71 North America Trivia Questions and Answers

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While many people immediately think of the United States, Canada, and Mexico when mentioning North America, there is a lot more to North America than just holiday brochures and popular culture, though.

Do you know that over half of Canada’s residents have college degrees making the country the world’s most educated country? Or have you heard of Begich Towers in Whittier, Alaska, a 14-story building where all the 200 residents of the town live in? The building contains a post office, a grocery store, laundry shops, hospitals, hotels, and almost every basic human need one would need to survive! There’s more!

Let’s start right away with some pretty interesting trivia quiz questions about the North American continent. Learn some knowledgeable facts you didn’t know before about this amazing continent of the Americas, and do make sure you are taking down notes.

1. Which Italian explorer is North America named after?
Answer: Amerigo Vespucci.


2. How many countries make up the North American continent?
Answer: 23.

3. What is the basic shape of the North American continent on a map?
Answer: Triangular.

4. Who colonized North America?
Answer: Europeans.

5. Who is the man credited with discovering the Americas in 1492?
Answer: Christopher Columbus.

6. How many official regions are North America divided into?
Answer: 5.

7. North America is home to the largest gulf in the world. Which is it?
Answer: Gulf of Mexico.

8. Which North American country is the world’s largest revenue-generating economy and also the most technologically advanced?
Answer: USA.

9. The oldest clock in the Americas exists in the North American continent. Where is it found?
Answer: Cathedral of Comayagua, Honduras.

10. What does each star represent on the flag of the United States?
Answer: A State.

11. What is the name of the restaurant in Pittsburgh that only serves dishes from the countries having conflict with the U.S.A.?
Answer: “Conflict Kitchen.”

12. Which North American countries are known as the ‘Banana Republic?’
Answer: Honduras and its neighbors.

13. Which North American country ranks second in the world in terms of land area?
Answer: Canada.

14. What is the name of the cinder cone volcano located west of Mexico City, that arose abruptly from the cornfield of a local farmer, Dionisio Pulido in 1943?
Answer: Volcano Paricutin.

15. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, what is the largest island on the North American continent, and also the largest island on earth?
Answer: Greenland.

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16. What are the 3 groups of aboriginals recognized by the Canadian Constitution?
Answer: First Nations, Métis, and Inuit.

17. What was the first colony established by the English in North America?
Answer: Jamestown.

18. Which North American country is comprised of two independent islands?
Answer: Trinidad and Tobago.

19. What are the three biggest groups of native Americans that live on the North American continent?
Answer: The Cherokee, Navajo, and Iroquois people.

20. On which day do U.S. Americans celebrate Independence Day?
Answer: 4th July.

21. Meaning “Rich Coast”, this country constitutionally abolished its army permanently in 1949. In 2009, it ranked first in the Happy Planet Index. Which North American nation is being described?
Answer: Costa Rica.

22. The second largest hotel in the world is in Las Vegas, consisting of 7,128 rooms in a tower of 32 stories. What is the name?
Answer: The Venetian Resort.

23. In which US city is HOLLYWOOD located?
Answer: Los Angeles, California.

24. Which is the largest city on the North American continent?
Answer: Mexico City.

25. Which island country located in the Caribbean Sea is the smallest country in North America, with only about 54,000 inhabitants?
Answer: St Kitts and Nevis.

26. Which North American nation features a blue and yellow flag with a black trident in the middle?
Answer: Barbados.

27. What was the former name of the Hawaiian Islands?
Answer: Sandwich Islands.

28. Who is the largest indigenous minority group in Mexico?
Answer: The Mayan people.

29. What two languages are popularly spoken by most of the Caribbean populace?
Answer: Spanish and French.

30. Which city on the North American continent is known as the ‘Big Apple?’
Answer: New York City.

31. Which US city is regarded as a casino paradise?
Answer: Las Vegas.

32. Which landmark in North America is known as ‘The Shrine of Democracy’?
Answer: Mount Rushmore.

33. How many faces are carved into Mount Rushmore?
Answer: Four.

34. Where is the lowest point in the USA, which also happens to be the driest place in North America?
Answer: Death Valley.

35. Which two rivers in North America form the largest river system in the world?
Answer: Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

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36. Which Caribbean island is the largest?
Answer: Cuba Islands.

37. Which North American city is known as the ‘City of Golden Gate?’
Answer: San Francisco.

38. What is the largest lake on the North American continent, which is also the largest of the Great Lakes in the USA and is considered the largest freshwater lake by area in the world?
Answer: Lake Superior.

39. What city in the US has the highest population?
Answer: New York City, NY.

40. Which drink was invented in 1954 by the bartender, Ramón “Monchito” Marrero, and became the official drink of Puerto Rico?
Answer: Pina Coladas.

41. Yonge Street, the longest street in the world is found in which North American nation?
Answer: Canada.

42. What is the largest ethnic group in Jamaica with about 97% of the population?
Answer: Africans.

43. Which mathematical concept was founded in North America by the Mayans?
Answer: ‘Zero’.

44. Alaska is home to the highest mountain in North America which is as tall as 20,000 feet and also happens to be the third most elevated peak on the planet. What is the name of the mountain peak?
Answer: Denali.

45. Which Caribbean nation has the highest densities of church buildings in the world?
Answer: Jamaica.

46. What is the smallest state in the United States?
Answer: Rhode Island.

47. In which decade was America plunged into The Great Depression?
Answer: 1930s.

48. On which Canadian island is there a city called ‘Dildo?’
Answer: Newfoundland.

49. What happened to Niagara Falls in 1911?
Answer: The river was completely frozen.

50. In which US state is there a ghost town called ‘Nothing’?
Answer: Arizona.

51. What is the only incorporated municipality in the United States with a population of only 1 person, who is also the mayor of the city?
Answer: Monowi, Nebraska.

52. What discovery from the 19th century does California’s nickname “The golden state” refer to?
Answer: The California Gold Rush.

53. Which North American nation has more lakes than any other country in the world?
Answer: Canada.

54. Which island country is known as the “Helen of the West Indies”? It is titled so because it switched often between British and French control.
Answer: St. Lucia.

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55. What is Jamaica’s motto?
Answer: “Out of Many, One People”.

56. This nation’s name means “land of mountains” and it is the oldest black republic in the world. Which North American country is this?
Answer: Haiti.

57. Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean countries are Anglo-American countries. True or False?
Answer: False. They are Latin American countries.

58. What major European disease invaded North America in the 1600s?
Answer: Smallpox.

59. What is the national animal of the USA?
Answer: American bison.

60. In which US country was the world’s first “skyscrapers” built?
Answer: Chicago.

61. Which monument in Mexico is the most famous and most visited Ancient Mayan site?
Answer: Chichen Itza.

62. What is the name of the longest mountain range in North America?
Answer: Rocky Mountains.

63. Which Caribbean country used to be known as the ‘Sugar Bowl of the world’?
Answer: Cuba.

64. What is the biggest state in the USA?
Answer: Alaska

65. Which village in Canada, is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world? Answer: Alert.

66. What is the name for the large bodies of water that are along the border between Canada and the USA and in southern Canada?
Answer: The Great Lakes

67. What island separates Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and American Falls on the American side?
Answer: Goat Island.

68. What is the dominant religion in North America?
Answer: Christianity.

69. The West Indian flamingoes found in North America are also called American or Cuban flamingoes. By what color do they usually appear?
Answer: Pink.

70. Although athletes of North America have won the maximum number of Olympic medals in the world so far, which North American country has the most Olympic medals?
Answer: USA.

71. What is the name of the popular local dish in Belize that was served to the Queen of England when she visited there in 1985?
Answer: Gibnut.

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