71 Interesting Hockey Trivia Questions and Answers

With a combination of speed, toughness, and action, the game of hockey is a fun sport to watch as well as play. Do you remember the player with the most Stanley Cups or the victorious winnings of the Montreal Canadiens? Do you know the rules and basics of playing the hockey game, or what hockey pucks were made of back in ancient times?

Buy yourself a coffee if you do, but if you don’t, do not worry because these fun Hockey Trivia Questions and Answers will bring you the best of all there is to know about this celebrated sport. If you’re a hockey lover or just an onlooker, this trivia is the right game for you to get knowledgeable about the sports. So, enjoy!

1. Where was the 2020 NHL season hosted?
Answer: In Edmonton.

2. Which celebrity hockey player is nicknamed “The Wall?”
Answer: Keanu Reeves.

3. The oldest trophy is given to the winner of a professional sports franchise in the US and Canada and one of the most important championships in the world of hockey. Is called what?
Answer: The Stanley Cup.


4. What is the name of the famous sports curse which supposedly prevented the Chicago Blackhawks from winning for 40 years in any NHL game?
Answer: The Curse of Muldoon.

5. Which Montreal Canadiens legend holds the record for the most Stanley Cups won as a player?
Answer: Henri Richard holds the record for most Stanley Cups with 11 wins.

6. Players who win the Stanley Cup have their names engraved on the trophy. True or False?
Answer: True.

7. According to a legend, the first hockey puck ever used was made of what?
Answer: Frozen cow dung.

8. What is the name of the “ball” used to play hockey?
Answer: Hockey puck.

9. Which hockey teams are known as “The Original Six”?
Answer: Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

10. What are the five types of hockey players across the world?
Answer: Field hockey, roller hockey, ice hockey, sledge hockey, and street hockey.

11. Which country do most NHL players come from?
Answer: Canada.

12. What are the names of the two men in NHL history who share the special honor of being the only players to have their names engraved on both the Stanley Cup and the Grey Cup?

13. The word ‘hockey’ is derived from the word ‘hoquet’. What does it mean?
Answer: “A shepherd’s staff”.

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14. With 24 wins, which team has the highest number of Stanley Cup titles?
Answer: The Montreal Canadiens.

15. Which other hockey team competes with the Montreal Canadiens?
Answer: The Toronto Maple Leafs.

16. For a major penalty, how long should a player be in the penalty box?
Answer: Five minutes.


17. What is the area in front of the goalpost in hockey called?
Answer: The crease.

18. Who is the first woman to have their name engraved on a Stanley Cup?
Answer: Marguerite Norris.

19. Who is the Stanley Cup named after?
Answer: It was named after the Canadian Governor-General, Lord Stanley of Preston.

20. On which two occasions has the Stanley Cup not been awarded?
Answer: The Spanish Flu epidemic in 1919 and the 2005 NHL lockout.

21. Viewed by over 80 % of Canadians, which hockey Olympics was the most-watched television broadcast in Canada and one of the most spectacular moments in hockey history?
Answer: The match between Canada and the USA in 2010.

22. Legend has it that it was the Chicago Blackhawks player Stan Mikita who first came up with the curved blades. True or False?
Answer: True.

23. How thick is the ice on a hockey arena supposed to be?
Answer: 3/4 inches.

24. Who wrote the rules of modern ice hockey?
Answer: J. C. A. Creighton.

25. When was ice hockey first included in the Olympics?
Answer: The 1920 Olympics.

26. What is the most commonly used material for making hockey sticks?
Answer: Carbon fiber.

27. What is the minimum number of hockey pucks used in a single match?
Answer: 12 or more.

28. How many players are there on a field hockey team?
Answer: 11.

29. Who was the last player to play hockey without a helmet?
Answer: Craig MacTavis.

30. As of 1952, how many wins were required of an NHL team in order to get the Stanley Cup?
Answer: 8 wins.

31. Which hockey team was named after a Disney movie?
Answer: The Anaheim Ducks from California.

32. Which side of the hockey stick are you allowed to use only?
Answer: The flat side.

33. What does ‘hooking’ mean?
Answer: Trying to slow down your opponent with a stick.

34. What does NHL stand for?
Answer: National Hockey League.

35. When is the hockey puck’s birthday?
Answer: February 7.

36. Which team is ranked as the most valuable franchise team in the NHL?
Answer: The New York Rangers are valued at $1.6 billion.

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37. When was NHL founded? And where?
Answer: 26 November 1917, Montreal, Canada.

38. Hockey pucks are only made in four countries. What are the names of these countries?
Answer: Canada, Russia, the Czech Republic, and China.

39. In ice hockey, the machine which is used to keep the ice in the ice rink intact is known as the?
Answer: The Zamboni.

40. Ice hockey pucks are frozen before the game to allow them to bounce during play. True or False?
Answer: False. They are frozen to prevent them from bouncing.

41. Who is the only hockey player to have worn jersey number zero?
Answer: Neil Sheehy.

42. Where were the first known rules of ice hockey published?
Answer: The Montreal Gazette.

43. Who was the first woman player to play in the National Hockey League?
Answer: Manon Reahume.

44. When was ice hockey introduced in the Winter Olympics?
Answer: 1924

45. . What is the footwear worn by players in ice hockey?
Answer: Ice Skates.

46. Asides from Joe Malone, which player in 2020 was able to score 5 goals in a single game?
Answer: Mika Zibanejad for New York Rangers.

47. Making a total of $16 million from salary and endorsements, who was the highest-paid player in the 2020/2021 season?
Answer: Auston Matthews, Toronto Maple Leafs.

48. How does an NHL hockey game begin?
Answer: By a faceoff.

49. Are hockey sticks right-handed or left-handed?
Answer: Right-handed.

50. What is the NHL salary capital per team?
Answer: $60 Million.

51. Which two players were traded for one dollar in the 1990s?
Answer: Ray Sheppard and Kris Draper.

52. He has won the NHL’s hardest shot competition five times, while his blast of 108.8 mph at the 2012 All-Star Skills Competition is yet to be defeated. Who is the player with the fastest slapshot in the League?
Answer: Zdeno Chara, also known as Big Zed.

53. When he retired in 1999, he had 61 NHL records, 40 regular-season records, 6 All-star records, and 15 playoff records. No wonder he has been called the best hockey player of all time by the media, professional coaches, and the NHL itself. Who is he?
Answer: Wayne Gretzky.

54. What is the most common shot in hockey?
Answer: The wrist shot.

55. When can a player be called back from the penalty box before their time is up?
Answer: When the opponent scores.

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56. Where would you go if the coach assigns you the position of a sweeper?
Answer: Behind the center.

57. What is the surface on which field hockey is played called?
Answer: Turf or grass.

58. Who was the last goaltender to play a game without a mask?
Answer: Andy Brown.

59. What was the first million-dollar contract in NHL history?
Answer: In 1971, the Boston Bruins signed Bobby Orr to a five-year deal worth $200,000 per season.

60. Where is the Hockey Hall of Fame located?
Answer: Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

61. Which country’s currency notes have people playing hockey on them and a short excerpt from a story about hockey?
Answer: Canadian $5 notes.

62. Who was the first hockey player to be charged with murder for the death of another player, after he clubbed Alcide Laurin to death during a game?
Answer: Allan Loney.

63. The average distance ran during a soccer (football) match is 7 miles with field hockey close behind with how many miles?
Answer: 5.6 miles.

64. What is the goalkeeper in a hockey game called?
Answer: Goalie.

65. What is the name of the father-son duo to score 1000 points each in the NHL?
Answer: Bobby Hull and Brent Hull.

66. Which other two sports surpass the popularity of hockey?
Answer: Football (Soccer) and Cricket.

67. Who is the only NHL player to be banned for a lifetime?
Answer: Billy Coutu.

68. Who played for the most different teams during his NHL career?
Answer: Jaromir Jagr.

69. Which NHL team’s fans rioted in 1957 after their star player, Maurice Richard, was suspended for the remainder of the season for striking an official?
Answer: The Montreal Canadiens.

70. What happened to Bill Barilko after he won the Stanley Cup with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1951?
Answer: He disappeared.

71. The worst team in NHL history was a first-year expansion outfit that won just eight of its 80 games. This truly terrible team managed five ties and lost a whopping 67 times. Who were they?
Answer: The Washington Capitals

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