71 Fun Gun Trivia Questions and Answers

When being brought up, guns and weapons are not the most suitable topics for most people. But you know, there is a whole to explore and discover about this weapon. Outside of disease, firearms are in fact, the second-largest cause of death worldwide after road accidents.

In these Gun Trivia below, you will see the latest gun violence statistics, gun specifications and components, gun facts and specific events that have gone down in history. If you are a gun enthusiast and think that you are a pro that know so much about guns or you are one of the many others who need an insight on what there is to know about guns, our trivia quiz is for you to take!

1. A device that attaches to the barrel of a gun to reduce noise and flash generated when firing it is called a what?
Answer: Silencer.

2. The Nazis created a weapon, and it is the largest gun ever built weighing over 1300 tons and capable of accurately hitting a target 23 miles away. What is this gun called?
Answer: The Gustav Gun.

3. A hand gun that has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers for bullets and a barrel is known as?
Answer: A Revolver.


4. Which city in Georgia has a law that every head of household must own a gun?
Answer: Kennesaw.

5. The revolver gun was first created by a 16-year-old. What was his name?
Answer: Samuel Colt.

6. What type of gun is designed to rapidly fire bullets from an ammunition belt or magazine at speeds of hundreds of rounds per minute?
Answer: Machine gun.

7. As gun technology developed, the proportion of what ingredient in the propellant was increased to obtain the most explosive power?
Answer: Saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate).

8. In the United States, the law allowing the use of deadly force with a firearm to defend oneself from severe physical harm or possible death is known as?
Answer: Stand Your Ground law.

9. A firearms malfunction where a fired bullet does not have enough force for it to exit the barrel, so it gets stuck in the barrel is called a what?
Answer: Squib.

10. Guns first appeared in what country around 1000AD?
Answer: China

11. This pistol won’t fire unless a radio-signal watch is located within 40 cm of the pistol, and the watch won’t activate unless a finger print and a PIN code are entered into it.What is this pistil called?
Answer: The Armatix Smart System iP1.

12. Before his now famous Walther PPK, what gun did James Bond originally use?
Answer: A Beretta 418.

13. At 19, this US Marine ran 100 yards in advance of the front line and attacked an enemy machine-gun nest, killed the gunner with a grenade, shot another man with his pistol, and returned with 8 prisoners. Who is he?
Answer: John Kelly.

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14. Which famous Spanish artist used to carry a revolver loaded with blanks,that he used to shoot at people who struck him as overly dull?
Answer: Pablo Picasso.

15. Owning almost half of all firearms globally, at around 45%, which country is the leading country with gun ownerships?
Answer: USA.

16. In what year did the US witness more gun deaths than any other year in more than two decades?
Answer: 2017.


17. What is the approximate number of firearms purchased by Americans in 2020?
Answer: 17 million.

18. For purposes of gun safety, access to a functioning firearm can be prevented by keeping the firearm in what condition?
Answer: Disassembled.

19. In a bullet, a metal covering, usually copper, wrapped around a lead core is called?

20. Smoothbore, large caliber weapons using ball-shaped ammunition fired at relatively low velocity are called?
Answer: Muskets.

21. What are the three groups of firearms?
Answer: Handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

22. A mechanical malfunction of a gun is typically called what?
Answer: Jam.

23. When a firearm is discharged it emits a very loud noise that can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage. What is this ear damage called?
Answer: Tinnitus.

24. Oftentimes, guns will discharge if dropped. True or False?
Answer: True.

25. Which US state has the most concealed carry permits at over 1.7 million?
Answer: Florida.

26. In 35 US states and the District of Columbia, what is the minimum age to conceal carry?
Answer: 21.

27. A tool used to clean the barrel of a gun is called?
Answer: Bore snake.

28. A bullet designed to expand on impact is often called?
Answer: Dum-dum.

29. The assault rifle became the military’s standard rifle during which war?
Answer: The Vietnam War.

30. This type of gun was used by riflemen in 1776 to fire roughly three shots per minute during the American Revolution. What are these guns called?
Answer: Flintlock muskets.

31. Which gun act implemented a five-day waiting period before an unlicensed person could purchase a gun so the FBI can perform a background check?
Answer:The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993.

32. There are 2000 – 5200 Gun Show Exhibitions in the United States each year. True or False?
Answer: True.

33. This gun was used during WW1, and was so powerful that troops had to move 300 yards away and put cotton wads in their ears, eyes, and nose, as well as open their mouths so that their eardrums weren’t burst by the blast pressure. What gun is this?
Answer: Big Bertha

34. When firing a machine gun,the trigger is to be held up. True or False?
Answer: False.

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35. What were assault rifles called when they were first introduced during World War II by the Germans?
Answer: The StG44.

36. Which gun legislation was the first to prohibit the sale of guns to certain groups, including convicted felons, minors, and the mentally unstable?
Answer: The Gun Control Act of 1968.

37. Who is the 18-year old who in 2009 Kashmir, when she saw her parents being beaten as part of a forced marriage proposal by a militia commander, she killed one militant with an ax, gunned the commander down, then started a 4-hour gun battle with the militia?
Answer: RukhsanaKauser.

38. How many trigger pulls does semi-automatic firearms require per round fired?
Answer: One.

39. Some models of grenade launchers, shotguns, and rifles may also have a revolving chamber. True or False?
Answer: True.

40. In gunpowder, what is the role of the saltpeter?
Answer: The oxidizer.

41. What is the name of the Mafia capo who was recruited by the FBI to help find the bodies of three civil rights workers?
Answer: Gregory Scarpa.

42. In March 1934, an American gangster escaped from jail with a wooden pistol. He used the fake weapon to intimidate 33 people before getting a real machine gun. “Ha, ha, ha! And I did all this with a wooden gun!” he bragged while leaving. Who is he?
Answer: John Dillinger.

43. Which 15th century empire used firearms as part of its infantry?
Answer: Ottoman.

44. The company Daisy Outdoor Products sold windmills and gave a complimentary gun with every purchase. Theseguns became so popular that the company stopped selling windmills and started selling the complimentary guns instead. What was the name of the complimentary guns they sold?
Answer: BB guns.

45. The difference between machine guns and auto cannons is the diameter of the projectiles, with auto cannons using calibers larger than what diameter?
Answer: 16 mm.

46. In what war was the Gatling gun introduced?
Answer: American Civil War in the 1860s.

47. An early type of gun, with a black-powder–filled tube attached to the end of a spear was used as a flamethrower. What was it called?
Answer: A fire lance.

48. The three basic parts of a gun are a barrel made of metal, gunpowder, and what else?
Answer: Projectile.

49. How many chambers did early revolvers have in their cylinder?
Answer: 6.

50. You cannot shoot a gun in space. Is this statement true or false?
Answer: False.

51. In what century were guns introduced to Europe?
Answer: 13th century.

52. Gunpowder, also known as black powder, is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and what?
Answer: Potassium nitrate (saltpeter).

53. What is the major cause of gun deaths in the United States,with a high rate of 61%?
Answer: Suicide.

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54. A failure to fire, a delayed fire, or an incomplete discharge in gun safety is called?
Answer: A misfire.

55. When discharged, a firearm can emit hot gases, powder, and what other thing?
Answer: High velocity debris.

56. If people weren’t allowed to have guns, the amount of violent crime would decrease. True or False?
Answer: False.

57. Regardless of the prohibition of ownership of handguns, there is still over 2,000 violent crimes per 100,000 people in this country. In fact, it is the most violent country in the European Union. Which country is this?
Answer: UK.

58. The first cartridge revolvers were produced around 1856 by what company?
Answer: Smith & Wesson.

59. The part of gun used to prevent the trigger from being pulled on a gun is called?
Answer: Trigger lock.

60. The U.S. 5″/54 caliber Mark 45 gun can fire 20 rounds per minute with a range of how many miles?
Answer: 20 miles.

61. Established in 1526 in Brescia, Italy, which company is the oldest gun company in the world?
Answer: Beretta

62. Who is the man credited with designing the M1911 handgun, the M2 50 caliber machine gun, the BAR automatic rifle, the 1887 lever action shotgun, the Auto 5 semi-auto shotgun, the Winchester 1894 lever action rifle, amongst many other designs and calibers?
Answer: John Moses Browning.

63. Which competitions start with a gunshot?
Answer: Athletics.

64. What is the most popular gun in the US?
Answer: The AR- 15.

65. How many guns are there in the world?
Answer: Over 1 billion.

66. Which gun type was highly popular amongst Western settlers and was also known as “The Gun that Won the West”?
Answer: Winchester brand repeater.

67. Which Winchester model was introduced to celebrate the American Centennial, and earned a reputation as a durable and powerful hunting rifle?
Answer: Model 1876.

68. There is one major reason that accounts for the ownership of guns by 67% of the American populace. What is that?
Answer: Protection.

69. The deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history occurred in 2017. Where did it take place?
Answer: At the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas

70. This weapon was usedin the early 1900s by French gangsters. It functioned as a revolver, a knife, and brass knuckles. What was it called?
Answer: Apache Revolver.

71. What is it called when a semiautomatic weapon recoil causes rapid succession fire?
Answer: Bump-firing.

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