71 Interesting Sports Trivia Questions for Kids

How grounded are your kids in sports? How many of these fun trivia can they answer? If you are looking to start giving your kids more knowledge about sports, then this Sports Trivia Quiz for Kids is a good starter pack for you!

These questions are not only interesting for the children, but also for any other sports person who might want to grab a few spicy facts about various game rules, the Olympics, and outstanding sports athletes of all times. So let’s get right into it and catch some fun!

1. Where was the first modern Olympic held?
Answer: Athens, Greece.

2. Which country has the most Olympic medal wins?
Answer: USA.

3. Which country has won the most FIFA World Cups?
Answer: Brazil.


4. How often are the Olympics held?
Answer: Every 4 years.

5. In which two races did Usain Bolt win his world title?
Answer: 100metres and 200metres.

6. Who is the most decorated US gymnast in history?
Answer: Simone Biles.

7. What are the colors of the Olympic rings?
Answer: Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, and Red.

8. What does the Olympics ring represent?
Answer: The Five Continents of the World.

9. In what sports is Michael Phelps famous?
Answer: Swimming.

10. What prize was given to winners during the Ancient Olympics?
Answer: An olive branch crown.

11. Mohammed Ali is a wrestler. True or False?
Answer: False. He is a boxer.

12. Which athletic sport is Jackie Joyner-Kersee known for?
Answer: Heptathlon.

13. Which Brazilian city hosted the Olympic Games of 2016?
Answer: Rio de Janeiro.

14. Who is the most decorated Paralympic athlete of all time?
Answer: Trischa Zorn-Hudson.

15. What is the first command given to start a race?
Answer: “On your marks”.

16. Is Triple H a boxer?
Answer: No. He is a wrestler.


17. What does WWE stand for?
Answer: World Wrestling Entertainment.

18. Who was the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon?
Answer: Kathrine Switzer.

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19. What is the major equipment used to surf?
Answer: A Surfboard.

20. Which Greek god was the Ancient Olympics held in honor of?
Answer: Zeus.

21. What are the names of the tennis-playing sisters who are ranked as the greatest tennis players of the open era?
Answer: Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

22. Which two sports do Volleyball take some of its characteristics from?
Answer: Tennis and Handball.

23. The platforms from which swimmers dive in competitive swimming, what are they called?
Answer: Starting blocks.

24. There are 4 tournaments that make up a Grand Slam in tennis. They are: The Australian Open, The US Open, The French Open, and which other one?
Answer: Wimbledon.

25. Where is the most popular surfing spot in the world?
Answer: Hawaii.

26. What special type of shoes is used for skating?
Answer: Skating shoes.

27. Which country is Usain Bolt from?
Answer: Jamaica.

28. What is the highest level of racing in NASCAR?
Answer: NASCAR Cup Series

29. The New England Patriots is a team with the most wins in which sport?
Answer: Super Bowl.

30. Which sports event is known in the United States as the second largest food consumption day, after Thanksgiving Day?
Answer: Super Bowl Sunday.

31. How many fouls result in a player being ejected from an NBA basketball game?
Answer: Six personal fouls.

32. Is there a type of hockey sport that is played on ice?
Answer: Yes.

33. Hockey pucks are frozen before each game. True or false?
Answer: True.

34. Which Olympic medalist and swimmer are credited as the greatest swimmer of all times?

Answer: Michael Phelps.

35. Which woman is the first female to win a WWE championship?
Answer: Ronda Rousey.

36. When a goal is scored in handball, what hand signal does the referee make?
Answer: He raises his hand up.

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37. Which European country has the oldest golf course in the world?
Answer: Scotland.

38. What is the most watched sport in the world?
Answer: Soccer.

39. The kick used when swimming backstroke is called?
Answer: Flutter kick.

40. What is the structure that is lit by the Olympic Torch at the end of the torch relay? Answer: The Olympic Cauldron.

41. In volleyball, a player who specializes in defense is called what?
Answer: Libero.

42. Which tennis male player holds the record for the male player with the highest number of Grand Slam titles?
Answer: Rafael Nadal.

43. What was the small round ball used volleyball called when it was first invented?
Answer: Mintonette.

44. What type of sports is Formula One?
Answer: Car Racing.

45. Which hockey team has the most Stanley Cup titles?
Answer: The Montreal Canadiens.

46. What is the famous trophy awarded to the winning team at the Super Bowl?
Answer: The Vince Lombardi trophy.

47. Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher tie the first spot in which car racing sport?
Answer: Formula One.

48. In breaststroke, what animal is the movement of the arms and the legs compared to?
Answer: A frog.

49. In a game of Cricket, what are the referees called?
Answer: Umpires.

50. Which Olympic medal winner and British-Nigerian is the first British fighter to win a world title in a boxing championship?
Answer: Anthony Joshua.

51. What is the name of the accommodation center built for the Olympic Games?
Answer: Olympic Village.

52. Which is the only one of the four major golf tournaments that are not held in the United States?
Answer: The Open Championship.

53. Which Quarterback in the Super Bowl has won the most Super Bowl MVP award?
Answer: Tom Brady.

54. Who is considered the best boxer in the history of the sport?
Answer: Floyd Mayweather.

55. What was John Cena’s famous slogan when he was a wrestler?
Answer: “Never Give Up”.

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56. For what gender is synchronized swimming meant?
Answer: Females.

57. Which USA President owns a pair of autographed boxing gloves from Mohammed Ali?
Answer: Barack Obama.

58. What word is used to describe the type of punch in boxing that is comprised of an upward blow from the direction of your toes?
Answer: Uppercut.

59. A person who carries a golfer’s kit and hands them their clubs is known as what?
Answer: A Caddy.

60. Who was the first Native American to win a gold medal for the United States in the Olympics?
Answer: Jim Thorpe.

61. What does QB mean in Super Bowl?
Answer: Quarterback.

62. A boxing champion who defeats an existing champion is known as?
Answer: A lineal champion.

63. How long is the countdown for a fighter to get back up after being knocked down in a wrestling contest?
Answer: A count of 3.

64. Which major league baseball player was known as the ‘bambino’?
Answer: Babe Ruth.

65. What is the correct sequence in a Triple Jump?
Answer: Hop, Step, Jump.

66. Which was the first Olympic Games where all the participating countries sent female athletes?
Answer: London, 2012.

67. What is called the “Sport of Kings”, in which players cannot play left-handed?
Answer: Polo.

68. In which athletic events do contesters have to throw a very heavy round ball as far as possible?
Answer: Shot put

69. Which swimming stroke is performed by putting two arms over the head at once?
Answer: Butterfly.

70. Which football club is known as “The Blues”?
Answer: Chelsea.

71. Who is referred to as the greatest basketballer of all time?
Answer: Michael Jordan.

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