61 Interesting TV Shows Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2

This TV Shows trivia questions and answers will feature the most popular, fascinating, and most talked about TV shows ever!

If you’re a real fan of “Game of Thrones”, “Family Guy”,  and “Avatar”, then this quiz is your best spot to prove how much of a loyal fan you are. So hop on it!

Game of Thrones Trivia Questions and Answers

1. How many Great Houses are there in Westeros?
Answer: Nine.

2. What is the name of the powerful leader of the House Targaryen?
Answer: Daenerys.

3. What House was Catelyn from before she joined the House of Stark?
Answer: House Tully.


4. The Lords of Arbor are from what House?
Answer: House Redwyne.

5. What is the largest castle in Westeros?
Answer: Herrenhal.

6. What clan is referred to as the ‘horselords’?
Answer: Dothraki.

7. What is the House Lannister motto?
Answer: “Hear Me Roar.”

8. What House rules the Kingdom of Stormlands?
Answer: House Durrandon.

9. What House rules The Reach?
Answer: House Tyrell.

10. How old was Bronn when he first killed someone?
Answer: 12.

11. What castle does House Bolton call their home?
Answer: The Dreadfort castle.

12. How many named castles did the Night’s Watch control?
Answer: Seven.

13. Which House has the motto ‘Fire and Blood’?
Answer: House Targaryen.

14. Which House is the royal house of Westeros?
Answer: House Baratheon.

15. What was the largest battle in the War of the Five Kings?
Answer: Battle of the Blackwater.

16. What house rules Dorne?
Answer: House Martell.

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17. Where was Daenerys Targaryen killed?
Answer: In the Iron Throne room.

Family Guy Trivia Questions and Answers

18. What is Griffin’s house address?
Answer: 31 Spooner Street.

19. Which character on the show went to Brown University?
Answer: Brian.

20. In which city is the show set in?
Answer: Quahog, Rhode Island.

21. Which Griffin child was born as a result of a broken condom?
Answer: Chris.

22. What is the name of the street where the Bundys live?
Answer: Jeopardy Lane.

23. What type of animal is Brian?
Answer: A dog.

24. Who is the Mayor of Quahog?
Answer: Mayor Adam West.

25. What Meg’s name on her birth certificate?
Answer: Megatron Griffin.

26. Who is the last child of the Griffins?
Answer: Stewie.

27. How many times did Opie win Employee of the Month?
Answer: Twenty times.

28. What are the names of Brian’s parents?
Answer: Biscuit and Coco.

“Married…With Children” Trivia Questions and Answers
29. What is the acronym for Al Bundy’s club?
Answer: NO MA’AM.

30. What is Al’s job?
Answer: Shoe salesman.

31. What is the name of NO MA’AM’s enemy club that is run by Marcy D’Arcy?
Answer: FANG.

32. What was the name of the Bundy’s first dog?
Answer: Buck.

33. What is the name of the mall where Al works?
Answer: New Market Mall.

34. Who is Peggy?
Answer: Al’s wife.

I Love Lucy Trivia Questions and Answers

35. What is Ricky’s Signature Song?
Answer: Babalu.

36. What is the name of the nightclub where Ricky worked at?
Answer: Tropicana Club.

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37. Who is Lucy married to?
Answer: Ricky Ricardo.

38. Who are the neighbors of the Ricardos?
Answer: Fred and Ethel Mertz.

39. Which university did Ricky attend?
Answer: University of Havana, Cuba.

40. How many children did Lucy and Ricky have on the show?
Answer: One.

41. Which American city do the Ricardos live in?
Answer: New York City.

“Everybody Loves Raymond” Trivia Questions and Answers
42. What is Ray’s surname?
Answer: Barone.

43. What are the names of Raymond’s parents?
Answer: Marie and Frank.

44. Who is the first person on the show to say the line, “Everybody Loves Raymond”?
Answer: Robert.

45. What comic book did Debra’s brother create?
Answer: Zombie Blood Chronicles.

46. In the “Halloween Candy” episode, what does Frank give out instead of candy?
Answer: Condoms.

47. What is Raymond’s job?
Answer: Sportswriter.

48. What did Raymond shove in his nose as a child?
Answer: Cocoa Puffs.

49. What did Debra and Raymond eat on their first date?
Answer: Lemon Chicken.

50. What is Robert Barone’s job?
Answer: Police Officer.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Trivia Questions and Answers

51. How many years was Aang imprisoned in the glacier?
Answer: 100.

52. What is Uncle Iroh’s favorite type of tea?
Answer: Ginseng Tea.

53. Which Avatar did Aang meet during the Winter Solstice?
Answer: Avatar Roku.

54. What name did Zukouse when he rescued Aang from prison?
Answer: The Blue Spirit.

55. Which Avatar was accused of murder on Avatar Day?
Answer: Avatar Kyoshi.

56. Who gave the order for Ozai’s firstborn son Zuko to be killed?
Answer: Fire Lord Azulon.

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57. What secret society is Iroh a member of?
Answer: The White Lotus.

58. Where do the Dai Li take people to get brainwashed?
Answer: Lake Laogai.

59. Who was the inventor of metal bending?
Answer: Toph.

60. What was the name of the Firebending from Zuko and Aang learned at the Sun Warrior Temple?
Answer: The Dancing Dragon.

61. What weapon does Sokka always carry around?
Answer: Boomerang.

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