61 Interesting TV Shows Trivia Questions and Answers Part 1.

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This TV Shows trivia questions and answers will feature the most popular, fascinating, and most talked about TV shows ever!

If you’re a real fan of “Breaking Bad”, “Grey’s Anatomy”,  “The Simpsons”, “Bridgerton”, “Sesame Street”, “and“Jeopardy”, then this quiz is your best spot to prove how much of a loyal fan you are. So hop on it!

1. Which member of The Beatles did Marge from “The Simpsons” have a crush on?
Answer: Ringo Starr.

2. What color of scrubs do the interns wear in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Light Blue.


3. Which set of people in “Grey’s Anatomy” wear the dark blue scrub?
Answer: The attendings.

4. In “Breaking Bad”, what is the name of the fast food restaurant run by drug kingpin Gus Fring as a front?
Answer: Los PollosHermanos.

5. Which member of “The Simpsons” has the highest IQ?
Answer: Maggie.

6. In “Breaking Bad”, what is the name of Walt’s brother-in-law who is a DEA agent?
Answer: Hank.

7. How many children does Lady Bridgerton have in the “Bridgerton” series?
Answer: 8.

8. Who is the first female Chief of Surgery in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Miranda Bailey.

9. What type of show is “Jeopardy”?
Answer: Quiz show.

10. In “Breaking Bad,” what medical diagnosis did Walt have that led him into becoming a criminal kingpin?
Answer: Lung Cancer.

11. Who is the youngest child of Lady Bridgerton?
Answer: Hyacinth.

12. Which medical condition does Christina have in Season 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Ectopic pregnancy.

13. What was the name of the hospital at the beginning of “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Seattle Grace Hospital.

14. What is the name of Apu’s wife in “The Simpsons”?
Answer: Manjula.

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15. Which two Muppets in “Sesame Street” share the same room?
Answer: Ernie and Beth.

16. In “The Simpsons”, who is the principal at Springfield Elementary School?
Answer: Seymour Skinner.


17. What is the final name of the hospital in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

18. What disease did Meredith Grey’s mother have in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Alzheimer’s.

19. Which “Bridgerton” son did Lady Whistledown often leave out when mentioning the eligible Bridgerton men in her column?
Answer: Gregory.

20. In “Sesame Street”, what is the name of the insect family that lives inside Ernie’s window box?
Answer: The Twiddlebugs.

21. In “Breaking Bad”, which area of science does Walt teach in school?
Answer: Chemistry.

22. In “Grey’s Anatomy”, what was the unrecognizable patient called?
Answer: John Doe.

23. What does UTOC mean in “Jeopardy”?
Answer: Ultimate Tournament of Champions.

24. In “Breaking Bad”, what type of drug does Walt manufacture and sell?
Answer: Crystal Meth.

25. In “Bridgerton”, who did Lady Whistledown turn out to be?
Answer: Penelope Featherington.

26. In “The Simpsons”, what was Homer’s name when he became a baseball mascot?
Answer: Dancing Homer.

27. In “Grey’s Anatomy”, where does Derek propose to Meredith?
Answer: In the elevator.

28. In “Bridgerton”, who discovered who Lady Whistledown truly was?
Answer: Colin.

29. What are the names of Ned Flanders’ sons in “The Simpsons”?
Answer: Rod and Todd.

30. Which former “Jeopardy” champion won the $2 million UTOC held in 2005?
Answer: Brad Rutter.

31. In “Sesame Street”, what is Bert’s favorite type of bird?
Answer: Pigeon.

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32. Which hospital does Seattle Grace merge with in Season 6 of “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Mercy West.

33. In “Breaking Bad,” which of Walt’s former students does he recruits to help him with his drug empire?
Answer: Jesse Pinkman.

34. What nickname do Meredith’s interns give her in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Medusa.

35. In “Breaking Bad,” what is the name of the company that was invented by combining the surnames of Elliot and Walter?
Answer: Grey Matter Technologies.

36. What are the names of the parents of the “Bridgerton” siblings?
Answer: Violet and Edmund.

37. In “The Simpsons,” what war did Grampa Simpson serve in?
Answer: World War II.

38. Who hosted “Jeopardy” before Alex Trebek?
Answer: Art Fleming.

39. Where does Oscar the Grouch live on “Sesame Street”?
Answer: In a trash can.

40. Which doctor in Season 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy” secretly lives in the hospital?
Answer: Callie.

41. In “The Simpsons”,  what nickname does Principal Skinner’s mother give him?
Answer: Spanky.

42. What is the name given to the team of people who have been hired to come up with new and interesting facts to be used on “Jeopardy”?
Answer: The Clue Crew.

43. In “Bridgerton,” who was the first Bridgerton sister to get married?
Answer: Daphne.

44. In “Breaking Bad”,  what famous scientist’s last name became Walter’s drug dealer name?
Answer: Heisenberg.

45. What is the name of the store on “Sesame Street?”
Answer: Mr. Hooper’s Store.

46. Which of the “Bridgerton” sisters got married twice?
Answer: Francesca.

47. Which member of “The Simpsons” family is a Buddhist?
Answer: Maggie.

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48. Who is Big Bird’s friend in the show “Sesame Street?”
Answer: Snuffy.

49. Who is Elliot’s wife in “Breaking Bad”?
Answer: Gretchen.

50. What is the name of the Duke of Hastings in “Bridgerton”?
Answer: Simon Basset.

51. Which character in “Breaking Bad” has kleptomania?
Answer: Marie.

52. In the “Jeopardy” show, how many wins does a contestant need to reach the Tournament of Champions?
Answer: 5.

53. Which “Bridgerton” spouse once worked for Lady Bridgerton as a lady’s maid?
Answer: Sophie.

54. What type of cancer was Izzie diagnosed within “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Skin Cancer.

55. How many seasons are there in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: 18.

56. In “Bridgerton”, how did Simon Basset’s mother die?
Answer: From birthing Simon.

57. What was the original name of the “Jeopardy” show when it was first created in 1964?
Answer: “What’s the Question”

58. In “Breaking Bad”, who replaces drug dealer Krazy-8 after he died in Season 1?
Answer: Tuco.

59. In “Jeopardy,” if you land on a “Daily Double” answer and you decide to bet all the money you have acquired, this move is known as?
Answer: A True Daily Double.

60. Who was the announcer of the “Jeopardy” show when Alex Trebek started?
Answer: Johnny Gilbert.

61. Who is Walt’s wife in “Breaking Bad”?
Answer: Skyler.

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