71 Fun Motherhood Trivia Questions and Answers

Motherhood and being a mother is such a special privilege and regardless of its difficulties, the wonderful journey of this experience is one that can only be understood when you are in it. Although moms are not the same, there are certain similar characteristics that you will find amongst mothers all over the world. Did you know that most mothers tend to carry their babies on the left side of their bodies, whether they are left- or right-handed?

Everyone has a mom, whether biologically or otherwise. These interesting motherhood Trivia are here to keep you enlightened with the best mom facts there are, including animal mothers and their various distinct characteristics. Why don’t we get started with it already!

1. Which biblical figure is credited with being the “Mother of All the Living.”
Answer: Eve.

2. What letter of the English alphabet does the word for “mother” begin within the vast majority of the world’s languages?
Answer: Letter ‘M’.

3. The youngest mother whose history is authenticated is Lina Medina. How old was she when she birthed her baby?
Answer: 5 years and 7 months.


4. What’s the average mom age in the United States?
Answer: 25-26.

5. Who is the woman that created Mother’s Day?
Answer: Anna Reeves Jarvis.

6. Who is the woman that gave birth to the largest number of children ever? And how many were they?
Answer: Valentina Vassilyev. 69 children.

7. In what year was the very first Mother’s Day celebrated?
Answer: 1908.

8. What is the first sound ever that a human baby recognizes?
Answer: The mother’s voice.

9. Which Biblical mother is credited with having an immaculate conception (virgin birth)?
Answer: Mary.

10. At what time of the year is the Mother’s day holiday celebrated in the US?
Answer: Second Sunday of the month of May.

11. Elizabeth Ann Buttle had the longest interval between births ever. While she had her first child at 19, how old was she when she had her next baby?
Answer: 60 years old.

12. In which country are“Breast Warmers” most popular among their mothers?
Answer: Sweden.

13. Why do the Swede mothers use “Breast Warmers”?
Answer: To help increase milk flow and prevent blocked ducts.

14. What is the percentage of children in the United States who live with a stepmother?
Answer: 1.2%.

15. In which month are the most babies are born in the U.S.?
Answer: August.

16. Wearing a colored carnation on Mother’s Day indicates that a person’s mother is living. What color of carnation indicates that a person’s mother is dead?
Answer: White.


17. Which early Christian festival served as a precedent for Mother’s Day?
Answer: “Mothering Sunday”.

18. Through which connection do moms and children exchange cells and nutrients during pregnancy?
Answer: The placenta.

19. While new moms turn to modern physicians for help giving birth, who did ancient women turn to?
Answer: Goddesses.

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20. What is the name of the first Greek goddess who is also referred to as Mother Earth?
Answer: Gaia.

21. Modern moms are more likely to be more educated, single, and older. True or False?
Answer: True.

22. The brain fog and mental bloopers associated with pregnancy and new motherhood are called?
Answer: “Mommy’s brain.”

23. What is the average number of children that modern moms in the U.S. have?
Answer: 2 kids.

24. For first-time moms, they may eat their babies if they feel threatened by them, if their babies are undersized or abnormal, or if they feel like they need extra nutrients after giving birth. What cute, furry pet animals fall under this description and are infamously known as notorious baby eaters?
Answer: Hamsters.

25. What is the name of the Ugandan mother who is dubbed “the World’s Most Fertile Woman”, having had 44 children by the time she was 36?
Answer: Mariam Nabatanzi.

26. Who was the person that made the Mother’s Day holiday a national holiday in 1914?
Answer: Woodrow Wilson.

27. The heaviest human baby was born to Signora Carmelina Fedele in Aversa, Italy in September 1955. How much did her son weigh?
Answer: 22 pounds, 8 ounces.

28. How long did the longest human pregnancy last?
Answer: 375 days or 12 months.

29. What are the odds of a woman’s chance of having twins?
Answer: 1 in 33.

30. This woman is known as Britain’s most prolific surrogate. Although she gave birth to two children of her own, her other 13 children were surrogate children. What is her name?
Answer: Carole Horlock.

31. What is the average number of diapers a human mother will have changed by the time her baby turns two years old?
Answer: About 7,300.

32. With 88% of moms in this workforce, what is the most popular job for moms in the U.S.?
Answer: Laundry.

33. What is the least favorite job for moms in the U.S.?
Answer: Vacuuming the stairs.

34. What is the estimated number of moms in the world?
Answer: 2 billion.

35. How long is the shortest interval between two births from the same woman?
Answer: 208 days, or 6½ months.

36. The oldest recorded mother in modern history is ErramatiMangayamma who gave birth to twins in India in 2019 after becoming pregnant through IVF. How old was she?
Answer: 74 years old.

37. Which historical mother and Queen of Egypt were assassinated by order of her son Ptolemy X?
Answer: Cleopatra III.

38. What is the current status of the number of women who die in pregnancy or childbirth in the United States?
Answer: About 23 women per 100,000 live births.

39. How many women in the world die each day from pregnancy-related causes during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum?
Answer: Approximately 800.

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40. A mother orangutan never puts her babies down and has the longest mother/child nursing dependence of any animal on earth. How long does the animal nurse its baby?
Answer: 6 or 7 years.

41. Cells from a child cannot relocate to the mother’s mind during pregnancy. True or False.
Answer: False.

42. Which animal mothers have been known to eat their own arms in order to stay alive and protect their eggs?
Answer: An Octopus.

43. She made headlines in 2009 when she gave birth to the second pair of live octuplets born in the US, and she was widely criticized and mocked by the media, being dubbed the “Octomom.” Who is she?
Answer: Natalie Suleman.

44. Who is the doctor that performed the IVF on Natalie and later lost his license due to gross negligence for orchestrating such a high-risk pregnancy, after he had implanted a dozen embryos into Natalie?
Answer: Dr. Michael Kamrava.

45. All mothers in this country are given a free “baby box” from the government to help start caring for their new infants. Which country is this?
Answer: Finland.

46. Fred Rogers’ mother hand-knit every single sweater he wore on the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood show. Who was his mother?
Answer: Nancy Rogers.

47. Often, in prison, babies will be taken from their mothers after only 24-48 hours and raised by a relative or placed in foster care. In 2007, a correctional center in Illinois began a new program to allow some new mothers who give birth in prison to keep their babies with them for up to two years. What is the name of the prison?
Answer: Decatur Correctional Center in Illinois.

48. The hormone that loosens joints and ligaments in the pelvis to make it easier for a baby to pass through without harming either baby or mother is called?
Answer: Relaxin.

49. Who is the rapper whose song “Dear Mama” was inducted into The Library of Congress Registry in 2010?
Answer: Tupac Shakur.

50. What is the term used to describe the phenomenon where fetuses send out cells that burrow through the placenta and uterus, migrate throughout their mothers’ bodies and stay there forever?
Answer: Microchimerism.

51. Which animal mother continues to carry and groom its infant’s dead body for weeks or even months until the mother is ready to process the loss?
Answer: A chimpanzee.

52. What is the percentage of women in America who have children under the age of 18?
Answer: 40%.

53. In the 20th century, 92% of mothers were married. What percent of mothers today are married?
Answer: 69%.

54. Which animal can release over 300 million eggs into the ocean during spawning season, making them the creatures with the greatest number of eggs laid?
Answer: An ocean sunfish.

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55. Bunnies reach sexual maturity after only 2-3 months and can give birth to up to 14 kits at a time (though the average is around seven). Plus, they can become pregnant again immediately after giving birth. What familiar phrases were coined from this reproductive habit?
Answer: “breeding like rabbits”.

56. “I knew that a mother’s advice is always safest for a boy to follow and my mother wanted me to vote for ratification.” Who made this statement?
Answer: Harry Burn.

57. Which is the only animal on earth whose males reproduce?
Answer: Seahorses.

58. While bigger babies that can walk and fend for themselves even minutes after birth are called ‘precocial’, smaller babies depend on their mothers for food, protection, and warmth, just like human babies, are known as what?
Answer: Altricial babies.

59. Which animal mother births its baby while standing and the babies will usually tumble6feet to the ground?
Answer: Giraffe.

60. This animal mother is usually 900 times the size of its newborn and thus they have the highest mother-to-newborn size difference of any mammal except marsupials. Which animal is this?
Answer: Giant pandas.

61. Who was the first “test-tube mother”?
Answer: Lesley Joy Brown.

62. The process of birthing a baby for someone else is known as?
Answer: Surrogacy.

63. Which mammal has the longest pregnancy of almost 2 years?
Answer: Elephant.

64. Which celebrity was named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting when he kicked for the first time?
Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio.

65. Reaching up to a whopping weight of 400,000 pounds, Blue Whales are the largest living mammal on earth. How much milk does a Blue Whale mom need to make per day, in order to feed her 200-pound baby?
Answer: 50,000 gallons of milk.

66. An adopted man in Michigan searched for his birth mother for 4 years before finding out that she worked at the same Lowe’s store that he worked at. What is his name?
Answer: Steve Flaig.

67. Why did the mother of Ernest Hemingway dress him and his sister in matching pink flowery dresses when they were young?
Answer: To fulfill her desire to be a mother of twin girls.

68. The act of being a mother is flawless. True or False?
Answer: False.

69. What day of the week is the most popular birthday?
Answer: Tuesday.

70. Which gender of their babies do cow moms make more milk for?
Answer: The female cow.

71. Lactation is a major drain on mammalian moms. True or False?
Answer: True.

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