70 Interesting General Trivia Quiz of The Day

Ready to have some fun answering trivia questions and uncovering new fascinating facts? Try this; What type of very intelligent fish sleeps with one eye open? We created this interesting trivia game to help you test your knowledge on different interesting topics like nature, culture, religion, food, geography, movies, books, brands, and more. I have also included the answer to every question after the question for essay access. Trust me, you will appreciate every moment you spent on this trivia. Let’s get started. Download 200 Interesting General Trivia Questions and Answers pdf for Free.

1. What is the capital of Canada? Answer: Ottawa

2. Is gifting pointed and sharp gifts considered right or wrong in the Netherlands? Answer: wrong

3. The first underground railway was built in which year? Answer: 1863

4. “Chicken Parmigiana” is made from which chicken part? Answer: Breast


5. What is another name for the country the Netherlands? Answer: Holland

6. Dolphins travel in family groups called what? Answer: Pods

7. What was the name of the first film in the Harry Potter series? Answer: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

8. What is the name of Anne Frank’s book where Anne Frank and her family hid from Nazis? Answer: The Diary of a Young Girl

9. What name do Muslims call God? Answer: Allah

10. How many islands are in the Caribbean? Answer: over 700

11. The Island of Marajo is located in which country? Answer: Brazil

12. The world’s largest hydroelectric dam in China is located in which river? Answer: the Yangtze River

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13. What is the capital of Scotland? Answer: Edinburgh

14. What is the name of Captain Ahab’s ship in the novel “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville? Answer: vessel Pequod

15. The airport code for Los Angeles Airport is? Answer: LAX

16. Who gained after having his soul trapped within a painting in a novel written by Oscar Wilde in 1890? Answer: Dorian Gray

17. Chateaubriand is a cut of which meat? Answer: Fillet


18. Diesel engine was first introduced in which year? Answer: 1890

19. In Which country was french fries invented? Answer: Belgium

20. Which country did Taoism originate from? Answer: China

21. The British do not like talking about their private life, True or False? Answer: True

22. What are the colors of the Poland flag? Answer: white and red.

23. What type of pie is the most popular in the US? Answer: Apple Pie

24. Which country has the largest salt flats in the world? Answer: Bolivia

25. The first car to go more than 100 bhp was? Answer: SSC Ultimate Aero

26. What is AT&T in full? Answer: American Telephone and Telegraph

27. What business is Allianz company famous for? Answer: Insurance and asset management

28. The first Civilization to create the bireme oared ship was? Answer: Phoenicians

29. What is the capital of Germany Answer: Berlin

30. How many lines does a Japanese Haiku poem have? Answer: Three.

31. Name the U.S. states where coffee beans are grown? Answer: Hawaii and California

32. In Japan, it is custom to serve the younger first before the elderly when eating, True or False? Answer: False. It is custom to serve the elderly first.

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33. Which country produces the most soccer balls in the world? Answer: Pakistan

34. What is the deepest river in the world? Answer: Congo River

35. What is pig meat called? Answer: pork

36. Who is the author of the book “The Time Machine”? Answer: H G Wells

37. Are Dolphins solitary or social animals? Answer: social

38. In France, what number is the “OK” finger sign read as? Answer: Zero

39. Which U.S. state does the Mississippi River originate from? Answer: Minnesota.

40. Where did the Rastafari religion Begin? Answer: Jamaica

41. People in Thailand eat mostly with a spoon in the right hand and ______in the left? Answer: Fork

42. The world’s oldest airline is? Answer: KLM

43. How many European countries were named after a river? Answer: 2

44. Name the 2 founders of Microsoft Answer: Bill Gates and Paul Allen

45. How many taste buds do Catfish have? Answer: More than 27,000

46. What is the most expensive cut of beef in the world? Answer: Wagyu beef

47. What is the official language of Israel? Answer: Hebrew

48. What is the slogan for apple? Answer: “Think different”

49. Which pizza topping is most commonly used? Answer: Pepperoni

50. What is another name for fish eggs? Answer: Roe

51. What type of very intelligent fish sleeps with one eye open? Answer: Dolphin.

52. Which river was Nigeria named after? Answer: Niger

53. Consuming too much meat may increase the risk of which diseases? Answer: Gout

54. Christmas Island is nearest to which country? Answer: Indonesia

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55. The European perch is the national dish of which country? Answer: Finland

56. Which river connects Lake Ngardok with the sea? Answer: The Ngerdorch River

57. Which fast-food chain has the most locations in the world? Answer: Subway

58. What country has pyramids older than Egypt? Answer: Sudan

59. Chocolate chip cookies were invented in which year? Answer: 1938

60. What are the citizens of Norway called? Answer: Norwegians

61. Which country is known as “The Cockpit of Europe”? Answer: Belgium

62. Most fish release their nitrogenous wastes as what chemical? Answer: Ammonia.

63. Which year was amazon founded? Answer: 1994

64. What is the official language of Brazil? Answer: Portuguese

65. The island of Madeira is located in which country? Answer: Portugal

66. What will the French do to their glass before alternating from red to white wine? Answer: wash or clean

67. Which is the slowest fish in the world? Answer: Dwarf seahorse

68. A fish that remove the dead skin of other fish is called what? Answer: a cleaner fish

69. What is the largest island in the world? Answer: Greenland

70. How many countries does South Africa share a border with? Answer: 6

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