61 London Interesting and Fun Facts

London Interesting and Fun Facts

London is the beautiful capital of England that has so many interesting histories which even date back to Roman times. Do you know that each train that operates in the London underground travels an equivalent of  4.5 times around the world? Are looking to know more about London? we have carefully complied this fact with lots of interesting things to discover about London.

London Fun Facts

1. London is one of the cities in the world that generates huge revenue from tourism.

2. Big Ben is not the name of London’s Tower, rather, the name is for the clock that is in the tower.

3. Surprisingly, London is the smallest city in England, with a population of about 8.7 million people.

4. London is filled with different historic and cultural destinations, it has about 170 museums.


5. The smallest statue I. The whole world is located in London, which is two mice, so small that you will need help to see where it is.

Great Fire Of London Facts

6. The place where the great fire of London originated was at a baker’s place in pudding lane.

7. The fire took about four days for it to be put out.

8. The ground was very hot after the fire that one could not walk on it and archaeologists suggest that in some places, it was about 1700°C hot.

9. Due to the lack of proper fire fighting tools at that time, it was naval officers that made use of gunpowder to blow up houses and stop the fire.

10. The date on which the fire started was on 2nd September 1666.

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Tower Of London Facts

Tower Of London Facts (Photo credit: top-facts.com)

11. The Tower of London is a fortress and a castle that is about 900 years old.

12. William the conqueror was the first person that built the first fortification of this tower.

13. The tower of London also served the purpose of prison, it was used to imprison disposed monarchs and sometimes, common prisoners.

14. The tower of London once served as a residence for the royals.

15. Inside the Tower of London, there are huge collections of Armour.

London Bridge Facts

London Tower Bridge (Photo Credit: vanguardngr.com)

16. It was with melted down canons that the lamps on the London Bridge are made from.


17. A lot of people who have visited London claim that the London Bridge is haunted due to strange sightings.

18. The London Bridge is known by some people as a movie star since it has been featured in so many movies such as the Day of the Wolves (1971).

19. Thousands of bats live in the hollows of the London Bridge.

London Underground Facts

20. London underground is not underground as only 45 percent is underground.

21. Each train that operates in the London underground travels about 114,400 miles annually, that’s around 4.5 times around the world.

22. Stats show that more than one billion journeys are made in the London underground every year.

23. Rats are not left out as more than 500,000 eats live inside this train tube.

24. Research shows that on average, a Londoner spends about 11.5 days on this train.

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London Zoo Facts

25. Although the number increases every day, there are currently more than 20,000 animals in the London zoo.

26. The money that is made by the London zoo is not by public funds, rather it is by donations made by its patrons.

27. There are about 700 species of animals in the London zoo.

28. Since it was established in 1826, the London zoo is the oldest zoo of its kind in the world.

29. Winnie Pooh’s story was inspired by the London zoo.

London Culture Facts

30. London is known to be rich in terms of culture and history and it has four UNESCO world heritage sites.

31. More than 300 different languages are spoken in London, making it a city with the most diverse language in the world.

32. London is also known for its festivals, as more than 197 festivals are celebrated there.

33. There are more than 22,000 musical performances that are held in London annually.

London Sewers Facts

34. Originally, before it was renovated, the London sewage emptied all of its waste in the River Thames.

35. Due to the terrible smell that the sewage system created, a call for renovation was heard by the government.

36. Before the London sewers were renovated, many people died from cholera due to the water that they drank from the Thames.

37. The new sewers that London makes use of cost the government about $5 million to build.

London Blitz Facts

38. Due to the London blitz, about 55,000 civilian casualties were recorded and also about 23,000 deaths.

39. Because of the London Blitz, about 180,000 people took refuge at the London underground.

40. For 57 consecutive nights, London was bombed.

41. Berlin lost about 60,000 of its population due to the bombing that was carried out by the allied forces after the war.

London History Facts

42. The identity of the most notorious serial killer that has ever been known in London, Jack the Ripper has never been found by the police.

43. The Great plague that also happened in London wiped out about a third of the population of Europe at that time.

44. Did you know that the Aldgate station has about 1000 bodies buried under it?

45. The Great Fire of London that happened on the 2nd of September 1666 took the lives of 6 people.

London Eye Interesting Facts

46. It is the tallest Ferris wheel at a height of 443 feet in the whole of Europe.

47. The London eye was not the first big wheel that was erected in London, as the Great wheel was there before it was created.

48. The London eye is so popular that more than 3.5 million people visit it every year.

49. Originally, the London eye was not supposed to be a permanent structure, rather a temporary one.

Victorian London Facts

50. Victorian London was the period that Queen Victoria ruled England, from 1837 to 1901.

51. It was the period that saw British expansion in science and also technology.

52. Another notable thing that happened during the Victorian era was that there was a very huge increase in the population.

53. It was in this era that London witnessed some of the famous murders carried out by Jack the Ripper.

Great Plague Of London Facts

54. More than 100,000 people died after the end of 1665.

55. It was during the summer of 1665 that this terrible plague started and spread across England.

56. Those that had this plague were left in their homes to die since it was highly communicable.

57. Households that had this disease were identified by keeping a red cross in front of their household.

Great Smog Of London Facts

58. The Great Smog of London is a pollution disaster that occurred in 1952.

59. The Great Smog of London disrupted many activities because it reduced visibility in London.

60. The Great Smog of London lasted for about 4 days, from 5th December to 9th December.

61. In the history of the United Kingdom, the Great Smog of London is the worst air pollution disaster.


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