64 Super Interesting Animal Facts -Part 2

Certainly, you may know some things about animals, but there are some facts about animals that you will discover in this article that will drop your jaw. I personally was surprised when I discovered most of them while researching this article. So relax, and uncover surprising animal facts that you can share will family and friends.  Also, check out 54 Super Interesting Animal Facts Part 1 and 81 Animal Trivia Questions and Answers.

1. If cats are able to put their rear end in your face, it means that they trust you.

2. Cats can beat the famous Usain Bolt in a 200-meter race as they can run to the speed of about 30 mph over short distances.

3. An elephant herd is headed by a female and not a male.


4. Elephants Can Communicate Via Vibrations that are known as rumbles.

5. Elephants earn a lot every day and Can Eat Up to 300 Lbs(136kg) of Food Every Day.

6. Elephants Have “Fingers” on Their Trunk for holding objects, African elephants have two while Asian elephants have one.

7. With an average height of 8 to 13 feet tall, Some African elephants can grow up to almost a story tall.

8. Giant pandas have a sixth finger that acts like a thumb.

9. Giant pandas have this strange habit of abandoning a child if she has twins.

10. Sloth bears make use of their lips like a vacuum to scup ants and termites.

11. The Polish Army in WW2 had a bear that carried shells to the frontline and was taught to salute.

12. There are some bears in Russia that have become addicted to sniffing Jet Fuel out of discarded barrels.

13. In Canada, residents sometimes leave their cars open to help someone escape in case there is a bear attack.

14. When faced with predators, zebras encircle an injured family member to protect it.

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15. Just like horses or donkeys, zebras usually sleep standing up.

16. Just like the human fingerprint, each zebra has a unique stripe pattern.

17. Zebras run in a zigzag pattern to prevent predators from catching up with them.


18. Ladybirds avoid being killed by predators by playing dead.

19. Butterflies taste the plants they want to lay their eggs on with their feet.

20. Some male stoneflies attract their female counterparts by doing push-ups.

21. Mosquitoes are more attracted to smelly feet, so keep your feet clean always.

22. An ant-eating assassin bug scares its predators away by piling its victims onto its body.

23. Grasshoppers have special organs that store energy which they use for jumping.

24. Caterpillars have a lot of eyes which can be up to twelve eyes.

25. Fruit flies were the first living creatures on earth that were sent into space.

26. The digestion of food in a sloth’s body is so slow that it takes 30 days for sloths to digest a leaf.

27. When Sloths are inside the water they can hold their breath for 40 minutes straight.

28. Sloths’ claws are so strong that they can grip trees even after death.

29. About one-third of a sloth’s body weight drops after it poops.

30. Bat-eared foxes make use of their five inches ears to listen for insects to eat.

31. Foxes are one of the few animals on earth that make use of the earth’s magnetic field. They use it to estimate the distance to their prey and make a more accurate pounce.

32. Male kangaroos impress their females by flexing their biceps(a muscle on the front part of the upper arm).

33. Kangaroos are able to produce two different types of milk at the same time, for their new horns and young ones.

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34. Female kangaroos have the ability to pause their pregnancies in times of drought or famine.

35. Kangaroos don’t sweat and they keep cool by rubbing their saliva on their body.

36. Kangaroos are one of the few animals that can’t move backward.

37. Kangaroos are left-handed and the majority of their activities are done with their left hand.

38. Because they don’t have furs around their body, the hippopotamus secretes some natural chemicals to protect their bare skin from the tropical sun.

39. Most spiders eat their old web before starting a new one and they build new webs every day.

40. Spiders don’t usually eat their prey, they put chemicals into their prey to turn the body into a liquid.

41. There are some lizard species that can run backward with great speed.

42. Some species of lizards have a good vision that they can see ultraviolet (invisible light) light.

43. The tongues of some lizards are 1.5 to 2 times longer than their bodies.

44. When there is a shortage of water in their habitat, lizards save water in their body and excrete only salts.

45. There are some species of lizards that squirt blood from their eyes when they face predators.

46. Rabbits don’t blink their eyes that much as they only blink 10 times an hour.

47. Rabbits are able to sleep with their eyes open to look out for predators.

48. Rabbits can rotate their ears 180 degrees to locate where a sound is coming from.

49. Crocodiles have the ability to hold their breath underwater for about an hour.

50. Crocodiles swallow small stones to help to enhance digestion.

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51. Crocodiles grow a lot of teeth and can grow up to 4,000 teeth in their life.

52. The heart of a giraffe is very large in that it is two feet long and weighs up to 25 pounds.

53. Giraffes require over 75 pounds of food a day and spend almost a greater part of the day eating.

54. Giraffes usually stay upright while sleeping to prevent predators from catching up with them.

55. Female giraffes have the habit of returning to where they were born to give birth.

56. Wolves are fond of killing old, sick, or weak animals instead of killing agile and big ones.

57. The howl of a single wolf is so loud that it can be heard up to ten kilometers.

58. The hearing capacity of a wolf is twenty times better than a human being.

59. There are some species of butterflies that don’t eat anything as adults and depend on what they ate as caterpillars to survive.

60. The favorite way pigs like to sleep with their family members is nose to nose.

61. Pigs are very intelligent, more than dogs, and can remember things for years and years.

62. Piglets are super smart animals and can be trained to learn their names at just two weeks old.

63. Mother pigs have been known to do some kind of singing while they nurse their young.

64. Pigs are so brilliant that they designate a spot far away from their living and feeding areas as their toilet.

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