71 Interesting Inventions Trivia Questions For Kids

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“If you can imagine it, then it is possible!” That’s what they say, right? Thus, there have been so many brilliant and fascinating inventions and discoveries that have changed the world, and we cannot help wondering about how they came to be and the inspirations behind them.

Did you know that the Braille system was invented by a 12-year-old blind boy? Yes, it was. So apart from top inventors like Isaac Newton and the likes of them, kids also have a chance to create sustainable inventions that will mean something to the world. But how much do your kids already know about the famous inventions of all time and their inventors?

This trivia quiz is made up of the greatest inventions in the world. It is an excellent way to acquaint your kids with some of the greatest innovations and genius minds whose intelligence and perseverance have shaped our modern world. So, here you go!

1. Who invented the telephone?
Answer: Alexander Graham-Bell.


2. What is the reading and writing system created for people who are visually impaired called?
Answer: Braille.

3. What is Tim Berners-Lee best known for inventing?
Answer: World Wide Web.

4. Who invented the light bulb?
Answer: Thomas Edison.

5. What did the Wright brothers invent?
Answer: Airplane.

6. What were the first names of the Wright brothers?
Answer: Orville and Wilbur.

7. Who invented the Diesel engine?
Answer: Rudolf Diesel.

8. Who invented penicillin as an antibiotic?
Answer: Alexander Fleming.

9. Who developed the theory of relativity?
Answer: Albert Einstein.

10. Who invented the electric motor, as well as toy balloons?
Answer: Michael Faraday.

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11. What did Garrett Morgan invent?
Answer: Traffic Signal.

12. Which American inventor is the Tesla car named after?
Answer: Nikola Tesla.

13. The first type of disposable razor blades that were ever used was the ‘Gillette.’ Who invented it?
Answer: King Camp Gillette.

14. Who invented clocks?
Answer: Peter Henlein.

15. Who is the woman that invented windshield wiper blades?
Answer: Mary Anderson.


16. The Braille language system was invented by who?
Answer: Louis Braille.

17. Which American inventor of the ‘iPhone’ mobile, was also the CEO of Apple until 2011? Answer: Steve Jobs.

18. The hairdryer, stapler, and neon lighting were all invented in which country?
Answer: France.

19. Elisha Otis invented a safety device for which type of transportation?
Answer: Elevator.

20. What was the first machine Edwin Budding made?
Answer: The first lawn mower.

21. In which American state did the Wright brothers make the first sustained flight of their aircraft?
Answer: North Carolina.

22. Which term from the French word ‘for glue’ was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso for a technique of art production?
Answer: Collage.

23. Who invented the stethoscope?
Answer: Rene Laennec.

24. Which United States President invented the swivel chair?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

25. What is the famous manually-operated calculating device created by famous mathematician John Napier?
Answer: Napier’s Bones.

26. Which man is regarded as the father of computers?
Answer: Charles Babbage.

27. Who is the American typist who invented the first correction fluid (or liquid paper) in her kitchen in 1956?
Answer: Bette Graham.

28. Which woman is credited for creating the Barbie Doll?
Answer: Ruth Handler.

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29. Who discovered electricity?
Answer: Benjamin Franklin.

30. What did Galilee Galileo invent?
Answer: Thermometer.

31. Which physical education teacher invented the game of basketball?
Answer: James Naismith.

32. Which Italian painter conceived the idea of the parachute?
Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

33. Who invented the periodic table?
Answer: Dmitri Mendeleev.

34. Who invented the flush toilet?
Answer: Sir John Harrington.

35. Who invented the toothbrush?
Answer: William Addis.

36. Who invented tin cans for food preservation?
Answer: Peter Durand.

37. Who invented the electric battery?
Answer: Alessandro Volta.

38. Who invented the first camera?
Answer: Joseph NicéphoreNiépce.

39. Which two computer scientists are credited with inventing the Internet?
Answer: Vint Cerf and Robert E. Kahn.

40. Who invented the X-Ray?
Answer: Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen.

41. Which man is known as the father of Railways?
Answer: George Stephenson.

42. Who invented the radio?
Answer: Guglielmo Marconi.

43. Who invented the Microscope?
Answer: Zacharias Janssen.

44. Which country invented chess?
Answer: India.

45. Who first discovered petrol?
Answer: Edwin Drake.

46. Who invented the crossword puzzle?
Answer: Arthur Wayne.

47. Who invented the first flashlight?
Answer: David Misell.

48. The first compass was invented in which country?
Answer: China.

49. Which Scottish inventor created the pneumatic tires?
Answer: John Boyd Dunlop.

50. The Montgolfier brothers invented what?
Answer: Hot air balloon.

51. Johannes Gutenberg famously invented what?
Answer: The printing press.

52. Louis Braille was 30 years old when he developed the Braille system. True or False?
Answer: False. He is only 12 years old.

53. At the age of 19, what did Chester greenwood invent?
Answer: Earmuffs.

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54. Who invented the ballpoint pen?
Answer: Laszlo Biro.

55. Who invented the smallpox vaccine?
Answer: Edward Jenner.

56. Who invented television?
Answer: Philo Farnsworth.

57. What device for new parents did Ann Moore create?
Answer: Infant Carrier.

58. Who invented the transistor?
Answer: William Shockley.

59. Who invented the helicopter?
Answer: Igor Sikorsky.

60. Who invented the air conditioner?
Answer: Willis Haviland Carrier.

61. Who invented logarithms?
Answer: John Napier.

62. The typewriter was invented by who?
Answer: Christopher Sholes.

63. From which ancient Egyptian country did soap come from?
Answer: Babylon.

64. Who is the 11-year-old boy that invented the popsicles?
Answer: Frank Epperson.

65. The Singer sewing machine is the first sewing machine where the needle moved up and down rather than side-to-side. Who created it?
Answer: Isaac Singer.

66. Bicycle was first invented by who?
Answer: Karl von Drais.

67. Who discovered the first practical method of freezing food?
Answer: Clarence Birdseye.

68. What item, originally called the ‘Whirlwind’, was invented by Ives McGaffey?
Answer: Vacuum cleaner.

69. Who invented the hovercraft?
Answer: Christopher Cockerell.

70. Who invented the postage stamp?
Answer: Sir Rowland Hill.

71. When cornflakes were first made, they were actually the result of an experiment that went wrong. Who made the?
Answer: Will Keith Kellogg.

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