71 Fun Human Body Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

How well do your kids know about the human body? How many of these interesting human body trivia questions can there answer? These kid-friendly trivia questions will not only teach kids about the human body but also entertain them as there are fascinating facts for kids to uncover.

If you’re looking to familiarize your kids with the basic knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, from organs and joints to bones and systems, this trivia quiz is your best spot.

1. How many times in a day should you brush your teeth?
Answer: At least twice.

2. What internal body part carries out the primary function of transporting food from the mouth to the stomach?
Answer: The esophagus.

3. What number of teeth does an adult human have?
Answer: 36.


4. How many muscles are there in the body?
Answer: 650.

5. What is another name used to refer to the shoulder blade?
Answer: Scapula.

6. What is the largest internal organ of the human body?
Answer: The Liver.

7. What part of the lungs is the basic unit of respiration?
Answer: The Diaphragm.

8. What organ of the body stores urine?
Answer: The bladder.

9. To the nearest degree centigrade, what is the average temperature of a healthy human?
Answer: 37 degrees centigrade.

10. What is the common name for ‘clavicle’?
Answer: Collar bone.

11. What are the four main blood groups defined by the ABO system?
Answer: A, AB, B, and O.

12. Which part of the body has the most bones?
Answer: The hand.

13. Which organ in the body produces insulin?
Answer: The pancreas.

14. What are the two largest bones in the human body?
Answer: Femur and Tibia.

15. What is another name for ‘mastication’ and what part of the body is involved in the act?
Answer: Chewing; the mouth.

16. What part of the body will you find the bone called ‘talus’?
Answer: The ankle joint.

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17. What are the only two colors that newborn babies can see when they are born?
Answer: Black and White.

18. The connectors that attach muscles to the skeleton are called what?
Answer: Tendons.

19. While babies are born with 305 bones in the body, how many bones do adults have?
Answer: 206.

20. The type of cancer that affects the blood cells is known as?
Answer: Leukemia.

21. Which part of the digestive system absorbs nutrients into the bloodstream?
Answer: The small intestine.

22. What part of the human body is Mandible?
Answer: Lower Jaw.

23. The shiny white surface of the teeth is known as?
Answer: Enamel.

24. Which organ in the body pumps blood to the other parts of the body?
Answer: The Heart.

25. While the lungs expand when we inhale (breath in), what happens when we exhale (breath out)?
Answer: The lungs contract.

26. The cerebrum, cerebellum, and medulla are all parts of which organ in the human body?
Answer: The brain.

27. Which protein-iron compound gives blood its red color and transports oxygen around the body?
Answer: Hemoglobin.

28. Which type of blood cells help our bodies to fight infection?
Answer: White blood cells.

29. The state of inflammation of the appendix is known as?
Answer: Appendicitis.

30. The ‘rotator cuff’ is a group of muscles and tendons found in which part of the body?
Answer: The shoulder.

31. The flow of blood from the heart to the different parts of the body is known as?
Answer: Pulmonary Circulation.

32. What does DNA stand for?
Answer: Deoxyribonucleic Acid?

33. Which hormone regulates blood sugar levels in the body?
Answer: Insulin.

34. The buccal cavity (oral cavity) and the nasal passage opens into which organ?
Answer: The Pharynx.

35. The formation of new blood vessels in the body is called?
Answer: Angiogenesis.

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36. Which organ is responsible for removing waste in the body?
Answer: The Kidney.

37. The short bands of tough fibrous connective tissue that function to connect one bone to another, forming the joint is called what?
Answer: Ligaments.

38. Which body part contains the smallest muscles in the body alongside the smallest bones?
Answer: The ear.

39. What is the only muscle in the human body that works without any support from the skeleton?
Answer: The tongue.

40. Which organ of the digestive system is largely responsible for the breakdown of food in the small intestine, using enzymes?
Answer: The duodenum.

41. Blood that leaves the heart is carried through arteries. By what means is blood circulation returned to the heart?
Answer: Vein.

42. What is the name of the largest artery in the human body?
Answer: Aorta.

43. What type of doctors can help rehabilitate patients with nervous system damage?
Answer: Psychiatrists.

44. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are related to what body organ?
Answer: The brain.

45. Can the taste buds function without the saliva?
Answer: No, they cannot.

46. The floor of the nasal cavity is also the roof of which body part?
Answer: Mouth.

47. The shape of DNA is known as?
Answer: A double helix.

48. What disease will one suffer from if the pancreatic cells are damaged?
Answer: Diabetes.

49. The human hair and nails are made of the same protein-based substance. What is it called?
Answer: Keratin.

50. What is the pigment in the body that determines skin and hair color?
Answer: Melanin.

51. What part of the human body doesn’t change its size during a person’s lifetime?
Answer: The eyes.

52. Which body system is home to more cancers than any other organ system in the body?
Answer: The digestive system.

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53. Which body system protects the body from potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other infections?
Answer: The immune system.

54. Leukocytes is another name for which type of blood cells?
Answer: White blood cells.

55. Through what organ of the body is urine excreted?
Answer: Urethra.

56. How many kidneys do we have in the body?
Answer: Two.

57. What is the name of the small tube that takes urine from the kidneys to the bladder?
Answer: Ureter.

58. What is the name of the glands that produce tears?
Answer: Lacrimal Glands.

59. How many chambers does the heart have?
Answer: Four.

60. Bile is released from what part of the body?
Answer: The Liver.

61. What kind of joint is found in the hip?
Answer: Ball and Socket.

62. What is the Latin word for the skull?
Answer: Cranium.

63. The five senses of the human body are sight, hearing, smell, touch, and?
Answer: Taste.

64. What is the colored part of the eye called?
Answer: The Iris.

65. What are the two chambers at the bottom of the heart called?
Answer: Ventricles.

66. Which body system permits humans to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide?Answer: The respiratory system.

67. The outer layer of skin on the human body is called?
Answer: The Epidermis.

68. What are the bones that make up the spine?
Answer: Vertebrae.

69. What are the two holes in the nose called?
Answer: Nostrils.

70. What is generally the largest organ of the human body?
Answer: The skin.

71. What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain?
Answer: The Cerebrum.

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