71 Fun Season Trivia Questions and Answers

Boost your thinking skills and get hours of stimulating entertainment with interesting and fun season trivia questions and answers.  We have created this trivia quiz around the four major seasons in the world which includes autumn, spring, winter, and summer hoping that it will keep you entertained and will fill you with knowledge.

You can play on a family game night or when we are traveling in the car, or at a gathering of friends, or just yourself when you are bored or need to refresh your memory.

1. Snowflakes are of what color?
Answer: translucent

2. What Is biathlon?
Answer: a winter sport

3. The lowest temperature ever recorded was in which part of the earth?
Answer: Antarctica’s Vostok Station


4. Fat biking is not a winter sport, true or false?
Answer: false

5. What Is the name of the first day of autumn?
Answer: autumn equinox

6. The number of daylight and darkness is equal in?
Answer: autumn equinox

7. The goddess of harvest is?
Answer: Demeter

8. In the southern hemisphere, the autumn equinox occurs on what day annually?
Answer: 21st March

9. Spring occurs before summer, true or false?
Answer: true

10. Spring comes before winter, true or false?
Answer: false

11. Is the earth tilted towards the sun during spring? Yes or no?
Answer: yes

12. Can you name a yellow spring flower?
Answer: daffodils

13. The word Summer came from which word?
Answer: Sumaraz

14. Which zodiac signs are found in the summer months?
Answer: cancer, Leo, and virgo

15. The most joyous season is?
Answer: summer

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16. Which vitamin can you get from sunlight?
Answer: vitamin D


17. Don Henley’s “The boys of summer” was released when?
Answer: 1984

18. In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn ends when?
Answer: 21st December

19. Autumn equinox is also known as?
Answer: harvest home

20. A harvest moon is important for what?
Answer: abundant harvest

21. The origin of the word autumn comes from where?
Answer: a Latin word Augere

22. North Americans experience autumn at which time of the year?
Answer: September to December

23. Which major sport has never been held in the Southern Hemisphere?
Answer: The winter Olympics

24. In the HBO series, the name of House Stark’s Ancestral home is?
Answer: Winterfell

25. During winter, the pulse of a black bear can drop to how many beats?
Answer: 8 beats per minute

26. The famous winter festival that takes place in Miami Beach is called?
Answer: Winter party festival

27. The New Zealand bug that freezes solid in winter is?
Answer: The weta

28. A winter sport, shovel racing was invented in which city?
Answer: New Mexico

29. What Is said to elicit happy memories in humans during summer?
Answer: The smell of freshly cut grass

30. The most traditional way of making pink lemonade is?
Answer: by adding a few drops of beet juice to regular lemonade

31. The unofficial but prominent month of festivities in the US during summer is?
Answer: national barbecue month

32. The traditional birthstone of August is?
Answer: peridot

33. The month of July was named after who?
Answer: Julius Caesar

34. During summer in the US, which fresh fruit outsells the others?
Answer: watermelon, peaches, and tomatoes

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35. The summer hit ” sealed with kiss” was sung by who?
Answer: Brian Hyland

36. Which summer month is the national ice cream month?
Answer: July

37. The summer Olympics usually hold on?
Answer: July to August

38. The birth flower of those born in March is?
Answer: daffodil

39. Daffodil symbolizes what?
Answer: new beginnings

40. Can you name a spring flower that grows in the woods?
Answer: primrose

41. A tunic is not used to protect the bulb, true or false?
Answer: false

42. What is the largest part of a flower?
Answer: petals

43. During spring and other seasons, do flowers attract pollinators?
Answer: yes

44. The first day of spring marks which Persian festival?
Answer: new year

45. The Indian festival of colors that marks the beginning of spring is?
Answer: Holi

46. Esther is celebrated in which season?
Answer: spring

47. What Is lent?
Answer: The fourth day of fasting before Easter

48. The date of the arrival of spring in the US is?
Answer: 20th March

49. When does spring end in the Northern Hemisphere?
Answer: 21st of June

50. Do black bears hibernate during winter?
Answer: yes

51. Which famous winter festival takes place in New Orleans?
Answer: Mardi Gras

52. In which country does Frozen Dead Guys Day take place?
Answer: Colorado

53. The biggest documented snowman was built in which city?
Answer: Bethel Maine

54. When was the biggest documented snowman built?
Answer: February 1999

55. The ice age lasted for how many years?
Answer: 2.4 million years

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56. Dog sledding originated from where?
Answer: Alaska

57. What Is the estimated number of snow particles that fall from the sky every winter?
Answer: approximately one septillion

58. In the Southern Hemisphere, winter lasts from June to when?
Answer: September

59. During autumn, which pigment decreases in plants?
Answer: chlorophyll

60. The main feature of autumn is?
Answer: shedding of leaves

61. The leaves of red maples change to what color during autumn?
Answer: scarlet

62. The leaves of oak change to what color during autumn?
Answer: brown or red

63. The leaves of aspens change to what during autumn?
Answer: golden

64. Beach Ball was invented in which year?
Answer: 1938

65. The year that was without summer in the Northern states was?
Answer: 1816

66. The longest barbecue according to the Guinness World Record lasted how many hours?
Answer: 80 hours

67. The longest continuous beach in America is?
Answer: Long Beach, WA.

68. The Summer Olympics were held in which city in 2012?
Answer: London

69. The country with the biggest waterpark is?
Answer: Germany

70. When does spring end in the Southern Hemisphere?
Answer: 22nd December

71. Which spring animal can see the earth’s magnetic field?
Answer: baby fox

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