71 Fun Family Trivia Questions And Answers

Boost your family’s unity and give your family hours of stimulating entertainment with interesting and fun family trivia questions and answers. We have created this trivia quiz around holidays, mothers, fathers, kids’ questions, and extended family.

This fun family trivia questions and answers can be played on your family game night or when traveling in the car with your family, or at a gathering of family and friends.

1. The first country that celebrated mothers day as an official holiday?
Answer: England

2. Which type of family consists of husband, wife, and children?
Answer: nuclear family

3. What does a red rose signify on Father’s day?
Answer: A living father


4. A family with more than two wives is?
Answer: a polygamous family

5. Which year did America recognize mothers day as an official holiday?
Answer: 1914

6. Which plant is the fastest growing plant?
Answer: Bamboo

7. In England, mother’s day is also known as?
Answer: mothering Sunday

8. In the United States, which month has the highest birth month?
Answer: August

9. When is fathers day celebrated?
Answer: The third Sunday of June

10. In which year was the first father’s day celebrated?
Answer: 1910

11. Which place was the first father’s day celebrated?
Answer: Washington

12. Who is credited for founding fathers’ day?
Answer: Sonora Smart

13. How many legs does a spider have?
Answer: eight

14. What Is the color of an emerald?
Answer: green

15. Which place can a family go to see animals?
Answer: zoo

16. What colors are the stars in the American flag?
Answer: white


17. How many planets are there in the solar system?
Answer: eight

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18. Which fruits do kids traditionally give to teachers?
Answer: an apple

19. Can you name Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?
Answer: Minnie Mouse

20. The state that is famous for Hollywood is?
Answer: California

21. What do bees make?
Answer: honey

22. Which month are babies born the most in the UK?
Answer: September

23. Who is the first mother according to the bible?
Answer: Eve

24. The celebration of the mother can be traced to where?
Answer: ancient Greece

25. Which day had the highest birth rate in the US?
Answer: Tuesday

26. Which President proclaimed the celebration of fathers day?
Answer: Lyndon Johnson

27. Father’s day ranks in what position according to Hallmark’s data of the most sold cards?
Answer: 5th

28. Which item do fathers receive the most during fathers day?
Answer: necktie

29. Stevie Wonder sang which song for his newborn daughter?
Answer: Isn’t she lovely

30. The average age for first-time fathers in the US is?
Answer: 30.9 years

31. Another name for Santa Claus is?
Answer: Father Christmas

32. What type of cat is considered bad luck?
Answer: black cats

33. Who wrote hamlet?
Answer: William Shakespeare

34. The fastest land animal is?
Answer: cheetah

35. On the farm, what is a kid?
Answer: a baby goat

36. What color are smurfs?
Answer: blue

37. Batman’s crime-fighting partner is?
Answer: Robin

38. Single fathers in the United States are estimated to be how many in number?
Answer: 2 million

39. Which famous cartoon character was created by a father to his son?
Answer: Winnie the Pooh

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40. Which Catholic feast is for honoring fathers?
Answer: Saint Joseph’s day

41. Who is known for eating his own children in Greek mythology?
Answer: Kronos

42. The odds of a woman giving birth to twins are?
Answer: 1 in 33

43. Which state in the US is known as “The mother of presidents”?
Answer: Virginia

44. The average pregnancy lasts for how many weeks?
Answer: 40 weeks

45. Your father’s or mother’s brother is your what?
Answer: uncle

46. Your fathers or mother’s sister is your what?
Answer: aunt

47. The child of your aunt or uncle is your what?
Answer: cousin

48. The father of your grandfather is your what?
Answer: great grandfather

49. Who did Will Smith call uncle in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
Answer: Philip Banks

50. The state in the US that is the first to celebrate mother’s day is?
Answer: West Virginia

51. The son of your sister is your what?
Answer: nephew

52. The daughter of your sister or brother is your what?
Answer: niece

53. The only fruit that has seeds on the outside is?
Answer: Strawberries

54. Made of almond paste, which cake is traditionally for mothers day?
Answer: simnel cake

55. Which woman started the tradition of mothers day in the US?
Answer: Anna Jarvis

56. The oldest recorded first-time mother gave birth at what age?
Answer: 74 years

57. The tallest tree in the world is?
Answer: California redwoods

58. In which industry is mother’s day the busiest?
Answer: restaurant

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59. If your father should remarry, what is his wife to you?
Answer: stepmother

60. If your mom should remarry, what is her husband to you?
Answer: step father

61. When a child is adopted, is he legally a son or daughter to the person that adopted him or her?
Answer: yes

62. A family that consists of parents, children, aunt, uncle, and other relatives is of what type?
Answer: extended family

63. Which American president made fathers day a federal holiday?
Answer: Richard Nixon

64. How many years did it take for fathers day to become a public holiday after mother’s day in the US?
Answer: 58 years

65. Peter Griffin is among the characters in the popular comedy show “Family Guy”, true or false?
Answer: true

66. Which marine animal father is known to become pregnant and give birth to children?
Answer: seahorse

67. The most purchased gift for mothers day is?
Answer: greeting cards

68. Who is the mother gods in Greek mythology?
Answer: Rhea

69. Which popular British girl pop band sang “Mama”?
Answer: Spice girls

70. The highest number of children born to one mother is?
Answer: 69

71. Which type of fish father keeps eggs in his mouth until they hatch?
Answer: catfish

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