61 Interesting Relationship Facts that will Surprise you

Interesting Relationship Facts


Do you know that cuddling a loved one automatically releases a dose of oxytocin hormones which reduces stress and can also make pain wear out for over 4 hours? Relationships can sometimes be beneficial and likewise comes with their own downsides but can be fun and amazing. You will discover some surprising and mouthwatering relationships facts in this interesting content.

1. As the saying goes, opposite poles attract while like poles repel. It would interest you to know that couples who are very similar to each other are not likely to last.

2. Interestingly, it only takes just four minutes to like or dislike someone.

3. Research suggests that when two people who are romantically in love gaze at each other for at least three minutes, their heart rate surprisingly synchronizes.


4. It is believed that falling in love has similar effects to that of cocaine.

5. Cuddling a loved one automatically releases a dose of oxytocin hormones which reduces stress and can also make pain wear out for over 4 hours.

6. For people looking for long-term relationships, it is believed that they find an attractive face more appealing than a beautiful body.

7. When stressed out or in pain, holding a loved one hand magically relieves stress.

8. Being in a loving relationship equally improves the emotional and physical aspects of one’s life.

9. Being in love is one of the major reasons people get married according to a survey carried out by a Pew Research Center in America in 2013.

10. In the 1960s, the divorce rate was at 13% compared to a staggering increase of 23% by 2013.

11. The ingredient for a long-lasting relationship is believed to be honesty amongst couples.

12. Some might argue but long-distance relationship helps build trust and satisfaction between partners.

13. The best type of love is found in unexpected places, according to a survey carried out by HSBC, 1 in 50 travelers has surprisingly met their spouse or soulmate while onboard a plane.

14. Despite men being portrayed as the stronger gender, they actually fall in love and say the word “I Love You” faster than women.

15. Having a loved one by your side when sick or injured makes you heal twice as fast.

16. Couples who have a happy and healthy relationship/marriage tend to suffer less from High Blood Pressure.


17. Not that common but true love still exists as the longest marriage in the world lasted for a mouthwatering 86 years.

18. Love does make us do crazy things at times, a prisoner in Arizona named Joseph Andrew Dekenipp broke out of a cell just to meet his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

19. According to research conducted in America last year proved that online dating actually works with 12% of Americans amazingly found their partners or spouse on a dating site.

20. Kissing is often valued more by people in long-term relationships than short ones as they believe it helps to bond with each other.

21. Showing gratitude to a loved one can instantly make you happier.

22. Research suggests that on average, people fall in love up to seven times before getting married.

23. Heartbreak affects more women than men and the distress triggers the release of deadly chemicals that can weaken the heart and lead to shortness of breath.

24. Having butterflies in your tummy when you fall in love is real as it is caused by a rush of adrenaline.

25. Research shows that people with dilated pupils are believed to be more attractive.

26. Hypopituitarism is a rare condition that makes people unable to feel any form of romantic love. So don’t be stunned when people find it difficult to love in some relationships.

27. It would amaze you to know that looking at a loved one picture can help ease your pain.

28. According to research known as Personal Relationship, couples who usually laugh together tend to be more satisfied with each other.

29. Leaving love to chance per day stands at an odd of 1 in 562 while going out with friends often boosts the chances of finding love.

30. According to the US Census Bureau, 50% of Americans aged between 18 years and above were married in 2017, a figure down by 8% compared to 1990.

31. Interestingly, human sweats have been used to create love portions across different cultures in the world.

32. How gorgeous to know that a Jewish Rabbi invented speed dating in 1991.

33. It is believed that men who often kiss their partners in the morning tend to live five years longer.

34. Even though it’s very rare, the fear of falling in love is called Philophobia.

35. Across the world, over three million first dates occur per day. Check out more first-date facts here.

36. Astonishingly, there is a vigilante group in India called “Love Commandos” who often protect people from different castes who fall in love.

37. Monogamous relationships are not only exclusive to humans. Animals such as swans, Gibbons, Albatrosses, and termites often choose one mate for life.

38. Quite interesting to find out that couples who share the housework between themselves tend to have a great sex life.

39. On average, most couples don’t go for marriage counseling until after six years when the damage had already been done.

40. According to research carried out by marriage counselor John Gottman, one of the top predictors of divorce in marriages include contempt, stonewalling, being too defensive, and over-the-top criticism.

41. As crazy as it sounds, it is believed that divorce could be contagious up to about 75% amongst your social networks, friends, or families once one of them split up.

42. Unlike single folks, both married men and women have a five percent lower chance of cardiovascular disease.

43. It might sound funny but a little argument every now and then is surprisingly beneficial to any relationship as it serves as a form o check and balances.

44. Men actually benefit more from marriages as they tend to be healthier than single men.

45. According to various research, love evolves from “True Love” into the Committed love stage after the first year.

46. It would amuse you to know that the chances of a man falling in love with a woman in a dangerous state is quite higher than when in a normal state.

47. While women feel loved when talking face to face with their partners, men often feel loved when they talk or play side by side.

48. Astonishingly, men are more drawn into engaging deeper conversations with women putting on red than any other color.

49. On average, 23% of people who meet via online dating end up together.

50. Maybe soulmates don’t exist after all after a survey involving 52% of married women revealed that their husbands are not their soulmates.

51. On average, an individual will spend about 6.8% of their life with someone they love.

52. It is believed that a woman is more attracted to a man whose feelings for her are uncertain.

53. Quite interesting to know that when you become close to someone, you can surprisingly hear their voices in your head when you read their text.

54. It’s almost impossible to stay friends with someone you are in love with.

55. Crushing on someone only last for four months. Anything after that is considered as Love.

56. When a guy likes a girl, he can’t help but tell his friends about it.

57. According to research, when you are always the one to text a person first, there is a 90% chance that the person isn’t interested in you.

58. It is impossible to remain angry with someone you truly care about for more than three days.

59. Interestingly, the more you talk about someone, the deeper you fall in love with them.

60. Research suggests that men in their early twenties tend to suffer more emotional pain after a breakup than women.

61. Biologically, women’s tears have been proven to reduce testosterone and arousal levels in men.

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