62 Mind Blowing Unusual Human Psychological Facts


Human Psychological Facts


Do you know that when a person dies they have an estimated 7 minutes of brain activity left? Do you know that When crying tears of joy, the first tear is from the right eye while the reverse is the case when crying tears of sadness? Psychology is often regarded as a way of mind or behavior. Most times we wonder why people behave in a particular way or the other not having answers to them but in the article below, we will be sharing some mind-blowing unusual human psychological facts that will send shock waves down your spine:

1. Putting a pencil horizontally in your mouth can make your lips form a smiling shape, and trick your brain into thinking you are smiling. Research suggests that this can fool your brain into thinking you are smiling and the brain in turn will make you feel happier. Read More Here

2. On average, most humans have up to 3-5 close friends but they usually dislike one in their circle.


3. More than 90% of the time when people tell you they have a question for you, you unconsciously think of all the bad things you have done recently.

4. Men and women who share similar tastes in music tend to have a long-lasting relationship and communicate effectively.

5. Understanding sarcasm is pure genius and it makes people read other’s minds better.

6. Research suggests that people usually reply to text faster to someone they really like.

7. The excessive desire to remain in bed all day is called Clinomaina.

8. Want to become more creative? Play more video games.

9. Over 70% of the time, people often enjoy old songs more than new ones because of the memories they have attached to them.

10. Surprisingly, when a person dies they have an estimated 7 minutes of brain activity left. The mind often plays back the person’s memories in the form of a dream.

11. Psychology suggests that people tend to look up and their left side when they are lying.

12. It would intrigue you to know that the brain releases Oxytocin hormones (feel-good hormones) when two emotionally attached people kiss each other.

13. Women with a high intelligence quotient tend to struggle to find a mate than the ones with a low quotient.

14. On average, it will take someone an astonishing 66days to make something a habit.

15. When people look at someone they love, their eye pupils rise to a jaw-dropping 45%.

16. Most times when people don’t approve of your actions or decisions, you naturally become second-minded.


17. People who usually have a high sense of remorse are quick to identify the emotion or concern of others.

18. It is believed that individuals who have siblings tend to get along with others easily.

19. When crying tears of joy, the first tear is from the right eye while the reverse is the case when crying tears of sadness.

20. Hearing a negative thing about someone surprisingly damage about five good memories about them.

21. Eating foods without preservatives will astonishingly increase people’s intelligence quotient up to 14%.

22. Individuals who stay in a blue room are believed to be more productive.

23. It is believed that people tend to return missing wallets that contain the image of a child than adults.

24. Smart people are usually selective when it comes to picking their friends or mate.

25. Being alone is actually bad for our mental health.

26. People tend to be more creative at night than in the day.

27. When something bad happens, individuals are believed to blame others rather than take responsibility for their actions.

28. Shockingly, people within the age bracket of 18-33 have the highest percentage of depression in the world.

29. Despite men been tagged as Alpha most times, it would intrigue you to know that women have a higher threshold for pain than men.

30. Statistically, relationships between 16-28 years of age are believed to be last for a lifetime.

31. Emotional pain is often more remembered than actual pain in which affects people’s behavior.

32. Sounds unbelievable but our brain is doing more imaginative work while asleep.

33. Staying more optimistic in difficult situations prevents us from future illnesses or diseases.

34. Depression is often a function of our thoughts and assumptions creates issues that don’t exist.

35. The genre of music you listen to usually shapes the way you view the world.

36. Research suggests that our Phobias are naturally passed down from older generations through our DNA.

37. The brain goes through a period of physical discomfort when an individual’s proposal or action is rejected.

38. A hug that lasts more than twenty seconds triggers a hormone in the body that will make you trust the other person better.

39. About 6% of the population of the world suffers from a condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

40. Not only is water essential to life, but it also gives a calming effect at the sight of it.

41. The hypothalamus in the brain struggles to identify when we are sad or happy.

42. The human brain needs only 20 watts of power to run 100,000 times faster than the fastest supercomputer in the world that needs 24 watts of power.

43. It is believed that when you announce your goals to others, the chances of success reduces drastically.

44. The last person on your mind before you sleep is either responsible for your happiness or sadness.

45. It’s very much possible for people to die from Heart Break. It’s called Cardiomyopathy.

46. Sounds funny but about 90% of people often text things they can’t say in person.

47. Surprisingly, smarter people often underestimate themselves while ignorant people think they are very brilliant.

48. Money spent on experiences holds greater value than those spent frivolously.

49. Contrary to opinion, our hearts have nothing to do with being in love, it’s only a chemical reaction of the brain.

50. Research proves that it only takes 240 seconds to fall in love.

51. Strange but true, no one born blind has ever developed schizophrenia.

52. Ironically, comedians are actually suffering from depression than we think.

53. Astonishingly, when you have a crush on someone you find it difficult to lie to them.

54. Our mode of dressing is believed to be connected to our mood or thoughts.

55. People with low-self esteem tend to criticize others more often.

56. It would interest you to find out that the human brain can only remember three to four things at a time.

57. People who swear a lot are usually more honest and loyal to their friends.

58. Happiness is contagious and people are more drawn to you when u exhibit more often.

59. Sounds strange but smiling is actually better than wearing makeup.

60. The way a person treats someone who’s beneath them reveals their true character.

61. Marrying your best friend reduces the chances of getting a divorce by 70% and the marriage is more likely to last for a lifetime.

62. Writing down your goals or dreams increases the success rate.

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