61 Interesting Andrew Jackson Facts

61 Interesting Andrew Jackson Facts

Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States and he was also one of the most famous US presidents. He was known as “Old Hickory”, did you know that? Read on to discover more interesting facts about the “Old Hickory”.

1. Andrew Jackson was a self-taught lawyer just like Abraham Lincoln.

2. Andrew Jackson was the only one that survived in his family during the American independence war.

3. Andrew Jackson was born in the year 1767.


4. Andrew Jackson was married to a lady known as Rachel Donels who was a daughter of a local colonel.

5. Andrew Jackson was one of those that helped to create the Tennessee state constitution.

6. He ruled America for eight years.

7. Just a few weeks before he was inaugurated as the president of America, his wife died.

8. The parents of Andrew Jackson were Scots-Irish colonists.

9. Andrew Jackson was known not to have any cordial relationship with his extended family.

10. He was taken into the North Carolina bar after an impressive performance in the year 1787.

11. Interestingly, Andrew Jackson was known to be successful as a debt collector.

12. Andrew Jackson in 1791 became attorney general.

13. A plantation known as the Hermitage was owned by him.

14. Andrew Jackson initially had 9 slaves on his plantation but it was increased to 150 slaves.

15. Interestingly, the major crop that was planted there was cotton.

16. The forces that led the Americans to defeat the Creek Indians were led by Andrew Jackson.


17. It was after the battle of New Orleans that the US made him a war hero.

18. He was the one that led the American forces to claim the land of Florida.

19. Andrew Jackson was not successful, the first time he ran for president.

20. During his campaign for president, Andrew Jackson’s mother was called a common prostitute.

21. Andrew Jackson was also accused when he was running for president of being a slave trader.

22. Andrew Jackson’s wife was married to a colonel before she married him.

23. In America, Andrew Jackson is seen by many people as the father of the modern presidency.

24. Jackson when he was President of the United States, paid off their national debt completely.

25. He was the first president of America whose assassination was attempted.

26. Andrew Jackson was known to love horse racing.

27. He was a very big gambler who gambled on anything.

28. Although he opposed paper bills, his face is in one of the paper bills of America.

29. Andrew Jackson was buried near his wife, Rachel in the Hermitage.

30. He died in Tennessee on June 8, 1845, at the age of 78 years.

31. Interestingly, Andrew Jackson had carried a bullet in his heart for almost 40 years.

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32. Andrew Jackson was not a fan of the bank, he hated banks so much.

33. The capital of Mississippi was named in honor of Andrew Jackson.

34. Andrew Jackson became an orphan at the young age of 14 years.

35. Andrew Jackson had many scars due to injuries when he was a prisoner of war.

36. His father Andrew Hutchinson died due to a logging accident.

37. He was known to be a friend of creditors because of his success in debt collection.

38. Andrew Jackson’s wife was frequently accused of adultery and bigamy.

39. During his days as a loyal, Andrew Jackson was in partnership with John Overton.

40. He was the co-founder of his son’s plantation known as Halcyon.

41. Interestingly, just like Andrew Jackson, his son owned many slaves.

42. Andrew Jackson was known to hate the British, he accused them of killing all his family.

43. The parrot Andrew Jackson had was cursing people that came to bury him.

44. Many people often refer to him as the second George Washington.

45. Many of his political opponents often called him “King Andrew 1” because of his decisiveness.

46. Andrew Jackson, although the people’s president committed many blunders during his tenure.

47. Andrew Jackson demanded that gold and silver should be used as payment instead of paper money during his tenure.

48. Andrew Jackson left Dom many economic issues such as economic depression and unemployment for his successor.

49. Andrew Jackson was involved in about 100 duels in which he killed a person in one of the duels.

50. Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 that eventually led to the Trail of Tears.

51. Ironically, Jackson adopted two sons who were Indians.

52. The person that tried to assassinate Lawrence was an heir to the British throne.

53. The White House kept smelling for days after allowing citizens to eat from his giant cheese wheel.

54. Although he signed the Indian Removal Act, he was still friendly with many Indians.

55. Andrew Jackson did not have one but two bullets lodged in his body.

56. Andrew Jackson was one of the American presidents that didn’t have any knowledge about international policy development.

57. Andrew Jackson was at a young age when he was elected into congress.

58. Andrew Jackson was the first to be elected president by appealing to the mass of voters rather than the party elite.

59. Andrew Jackson was the first American president to become a war prisoner before becoming a president.

60. The birthplace of Andrew Jackson was a mystery because he claimed to be born in South Carolina while evidence claimed he was born in North Carolina.

61. Three times in his political career, Andrew Jackson won the popular vote.

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