71 Fun Brand Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you looking to discover and learn interesting stuff about different brands and companies? We got you, as we have carefully complied interesting and error-free brand trivia questions and answers. In this post, you will find a super fun brand quiz for your next trivia night with friends and family.

You will certainly answer some questions in this trivia game, but for the ones you can’t answer, that will be an opportunity to learn. So relax and enjoy the game.

1. Apple’s iPad retina display is manufactured by?
Answer: Samsung

2. In 2009, Exxon made how much profit?
Answer: $19 billion

3. How much time does it take an average McDonald’s employee to earn what a CEO makes in an hour?
Answer: 7 months


4. How many percent of the earth’s wood supply is used by IKEA?
Answer: 1%

5. The inventor of the Chocolate Chip Cookie sold the idea to?
Answer: Nestle Toll House

6. What was the original color of Coca-Cola?
Answer: green

7. How many razors did Gillette sell in their first year?
Answer: 168

8. 7-up was invented by?
Answer: Leiper Grigg

9. What Is the fraction of babies that are born in IKEA beds?
Answer: 1/10

10. Worldwide sales of cocaine earn more than Mcdonald, Kellogg, and Microsoft combined, true or false?
Answer: true

11. Baskin Robbins once made ketchup-flavored ice cream, true or false?
Answer: true

12. The first mass-market color digital camera was made by?
Answer: Apple

13. The Apple I co how much?
Answer: $666.66

14. The largest retail chain in the world is?
Answer: Eleven

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15. Porsche also builds tractors, true or false?
Answer: true

16. The most played board game in the world is?
Answer: Monopoly


17. The first Apple logo featured who?
Answer: Isaac Newton

18. The farthest away you can be from a McDonald’s in the United States is?
Answer: 107 miles

19. Coca-Cola would be green if what wasn’t added?
Answer: coloring

20. The first international hotel chain was?
Answer: Hilton

21. The first MTV video played was made by who?
Answer: The Buggles

22. Coca-Cola didn’t originally contain cocaine, true or false?
Answer: false

23. M&M stands for the initials of which people?
Answer: The inventors

24. The first credit card was that of?
Answer: Dinner’s Club

25. Nintendo first produced what?
Answer: cards

26. MasterCard was originally called what?
Answer: MasterCharge

27. Pepsi cola was invented in?
Answer: 1890

28. Pepsi cola was originally known as?
Answer: Brad’s Drink

29. How many percent of McDonald’s profits come from Happy Meals?
Answer: 40%

30. Who invented Pepsi cola?
Answer: Caleb Bradham

31. How many stars are there in Paramount?
Answer: 22

32. The 57 on the Heinz Ketchup bottle represents what?
Answer: The varieties of pickles the companies once had

33. The first Lifesaver flavor was what?
Answer: peppermint

34. The first Burger King opened in which year?
Answer: 1954

35. The first Burger King opened in which city?
Answer: Florida

36. The aircraft carrier QANTAS is of which nationality?
Answer: Australia

37. QANTAS stands for what?
Answer: Queensland And Northern Aerial Service

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38. The L in L.L Bean stands for?
Answer: Leon

39. The first Ford Cars had what type of engines?
Answer: Dodge Engines

40. Costo has never changed the price of their hot dog and soda combo in how many years?
Answer: 28 years

41. The VHS system was introduced in which year?
Answer: 1976

42. Which company introduced the VHS system?
Answer: JVC

43. JVC is which country’s company?
Answer: Japanese company

44. Pepsi originally contained pepsin, true or false?
Answer: true

45. The WD in WD-40 stands for what?
Answer: water displacer

46. Lonely planet for travelers is based in which place?
Answer: Melbourne Australia

47. The first drug that was sold as a water tablet was?
Answer: aspirin

48. Google handles appropriately how many searches per day?
Answer: over 1 billion

49. Ice Tea was introduced in which year?
Answer: 1904

50. The city with the most Rolls Royce is?
Answer: Hong Kong

51. The owner of Facebook suffers from color blindness?
Answer: red-green color blindness

52. Candy Crush brings what amount of revenue a day?
Answer: more than $633,000

53. Google was initially called what?
Answer: BackRub

54. Larry Page is one of the co-founders of which brand?
Answer: Google

55. Nike was named after who?
Answer: Greek goddess of victory

56. The word LEGO comes from?
Answer: a Danish word “Leg Godt”

57. Nokia started its journey as what?
Answer: a wood mill

58. What does Volkswagen mean in German?
Answer: peoples car

59. The key ingredient of the Absolut Vodka is?
Answer: two pounds of winter wheat

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60. The McDonald’s outlet near Buckingham Palace is owned by who?
Answer: Queen of England

61. Siri is synonymous with which brand?
Answer: Apple

62. How many hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute?
Answer: more than 300 hours

63. The Twitter bird is called what?
Answer: Lary

64. The CIA reads how many tweets every day?
Answer: more than 5 million tweets

65. When did Microsoft acquire Skype?
Answer: 2011

66. How much did Microsoft pay for Skype?
Answer: $8 million

67. The original Amazon was called?
Answer: Cadabra, Inc.

68. The original name of BARBIE was?
Answer: Barbara Millicent Roberts

69. Adobe is named after?
Answer: River Adobe creek

70. When did Netflix start offering subscription-based DVD service?
Answer: 1999

71. LinkedIn has how many customers?
Answer: more than 700 million users

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