71 Fun Tennis Trivia Questions And Answers

Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent, or between teams of two players each. It is also a globally popular spectator sport and is played by millions of recreational enthusiasts down to the royals, just like the British King Henry VIII.

Are you a tennis lover, a spectator, or a one-time player? Do you wish to boost your knowledge of tennis or do you want to test how much you already know about tennis? Then, our fact-packed Tennis Trivia Questions and Answers will give you some of the most interesting things there is to know about the rules of the game, famous Grand Slam winners of all time as well as important dates in the history of tennis. Are you ready? Let’s start!

1. From what Anglo-Norman term did the word ‘tennis’ come?
Answer: Tenez

2. What is the weight of a tennis ball?
Answer: 56.7 to 58.5 gm.

3. What type of material are tennis balls covered with?
Answer: Felt.


4. Basically, a tennis racket is made up of three main components. What are they?
Answer: The grip, shaft, and head

5. Which two sisters share the record of winning the most Olympic golds?
Answer: Venus and Serena Williams

6. In tennis, is the server allowed to have one foot off the ground?
Answer: Yes.

7. Where and when was the first “Open” Lawn Tennis Tournament held?
Answer: British Hard Court Championship at Bournemouth in 1968.

8. How high is a tennis court net in the center?
Answer: 3 feet (36 inches) – 90 cm

9. Who was the first Olympic Tennis Champions for men and when?
Answer: John Boland (Ireland) and Friedrich Traun (Germany), Athens 1896.

10. What are the four tournaments that make up the Grand Slam?
Answer: The Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and The French Open

11. What is the name of the first woman to win all four Grand Slam events (Wimbledon, US/Australian/French Opens) in the same calendar year?
Answer: Maureen “Little Mo” Connolly

12. When and where was the International Lawn Tennis Federation formed?
Answer: 1913, Paris.

13. There is a Men’s Indoor Team Championship Trophy in the name of the King of Sweden. What is it called?
Answer: The King’s Cup

14. During a tennis match, if someone has a score of ‘love’, how many points do they have?
Answer: Zero

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15. The seeding system in tennis was first adopted when?
Answer: 1922 (US National Championships).

16. Where in France is the French Open played?
Answer: Roland Garros Stadium, Paris.


17. What is the special thing about the Australian Open of 1986?
Answer: Nobody won the event.

18. Which of the Grand Slam tournaments is the oldest?
Answer: Wimbledon, which was established in 1877.

19. Which 17-year-old male player won the French Open in 1989?
Answer: Michael Chang.

20. What is the minimum number of points required to win a tennis tie break?
Answer: 7.

21. Whose invention is the lob in tennis?
Answer: Frank Hadow.

22. What name is given to a 40-40 score during a tennis match?
Answer: Deuce

23. During a match, what is the term used to describe a player returning the ball before it has a chance to bounce on the court?
Answer: Volley

24. What is the international team competition for men called?
Answer: The Davies Cup

25. Which Australian male player, in 2001 at the age of 20, became the youngest male ever to be ranked number one in the world?
Answer: Lleyton Hewitt.

26. What type of tennis court are matches played on in the Australian Open and US Open?
Answer: Hard courts

27. What is the name of the cup awarded in the ‘Boys under 18 – International Team Championship’?
Answer: The Sunshine Cup

28. Name the brother and sister team from the USA that won a Mixed Doubles title at Wimbledon in 1980?
Answer: John and Tracy Austin

29. When was tennis first played at the Olympics?
Answer: 1896.

30. Combining both singles and doubles, which female wheelchair tennis player has won 48 Grand Slam tournaments?
Answer: Esther Vergeer

31. A Wimbledon finalist was convicted of murder. Who was he?
Answer: Vere St. Leger Goold

32. Whose tennis racket was sold for £20,000 at auction in London in 1997?
Answer: Fred Perry

33. In which decade was the tiebreak introduced to decide the outcome of a set in tennis?
Answer: 1970s

34. Between a golf ball, a tennis ball, and a squash ball, which is the heaviest?
Answer: A tennis ball

35. Generally, there are three types of tennis courts. What are they?
Answer: Clay courts, Natural grass courts, and Hard courts

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36. Which tennis player released an autobiography entitled ‘You Cannot Be Serious’, a phrase he would often exclaim to umpires during matches?
Answer: John McEnroe.

37. Which country has won the most Davis cup title?
Answer: United States.

38. What is the Crawford cup in tennis awarded for?
Answer: Men’s – 70 and over.

39. Who was the first woman to wear shorts at a Wimbledon match?
Answer: Lili Alvarez in 1931.

40. In which venue has the Australian Open been hosted since 1988?
Answer: Melbourne Park

41. Who is the elder of the two tennis-playing Williams sisters?
Answer: Venus

42. Who was the first male tennis player to win 100 tournaments?
Answer: Jimmy Connors

43. Pressurized tennis balls have hollow cores that are filled with what type of gas?
Answer: Nitrogen

44. When was women’s tennis first included in the Olympics?
Answer: 1900.

45. Which grand slam was known as the Patriotic tournament in 1917?
Answer: US Open.

46. In which city is the US Open held?
Answer: New York City.

47. What is the name of the only Asian who has won a Junior and Senior Wimbledon title?
Answer: Kazuko Sawamatsu (Japan) in 1969 and 1975

48. Who was the youngest male ever to play in a Davis Cup?
Answer: Haroon Rahim.

49. What does ITF stand for?
Answer: International Tennis Federation

50. Who does an umpire refer to in tennis?
Answer: An umpire is the head judge.

51. The referee may overrule the umpire’s decision if the tennis rules were violated (question of law) but may not change the umpire’s decision on a question of fact. Is this true?
Answer: Yes.

52. What is the name of the famous celebrity tennis player who is ranked as the greatest female tennis player in the Open Era?
Answer: Serena Williams

53. What are the names of the “Big Three” male greatest players of all times?
Answer: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

54. Rafael Nadal holds the record for the male player with the highest number of Grand slam titles. How many has he won?
Answer: 22.

55. The loudest grunt, which reached 105 decibels, came from which player?
Answer: Maria Sharapova in 2009 during Wimbledon.

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56. There are also tournaments for players with disabilities, such as wheelchair tennis and deaf tennis. True or false?
Answer: True

57. An inflammation of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow is known as?
Answer: Tennis elbow.

58. Which museum are trophies won at Wimbledon displayed?
Answer: All England Club’s museum

59. Played between Susan Tutt and Marion Bandy in 1969 at Wimbledon, this was the shortest tennis match. How long did it last?
Answer: 20 minutes

60. What were tennis balls’ original colors before they became yellow?
Answer: White

61. What is the estimated number of tennis balls used during Wimbledon?
Answer: 54,250

62. What other two types of court surfaces are used in tennis?
Answer: Carpet and Glass

63. Roger Federer leads all men’s tennis players in terms of the highest amount of career prize money. How much has he collected?
Answer: $129,946,683 U.S. dollars as of June 9, 2020.

64. With more than 10000 followers on Twitter, a Harris Hawk is stationed at Wimbledon to keep its sky clear of local pigeons. What is the bird’s name?
Answer: Rufus.

65. What is the average age required of a player in order to qualify him/her to serve at Wimbledon?
Answer: 15 years old

66. Which female player has more Grand Slam titles than Serena Williams?
Answer: Margaret Court

67. Germany’s Sabine Lisicki hit a serve that happened to be the fastest ever recorded in women’s tennis. What was the distance?
Answer: 210 km/h

68. What is the year that marks the beginning of the open era in professional tennis?
Answer: 1968

69. Played between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, how long did the longest tennis match last?
Answer: 11 hours and 5 minutes.

70. In what year was the prize money equalized for both men and women in Wimbledon?
Answer: 2007

71. How many majors do a player have to win in his/her career to win a Career Grand Slam?
Answer: four majors

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