71 Fun Workplace/Office Trivia Questions and Answers

Take a work break with this fun and educative trivia game.  This workplace trivia question and answer is specially created with information about the software, behavior, and statistics of activities that happen in the workplace. Play this trivia game to find more valuable knowledge about the activities and software that is used in the office.

1. What Is the name of the person that invented the office cubicle?
Answer: Robert Propst

2. In which year was Google Maps created?
Answer: 2005

3. What Is the full meaning of HTTP?
Answer: Hypertext Transfer Protocol


4. In which century was the phrase team first used?
Answer: 12th century

5. The office Server is a component of?
Answer: workplace server

6. What Is the full meaning of LAN?
Answer: local area network

7. Gmail was created in which year?
Answer: 2004

8. The most popular type of training that is essential is?
Answer: On-the-job training

9. A Workplace license is used to provide a member?
Answer: access

10. What Is the full meaning of WWW?
Answer: world wide web

11. How many percent of paid vacation did American workers forfeit in 2017?
Answer: 50%

12. A digital house during which new or untested software or coding might be run is called?
Answer: The Sandbox

13. What Is the name of the person that invented WWW?
Answer: Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau

14. How many percent of women reported finding love at work according to Glassdoor?
Answer: 52 percent

15. How many percent of men find love in the office according to Glassdoor?
Answer: 48 percent

16. A Google software that is used to carry out excel assignments is called?
Answer: Google sheets

17. What is the person who built the first Apple computer?
Answer: Steven Wozniak


18. The shared values, targets, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization is known as?
Answer: company culture

19. A cadastral map presents what?
Answer: Large scale individual properties

20. An automatic message to alert specified users of a specific occasion is known as?
Answer: a notification

21. Workplace software designed particularly for the varied mobile platforms is known as?
Answer: a workplace mobile

22. How many percent of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation as their reason?
Answer: 79 percent

23. The first Google was located where?
Answer: Menlo Park, California, United States

24. What Is the full meaning of SaaS?
Answer: Software as a Service (SaaS)

25. The first company to get a capitalization of $1 trillion was?
Answer: Apple

26. Bill Gates became a billionaire at what age?
Answer: 31

27. What was the original name of Google?
Answer: Back Rub

28. In which year was Google earth created?
Answer: 2001

29. A configurable site-wide setting that dictates the behavioral pattern in a workplace is called?
Answer: a policy

30. The company that has the motto— “M’m! M’m! Good!” is known as?
Answer: Campbell’s Soup

31. Who wrote The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave?
Answer: Leigh Branham

32. How many percent of bosses believe employees quit because they want more money?
Answer: 89%

33. A small house meant for one to 4 people is known as?
Answer: spotlight group

34. The richest CEO on this planet is?
Answer: Elon Musk

35. Is it ethical to have love relations with an employer or employee?
Answer: no

36. What is a top-level folder inside Workplace?
Answer: a mission

37. What Is the full meaning of BAS?
Answer: building automation system

38. The most searched factor on Google ever is?
Answer: YouTube

39. A service request added to PSA by your prospects is?
Answer: a ticket

40. Which sausage got its name from the Italian for Onion?

41. Spaces that assist you to suppose and get issues performed are known as?
Answer: a quiet zone

42. A plan or drawing produced to point out the look of a project is known as?
Answer: a design

43. Microsoft’s first product was?
Answer: Altair BASIC

44. The software of Google that is used to type documents is known as?
Answer: Google Docs

45. A spot to “hideaway” to keep away from interruptions in the office is known as?
Answer: a private zone

46. Anybody with an entry to the Workplace is called?
Answer: a user

47. Which people invented the internet?
Answer: Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf

48. Google’s assortment of cloud-based products is called?
Answer: G-suite

49. Microsoft’s assortment of cloud-based products is called?
Answer: Office 365

50. Which apps are found in Google’s G-suite?
Answer: Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and so on.

51. The usage of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers are part of the?
Answer: employee engine

52. The company that has the motto— “Leave the Driving to Us” is?

53. What Is the meaning of USP in business?
Answer: Unique selling proposition

54. The first office location of Microsoft was?
Answer: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

55. The practice of bodily distancing oneself from different people is named?
Answer: Physical social distancing

56. When was the elevator invented?
Answer: 1853

57. What Is the full meaning of BMS?
Answer: Building Management System

58. A machine that has an entry into the Workplace is known as?
Answer: a device

59. The second most searched factor on Google ever is?
Answer: Facebook

60. Intellectual property can include?
Answer: emblems, patents, and copyrights

61. What Is the full meaning of ROI?
Answer: return on investment

62. ROI is used to evaluate?
Answer: the efficiency of funding

63. When did Microsoft invent Office 365?

64. What Is the full meaning of CSA?
Answer: Corporate social accountability

65. Application Program Interfaces (APIs) make it possible for?
Answer: packages to work together with one another

66. What is the most important quantity?
Answer: Googol (10100)

67. A group of employees who are scattered throughout numerous bodily places is called?
Answer: mobile workforce

68. The power to customize your team name, logos, and assist information is known as?
Answer: branding

69. What Is the name of the person that invented office chairs?
Answer: Charles Darwin

70. What Is the full meaning of?
Answer: Single sign-on (SSO)

71. The belittling or threatening behavior directed at an employee (s) is called?
Answer: workplace harassment

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