61 Interesting TV Shows Trivia Questions and Answers Part 1.

This TV Shows trivia questions and answers will feature the most popular, fascinating, and most talked about TV shows ever!

If you’re a real fan of “Breaking Bad”, “Grey’s Anatomy”,  “The Simpsons”, “Bridgerton”, “Sesame Street”, “and“Jeopardy”, then this quiz is your best spot to prove how much of a loyal fan you are. So hop on it!

1. Which member of The Beatles did Marge from “The Simpsons” have a crush on?
Answer: Ringo Starr.

2. What color of scrubs do the interns wear in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Light Blue.

3. Which set of people in “Grey’s Anatomy” wear the dark blue scrub?
Answer: The attendings.


4. In “Breaking Bad”, what is the name of the fast food restaurant run by drug kingpin Gus Fring as a front?
Answer: Los PollosHermanos.

5. Which member of “The Simpsons” has the highest IQ?
Answer: Maggie.

6. In “Breaking Bad”, what is the name of Walt’s brother-in-law who is a DEA agent?
Answer: Hank.

7. How many children does Lady Bridgerton have in the “Bridgerton” series?
Answer: 8.

8. Who is the first female Chief of Surgery in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Miranda Bailey.

9. What type of show is “Jeopardy”?
Answer: Quiz show.

10. In “Breaking Bad,” what medical diagnosis did Walt have that led him into becoming a criminal kingpin?
Answer: Lung Cancer.

11. Who is the youngest child of Lady Bridgerton?
Answer: Hyacinth.

12. Which medical condition does Christina have in Season 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Ectopic pregnancy.

13. What was the name of the hospital at the beginning of “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Seattle Grace Hospital.

14. What is the name of Apu’s wife in “The Simpsons”?
Answer: Manjula.

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15. Which two Muppets in “Sesame Street” share the same room?
Answer: Ernie and Beth.

16. In “The Simpsons”, who is the principal at Springfield Elementary School?
Answer: Seymour Skinner.


17. What is the final name of the hospital in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

18. What disease did Meredith Grey’s mother have in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Alzheimer’s.

19. Which “Bridgerton” son did Lady Whistledown often leave out when mentioning the eligible Bridgerton men in her column?
Answer: Gregory.

20. In “Sesame Street”, what is the name of the insect family that lives inside Ernie’s window box?
Answer: The Twiddlebugs.

21. In “Breaking Bad”, which area of science does Walt teach in school?
Answer: Chemistry.

22. In “Grey’s Anatomy”, what was the unrecognizable patient called?
Answer: John Doe.

23. What does UTOC mean in “Jeopardy”?
Answer: Ultimate Tournament of Champions.

24. In “Breaking Bad”, what type of drug does Walt manufacture and sell?
Answer: Crystal Meth.

25. In “Bridgerton”, who did Lady Whistledown turn out to be?
Answer: Penelope Featherington.

26. In “The Simpsons”, what was Homer’s name when he became a baseball mascot?
Answer: Dancing Homer.

27. In “Grey’s Anatomy”, where does Derek propose to Meredith?
Answer: In the elevator.

28. In “Bridgerton”, who discovered who Lady Whistledown truly was?
Answer: Colin.

29. What are the names of Ned Flanders’ sons in “The Simpsons”?
Answer: Rod and Todd.

30. Which former “Jeopardy” champion won the $2 million UTOC held in 2005?
Answer: Brad Rutter.

31. In “Sesame Street”, what is Bert’s favorite type of bird?
Answer: Pigeon.

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32. Which hospital does Seattle Grace merge with in Season 6 of “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Mercy West.

33. In “Breaking Bad,” which of Walt’s former students does he recruits to help him with his drug empire?
Answer: Jesse Pinkman.

34. What nickname do Meredith’s interns give her in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Medusa.

35. In “Breaking Bad,” what is the name of the company that was invented by combining the surnames of Elliot and Walter?
Answer: Grey Matter Technologies.

36. What are the names of the parents of the “Bridgerton” siblings?
Answer: Violet and Edmund.

37. In “The Simpsons,” what war did Grampa Simpson serve in?
Answer: World War II.

38. Who hosted “Jeopardy” before Alex Trebek?
Answer: Art Fleming.

39. Where does Oscar the Grouch live on “Sesame Street”?
Answer: In a trash can.

40. Which doctor in Season 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy” secretly lives in the hospital?
Answer: Callie.

41. In “The Simpsons”,  what nickname does Principal Skinner’s mother give him?
Answer: Spanky.

42. What is the name given to the team of people who have been hired to come up with new and interesting facts to be used on “Jeopardy”?
Answer: The Clue Crew.

43. In “Bridgerton,” who was the first Bridgerton sister to get married?
Answer: Daphne.

44. In “Breaking Bad”,  what famous scientist’s last name became Walter’s drug dealer name?
Answer: Heisenberg.

45. What is the name of the store on “Sesame Street?”
Answer: Mr. Hooper’s Store.

46. Which of the “Bridgerton” sisters got married twice?
Answer: Francesca.

47. Which member of “The Simpsons” family is a Buddhist?
Answer: Maggie.

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48. Who is Big Bird’s friend in the show “Sesame Street?”
Answer: Snuffy.

49. Who is Elliot’s wife in “Breaking Bad”?
Answer: Gretchen.

50. What is the name of the Duke of Hastings in “Bridgerton”?
Answer: Simon Basset.

51. Which character in “Breaking Bad” has kleptomania?
Answer: Marie.

52. In the “Jeopardy” show, how many wins does a contestant need to reach the Tournament of Champions?
Answer: 5.

53. Which “Bridgerton” spouse once worked for Lady Bridgerton as a lady’s maid?
Answer: Sophie.

54. What type of cancer was Izzie diagnosed within “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: Skin Cancer.

55. How many seasons are there in “Grey’s Anatomy”?
Answer: 18.

56. In “Bridgerton”, how did Simon Basset’s mother die?
Answer: From birthing Simon.

57. What was the original name of the “Jeopardy” show when it was first created in 1964?
Answer: “What’s the Question”

58. In “Breaking Bad”, who replaces drug dealer Krazy-8 after he died in Season 1?
Answer: Tuco.

59. In “Jeopardy,” if you land on a “Daily Double” answer and you decide to bet all the money you have acquired, this move is known as?
Answer: A True Daily Double.

60. Who was the announcer of the “Jeopardy” show when Alex Trebek started?
Answer: Johnny Gilbert.

61. Who is Walt’s wife in “Breaking Bad”?
Answer: Skyler.

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