61 Interesting Cartoon Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2.

Where are the cartoon lovers at? If you are a real cartoon lover and fond of cartoon animation movies, then this is your right spot! Here, we have a collection of vast cartoon trivia quizzes that will cover some of the most iconic cartoon characters and shows of all time.

This fun cartoon trivia series is aimed at bringing back your childhood nostalgia for cartoons and it will surely make you want to feel young again! Put your trivia skills to the test with our exciting categories of classic cartoon trivia, cartoon character trivia, and Disney cartoon trivia, and be sure to catch your fun as well. Let’s go!

1. In “Frozen,” Elsa and Anna are princesses of which kingdom?
Answer: Arendelle.

2. What is the name of the snow-master Elsa created to make people go away from her castle?
Answer: Marshmallow.

3. In “Aladdin and the King of Thieves,” how many thieves were they originally?
Answer: 40.


4. What is the name of Aladdin’s monkey best friend?
Answer: Abu.

5. Who is referred to as ‘man-cub’ in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: Mowgli.

6. Besides air, fire, water, and earth, who is the fifth element that would save the Northuldrans in “Frozen?”
Answer: Elsa.

7. In “Raya and the Last Dragon,” what task has Raya’s family engaged in for over 500 years?
Answer: Guardians of the Dragon Gem.

8. In “The Jungle Book,” what is the name of the snake who hypnotizes people by looking into their eyes?
Answer: Kaa.

9. What town does Aladdin live in?
Answer: Agrabah.

10. What is the name of the Kingdom on which the film “Raya and the Last Dragon” is based on?
Answer: Kumandra.

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11. How many tribes make up Kumandra?
Answer: 5.

12. What is the name of the Chief elephant in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: Colonel Hathi.

13. What was Aladdin’s name when he was disguised as a Prince?
Answer: Prince Ali.

14. What is the name of the dragon that Raya believes still exists?
Answer: Sisu.

15. Who is the monkey king in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: King Louie.

16. In “Raya and the Last Dragon,” what evil spirits attack Kumandra?
Answer: The Druun.


17. What song does Elsa sing while building her ice castle?
Answer: Let It Go.

18. In “Frozen,” Elsa is warned by Grand Pabbiethat what will be her enemy?
Answer: Fear.

19. What famous song does Aladdin sing with Princess Jasmine?
Answer: A Whole New World.

20. In “The Jungle Book,” what kind of animals raised Mowgli?
Answer: Wolves.

21. When Olaf introduces himself in “Frozen,” what does he say he likes?
Answer: Warm hugs.

22. In “The Jungle Book”, what is Shere Khan afraid of?
Answer: Fire.

23. What does Raya call her father in “Raya and the Last Dragon?”
Answer: Ba.

24. What is the name of Princess Jasmine’s tiger in “Aladdin?”
Answer: Rajah.

25. In “Frozen,” only an act of true love can do what?
Answer: Thaw a frozen heart.

26. In “Raya and the Last Dragon,” what is the Druun’s only weakness?
Answer: Water.

27. Naamari gave Raya a dragon pendant as a gift. What tribe is she from?
Answer: Fang.

28. In “Aladdin,” what is the name of the Sultan’s most trusted advisor?
Answer: Jafar.

29. In “Frozen,” who is the villain prince Anna had fallen in love with?
Answer: Prince Hans.

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30. In “The Jungle Book,” who sang ‘The Bare Necessities?’
Answer: Baloo.

31. Who is the wolf pack’s leader in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: Akela.

32. In “Aladdin,” where was the magic lamp hidden?
Answer: The Cave of Wonders.

33. What kind of animal is Shere Khan in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: Tiger.

34. What is the name of the mountain man and ice harvester in “Frozen?”
Answer: Kristoff.

35. In “Raya and the Last Dragon,” who is the only survivor of the Spine tribe?
Answer: Tong.

36. Where does the genie in “Aladdin” live?
Answer: The magic lamp.

37. What color is the genie made of?
Answer: Blue.

38. In “The Jungle Book,” what does King Louie call fire?
Answer: Man’s red flower.

39. Princess Raya in “Raya and the Last Dragon” is not left-handed. True or False?
Answer: False.

40. Who is Mowgli’s adoptive father in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: Rama.

41. In “Frozen,” who did Anna leave in charge of Arendelle when she went to look for Elsa?
Answer: Hans.

42. What was the name of Aladdin’s father who happened to be the King of Thieves?
Answer: Cassim.

43. In which tribe’s territory does Sisu summon Raya in “Raya and the Last Dragon?”
Answer: Tail.

44. In “The Jungle Book,” what kind of animals are referred to as the Jungle Patrol team?
Answer: Elephants.

45. In “Aladdin and the Return of Jafar,” what is the name of the thief who found and freed Jafar from his lamp?
Answer: Abis Mal.

46. What is the name of the magical river in “Frozen” that holds the answers to the past?
Answer: Ahtohallan.

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47. What kind of animal is Bagheera in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: Black Panther.

48. Who raised Kristoffin “Frozen?”
Answer: The Trolls.

49. Who is Raya’s father in “Raya and the Last Dragon?”
Answer: Chief Benja.

50. What was Aladdin’s third wish?
Answer: To set the Genie free.

51. In “The Jungle Book,” what does King Louie want to learn from Mowgli?
Answer: How to make fire.

52. Which tribe does Raya belong to in “Raya and the Last Dragon?”
Answer: Heart.

53. Who is the elephant that Aladdin rides on into Agrabah as Prince Ali?
Answer: His pet monkey, Abu.

54. What was the name of Elsa and Anna’s father in “Frozen?”
Answer: King Agnarr.

55. What type of animal is King Louie in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: An orangutan.

56. In “Frozen,” how old was Elsa when she was crowned Queen of Arendelle?
Answer: 21.

57. In “Aladdin,” how many wishes can the genie grant a person?
Answer: 3.

58. In “Aladdin,” what was Jafar’s first wish that got granted?
Answer: To be the sultan.

59. What kind of snake is Kaa in “The Jungle Book?”
Answer: Python.

60. In “Raya and the Last Dragon,” what does the Druun turn living things into?
Answer: Stone.

61. Who rescued Aladdin from his banishment by Jafar?
Answer: The magic carpet.

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