61 Interesting and Fun Melbourne Facts

Interesting Melbourne Facts

Luna Park Melbourne’s famous “Face and Towers” entrance has been welcoming guests since 1912 (Credit: Luna Park Melbourne).

Melbourne is where the Modern Federation Square Development is located and it is the coastal capital of Victoria, a state in Australia. The city is known for the different art displays it has such as the Melbourne Arts Precinct, the National Gallery of Victoria which is filled with Australian and indigenous art, and Arts Centre Melbourne which is a performing arts complex. Do you know that the Melbourne Zoo has more than 320 species of animals? Keep reading to discover more interesting facts about beautiful city that experience 4 different of seasons in a year.

Weird Facts About Melbourne

1. Batmania was the original name of Melbourne after one of the founders of the city.

2. In Melbourne, it is a common occurrence to experience 4 different of seasons in a year.

3. The major streets in Melbourne are built to allow horse carriages to make u-turns at 99ft wide.

4. Citizens of Melbourne go about with reusable coffee cups and it is the number one city with most cafes per capita.


5. The coffees in the city of Melbourne have different names given to them.

Facts about Melbourne Star

6. Melbourne Star is located at Melbourne Docklands, Australia.

7. The estimated cost of the construction of Melbourne Star is about $100 million.

8. The construction of Melbourne Star started on 30th June 2006 and opened in December 2008.

9. The name of the contractor of this structure is Hansen Yuncken and the architect was Sanoyas.

10. The Melbourne Star is about 120 meters tall and is simply a Ferris wheel.

Facts about Melbourne Football Club

11. Melbourne Football Club is one of the oldest professional football clubs whose nickname is the demons.

12. Melbourne Football Club plays its home games at the Melbourne cricket ground.

13. The official colors of this club are red and navy blue.

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14. The current president and CEO of the club are Kate Roffey and Gary Pert.

Facts about Melbourne Storm

15. The Melbourne Storm was founded in 1997 and is a rugby league club that is based in Melbourne.

16. The Melbourne Storm entered into the National Rugby League in 1998.

17. The official primary colors of this rugby club are purple and navy while its secondary colors are white and gold.


18. The current CEO of the Melbourne Storm is Justin Rodski

Facts about Melbourne Aquarium

19. The Melbourne Sealife Aquarium was opened to the public in the year 2000.

20. It has about ten thousand plus animals and more than five hundred species.

21. It is a southern ocean and Antarctic aquarium that is located beside the Yarra River in Melbourne.

22. Merlin entertainments are the owner of the Melbourne Sealife Aquarium.

Melbourne Cup Fun Facts

23. The Melbourne Cup is an annual event that is the most famous thoroughbred race in Australia.

24. It is dubbed as the race that stops the nation and is held every first Tuesday of November every year.

25. This event is currently sponsored by Lexus and it started about 161 years ago.

26. The Melbourne Cup has the world’s richest “two-mile” handicap (a handicap is a race where the horse carries different weights) in horse racing.

Melbourne Zoo Facts

27. The Melbourne Zoo is located in Parksville, within the royal park in Australia.

28. The Melbourne Zoo has more than 320 species of animals from both Australia and around the world.

29. Bicycles are one of the things that are not allowed at the Melbourne Zoo.

30. The Melbourne Zoo opened on 6th October 1862 and occupies about 55 acres of land.

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Melbourne Cricket Ground Facts

31. The Melbourne cricket ground is located in Yarra Park and is known locally as the G.

32. The Melbourne cricket ground is managed and was founded by the Melbourne cricket club.

33. The Melbourne cricket ground is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere and the 2nd largest cricket stadium by capacity.

Melbourne Shrine Of Remembrance Facts

34. The Melbourne Shrine of remembrance was built for the purpose of a war memorial.

35. The Melbourne Shrine of remembrance was opened to the public on the 11th of November 1954.

36. The shrine of remembrance was designed by World War 1 veterans, Philips Hudson and James Wardrop.

37. The shrine of remembrance went through a long period of development and was once proposed to be the Victoria memorial.

Chinatown Melbourne Facts

38. Chinatown, Melbourne is centered on the eastern end of Little Bourke Street.

39. Chinatown in Melbourne was established in the 1850s during the Victorian gold rush.

40. Chinatown in Melbourne is the oldest China settlement in the Southern Hemisphere.

41. It is one of the major places that established the Chinese culture of Chinese immigrants in Australia.

Lunapark Melbourne Facts

42. The slogan of Luna Park, Melbourne is “just for fun”.

43. Luna Park is a historic park in Melbourne that is located in Port Phillips Bay in Australia.

44. Luna Park was opened a few weeks after it was completed (it was completed on the 13th of December, 1912)

45. The total number of attractions in this park is about 20 and the roller coasters are about 2.

St Patrick Cathedral Melbourne Facts

46. Located in Victoria, Australia, St Patrick’s Cathedral is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

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47. St Patrick’s Cathedral was dedicated in 1851 and was consecrated in 1897.

48. The person that designed this Cathedral was William Wardell and it was built in a Gothic style.

Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne Facts

49. The royal botanical gardens are located across two places, Cranbourne and Melbourne.

50. The royal botanical garden was opened to the public in 1816 and it covers about 38 hectares of land.

51. The royal botanical garden is operated by the Board of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

52. This botanical garden records about 2 million visitors every year and it contains both Australian native and non-Australian gardens.

Parliament House Melbourne Facts

53. The Parliament house is where the members of the Parliament of Victoria meet.

54. It is located in spring street, East Melbourne, and has a neoclassical style of architecture.

55. The construction of the Parliament house started in 1855 and was completed in 1929.

Port Of Melbourne Facts

56. This port has the record as the largest containerized and cargo port in the whole of Australia.

57. The Port of Melbourne has been managed by the Port of Melbourne Corporation since 2003.

58. The Port of Melbourne is about 143,000 meters square in size.

St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne Facts

59. St Paul’s Cathedral is the cathedral church of the Diocese of Melbourne in Australia.

60. St Paul’s Cathedral was built from 1880 to 1891 and was consecrated on the 22nd of January 1891.

61. St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by Williams Butterfield and has a Gothic revival architectural style.

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