71 Zoo and Museum Trivia Questions for Kids

Looking for some fun-filled, educational trivia quiz on zoos and museums for your kids? We’ve got you covered. Here’s an extensive list of fun Zoo and Museum Trivia quizzes just for you!

This trivia article is the perfect one to test and sharpen up your kids’ knowledge of museums and zoos around the world. From general knowledge questions about museums and zoos to specific information about different kinds of museums, specific pieces of art, and famous zoos across the globe, this quiz has it all.

1. What is the world’s most visited museum?
Answer: Le Louvre.

2. Which museum has the acronym ‘MoMA’?
Answer: Museum of Modern Arts.

3. What is the name of the world’s biggest church that is found in the Vatican Museums?
Answer: St. Peter’s Basilica.


4. The word ‘museum’ comes from which Greek word?
Answer: Muosseion.

5. Which zoo in England is the world’s oldest scientific zoo?
Answer: London Zoo.

6. Sir Nils Olav, the only knighted penguin in the world, is a famous resident of which British Zoo?
Answer: Edinburgh Zoo.

7. Which New York Museum is known as ‘The MET’?
Answer: The Metropolitan Museum.

8. Which zoo is the most-visited zoo in Europe?
Answer: The Berlin Zoo.

9. A type of zoo that has lots of aquatic animals and plants for people to see, is known as?
Answer: Aquarium.

10. What musical instrument found in the MET museum is the oldest of its kind in the world?
Answer: A Piano.

11. What is another name for a zoo?
Answer: Zoological Garden or Zoological Park.

12. The study of animals is known as?
Answer: Zoology.

13. What was the name given to a collection of captive animals, kept for display, before the term zoological garden came into usage?
Answer: Menagerie.

14. The oldest zoo in the world is TiergartenSchonbrunn. Where is it located?
Answer: Vienna, Austria.

15. What is the accrediting organization for zoos in the United States?
Answer: Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

16. Which artwork in the Louvre is guarded in bulletproof glass?
Answer: The Mona Lisa.


17. Which zoo in the United States is regarded as “America’s First Zoo”?
Answer: Philadelphia Zoo.

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18. Which popular zoo is the oldest zoo in China?
Answer: Beijing zoo.

19. What sort of animal was Ken Allen, who was known for his many escapes from the San Diego Zoo?
Answer: An Orangutan.

20. Which zoo in the United States is famously known as ‘National Zoo’?
Answer: The Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

21. What is the oldest national public museum in the world?
Answer: The British Museum.

22. In which city will you find the world’s largest Underwater Museum?
Answer: Mexico.

23. Which zoo was recognized by Guinness World Records in 2016, as having the largest displayed collection of origami elephants in the world?
Answer: The Bronx Zoo.

24. Which zoo animal is known to live longer in the wild than in a zoo?
Answer: Elephant.

25. Which is the only U.S. museum to display a painting made by Leonardo da Vinci?
Answer: The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

26. Who painted Le Louvre’s most famous art piece, ‘Mona Lisa’?
Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

27. In which museum can you find the world’s largest collection of Egyptian artifacts?
Answer: The Egyptian Museum of Cairo.

28. What artifact from the National Museum of Iraq is the oldest accurate image of a human face?
Answer: The Mask of Warka.

29. What is the largest zoo on the African continent?
Answer: The National Zoological Garden of South Africa.

30. Who is the African bushman that was popularly held as an exhibit in the Bronx Zoo of New York?
Answer: Ota Benga.

31. In which museum will you find the Rosetta Stone?
Answer: The British Museum.

32. What zoo has the largest captive colony of orangutans in the world?
Answer: The Singapore Zoo.

33. The first ever YouTube video was filmed in which American zoo?
Answer: The San Diego Zoo, California.

34. What is the largest art museum in the world by gallery space?
Answer: The State Hermitage Museum in Russia.

35. Which Australian zoo has an Aboriginal name that means “beautiful view”?
Answer: The Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

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36. What is the world’s oldest museum?
Answer: Capitoline Museum in Rome

37. Which country owns all the Pandas in the world?
Answer: China.

38. How much does a zoo pay China to rent one Giant Panda for a year?
Answer: $1 million.

39. Which country has the most museums in the world?
Answer: USA.

40. Which museum in Spain is described as the museum of painters?
Answer: Museo Nacional del Prado.

41. Which zoo in Europe has the largest number of animal species of any zoo in the world?
Answer: The Berlin zoo.

42. A type of zoo where visitors can drive their own vehicles or ride in vehicles given by the park in order to see the animals, is known as?
Answer: A Safari park.

43. The Ashmolean was the first public museum in the world. Where is it located?
Answer: Oxford, England.

44. What do you call the type of zoo that has domestic and wild animals that are very calm so that the visitors can touch and feed them?
Answer: A petting zoo.

45. In which two cities of the world were home to the largest known human zoos in history?
Answer: St. Louis, USA, and Paris, France.

46. What type of museum is the Madame Tussauds Museum?
Answer: A wax museum.

47. Which soldier founded the famous Chester Zoo in England?
Answer: George Mottershead.

48. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museums?
Answer: Michelangelo.

49. What is the largest museum in the United States?
Answer: The MET.

50. Which well-known London Zoo resident of the 60s and 70s is commemorated by a bronze statue near the zoo’s main entrance?
Answer: Guy, the Gorilla.

51. In which country will you find the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets?
Answer: India.

52. Where can you find the Cup Noodles Museum?
Answer: Osaka, Japan.

53. Which zoo is known as the greenest zoo in the United States?
Answer: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

54. Which zoo in France has the largest animal collections in France and Europe?
Answer: Beauval Zoo.

55. Which Australian zoo is modeled after London Zoo?
Answer: Melbourne Zoo.

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56. In which Italian museum will you find Galileo’s middle finger on display?
Answer: The Galileo Museum.

57. Which is the only museum in the world with a road inside of it?
Answer: The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

58. In which museum in Philadelphia will you find the brains of Albert Einstein?
Answer: The Mütter Museum.

59. In which zoo will you find the bronze statue of a Giraffe, one of the largest statues in all of Texas?
Answer: The Dallas Zoo.

60. What color of Panda is found in the Houston Zoo?
Answer: Red.

61. Which Zoo built the world’s first animal hospital inside a zoo?
Answer: Bronx Zoo.

62. Which museum in New York, is one of the youngest monuments to be designated as a National Historic Landmark?
Answer: The Guggenheim Museum.

63. Which museum in Massachusetts displays only the worst of art pieces?
Answer: The Museum of Bad Art.

64. What is the name of the famous eagle that escaped from the London Zoo in 1965?
Answer: Goldie.

65. The process of creating a zoo environment that mirrors an animal’s life in the wild is called?
Answer: Enrichment.

66. What kind of animal were Thelma and Louise, a reptile that once lived at the San Diego zoo?
Answer: A two-headed snake.

67. Which museum in Columbia houses the largest collection of gold artifacts in the world?
Answer: The Gold Museum in Bogotá.

68. Where are the Vatican Museums located?
Answer: Vatican City.

69. Which zoo is home to the ‘Arctic Ring of Life,’ the world’s largest (captive) habitat for polar bears?
Answer: The Detroit Zoo.

70. Which zoo in the US was home to Martha, the last living passenger pigeon in the world?
Answer: Cincinnati Zoo.

71. Which New York City landmark is found inside the Bronx Zoo?
Answer: The Rockefeller Fountain.

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