.

60. In 1999, The Time Magazine named Albert Einstein as its “Person of the Century”.

61. Contrary to opinions, Einstein was right-handed as opposed to the suggestive claims of left-handed people being labeled as geniuses.

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