61 Fun Plant Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

61 Fun Plant Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

Entertain and educate your kids with these specially created plant trivia questions. This trivia is created with a mixture of easy and hard trivia to keep the interest of the kid in the game till the end.

The questions are designed to be short and easy for kids to understand. Your kids will certainly be happier and wiser after playing this trivia game.

1. The part that anchors the plant to the ground is called?
Answer: root

2. Which plant is the fastest growing plant?
Answer: Bamboo

Photo: rebelwalls.com

3. The process by which plants convert carbon dioxide, water, and minerals into food when they use energy from sunlight is called?
Answer: photosynthesis.


4. Is cucumber a vegetable?
Answer: No, it is a fruit

5. Which country does sweet potato come from?
Answer: Peru

6. The largest flower in the world is called?
Answer: Rafflesia arnoldii

7. Which tree are cricket bats mainly made from?
Answer: Willow trees

8. Which acid do onions contain that causes tears when we cut them?
Answer: sulphuric acid

9. The part of a plant root that it uses to absorb minerals and water is called?
Answer: root hair

10. The only fruit that has seeds on the outside is?
Answer: Strawberries

11. Is the tomato a fruit or vegetable?
Answer: fruit

12. The tallest tree in the world is?
Answer: California redwoods

13. What is the name of the smallest flowering plant?
Answer: Watermeal

14. What is the name of the world’s largest carnivorous plant?
Answer: Nepenthes rajah

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15. Can tree rings be used to determine the tree’s age?
Answer: Yes

16. How old is the oldest tree on earth?
Answer: over 5000 years old.


17. 90% of the food human eat come from how many plants?
Answer: 30

18. What is a cluster of bananas called?
Answer: a hand

19. Cabbage contains 91% of what?
Answer: water

20. Which country is named after a tree?
Answer: Brazil

21. Which tree is called “the tree of life”?
Answer: baobab tree

22. The first botanical garden opened in which year?
Answer: 1730

23. What is the scientific method of determining the age of a tree is called?
Answer: dendrochronology

24. How many percentages of planets on earth are in the ocean?
Answer: 85%

25. Are apples and pears part of the rose family?
Answer: Yes

Apple on an apple tree
Apple on a tree (Image credit: Getty Images)

26. What is the name of the smallest tree?
Answer: dwarf willow

27. What is the name of the tallest flower?
Answer: corpse flower

28. Are Mushrooms classified as plants?
Answer: No, they belong to the kingdom Fungi.

29. Where is the poison garden located?
Answer: Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England.

30. What is the name of the largest seed on earth?
Answer: coco-de-mer

31. The world’s smallest seeds are?
Answer: orchids

32. Are Peanuts, nuts, or legumes?
Answer: legumes

33. What is the scientific name for flowering plants?
Answer: Angiosperm.

34. How many years does it take an orange tree to produce fruit?
Answer: Three to five years

35. Where did apple originate from?
Answer: Central Asia

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36. leaves and roots are part of the 3 main parts of a plant, what is the last part?
Answer: Stem

37. Plants could be divided into two main groups, Flowering plants, and ________?
Answer: non-flowering plants

38. The male part of a flower is called what?
Answer: Stamen

39. Between Palm, sugarcane, and Bamboo. Which is the main food of pandas?
Answer: Bamboo

40. Paper was originally made from which plant?
Answer: Papyrus

Herbaceous plant - Cyperus papyrus
papyrus Photo: iStock/Supersmario

41. Which substances give plant leaves their green color?
Answer: Chlorophyll

42. What can cause the leaves of a plant are curl inward and wilt?
Answer: Lack of water

43. The scientific study of plant life is termed?
Answer: Botany

44. The most produced grain plant in the world currently is?
Answer: Corn

45. Plants that do not have seed produce through which process?
Answer: Through spores

46. Which flower is a national flower of England?
Answer: Rose

47. The pineapple plants originated from which continent?
Answer: South America

48. What’s the most popular fruit on earth?
Answer: tomato

49. What is the name of the first vegetable that was grown in space?
Answer: potatoes

50. Do kiwi fruits contain more vitamin C than oranges?
Answer: Yes

Photo: garden.eco

51. What’s the world’s most expensive fruit?
Answer: Yubari melon

52. How many seeds does a strawberry have?
Answer: About 200

54. Between Potatoes and bananas, which contains more potassium?
Answer: Potatoes

55. Dried grapes are commonly known as what?
Answer: Raisins.

56. Which fruit contains the highest percentage of water?
Answer: Tomato

57. Which fruit is known as a symbol of fertility and death in Ancient Greek mythology?
Answer: Pomegranate (Indian apple)

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58. Fruits develop from which part of a plant?
Answer: Flower

59. What is the name of a red fruit that Europeans believe to be poisonous for around 200 years?
Answer: Tomato

60. “Williams” and “Conference” are kinds of which type of fruit?
Answer: Pears

61. The dragon fruit originated from where?
Answer: Central and South America

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