81 Fun 80s Trivia Questions And Answers

Fun 80s Trivia Questions And Answers

The 1980s was the decade that saw so many changes in the way things were done in society. Many people see this time as one of the best times in history in terms of radical changes in technology and science. We have specially crafted this fun trivia game that covers the music, cartoons, and movies in the 80s to take you down the memory lane of the 80s. Have fun playing this interesting trivia and click the “Show Answer” button to see the correct answers to questions.

80s Fashion Trivia Questions And Answers

80s-fashion (Photo Credit: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

1. The type of hairstyles that was more trendy than the rest in the 80s were usually bigger hairstyles. True or false?


2. It was only women and girls that wore spandex in the 80s. True or false?


3. Which of the following was a major fashion trend in the 80s? Tight jeans or ripped knee jeans?

Ripped knee jeans

4. Frills made up a major part of shirts in the 1980s. Yes or no?



5. In the 80s which of the following colors were more acceptable? Muted colors or neon colors?

neon colours

6. The 80s were the only time when mullets were cool? True or false?


7. In the 80s, people cut a lower part of their shirt to show their belly. True or false?


Australia 80s Trivia Questions And Answers

8. The first female Australian pilot to fly an airplane in the 1980s was?

Debbie Wardley

9. In the 1980s, Australia’s prime Minister sanctioned which country for invading Afghanistan?


10. What is the name of the office that lost a sensitive report in the 1980s in Australia?

Office of National Assessment

11. What is the name of the automobile company that was taken over by a Japanese firm in the 1980s?


12. The Australian branch of the Earthwatch institute wasn’t established in Australia in the 1980s. True or false?


13. Prince Phillips and Queen Elizabeth II visited Australia in the 1980s. True or false?


14. Newcastle’s Sun newspaper ceased publication in Australia in? The 1960s or 1980s?

The 1980s

15. Women were allowed to join surf clubs as full members in the 1980s. True or false?


Black 80s Trivia Questions And Answers

MICHAEL JACKSON’S ‘THRILLER (Photo Credit: thesource.com)

16. What is the name of the Black American entrepreneur born in 1946 that launched Black Entertainment Television in January 1980?

Robert L. Johnson

17. What day in the 80s did Michael Jackson release the bestselling album in music history “Thriller,”?

November 30, 1982


18. Name the first Black person to be elected the 51st mayor of Chicago on April 29, 1983?

Harold Washington

19. Singer-actress Vanessa Williams became the first Black person to be crowned Miss America in which year?

September 17, 1983

20. Which year did Mike Tyson (b. 1966) become the youngest heavyweight champion in the world after defeating Trevor Berbick?

March 6, 1986

21. What year did Neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson and his team of surgeons separate conjoined twins after a 22-hour operation?

January 30, 1987

80s Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

22. What is the name of the director of the 1982 movie ‘Blade Runner’?

Ridley Scott

23. The first Disney animated film that made use of computer graphics was?

The Fox And The Hound

24. What is the name of the central character of the 1985 movie ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’?


25. The 1980s film that is based on the life of John Merrick was?

The elephant man

26. What is the real name of Baby in ‘Dirty Dancing’?

Frances Houseman

27. What is the total number of ‘Star Wars films released in the 1980s?


28. What is the name of the apatosaurus in ‘The Land Before Time’?

little foot

29. The highest-grossing film of the 1980s was?

E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial

30. The popular tagline of the movie ‘The Transformers was?

Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination

31. The name of the main female character in ‘The Terminator’ was?


32. What is the name of the person that played the leading role in the movie ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Charlie. B Barkin

33. The actor that played Jack In the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ was?

Emilio Estevez

34. The name of the movie that starred Mr T as Sinbad, the sailor living in New York was?

Sinbad The Sailor

35. The animated movie of the 1980s that does the song ‘There Are No Cats In America’ feature was?

An American Tail

36. The 1980s movie that has six sequels and a TV series are?

Police academy

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80s Music Trivia Questions And Answers

37. The song that was the first UK chart-topper of Kylie Minogue was?

I Should Be So Lucky

38. What is the name of the song by Cliff Richard that became Christmas number one in 1988?

Mistletoe And Wine

39. What is the name of the person’s voice behind the 1984 popular hit ‘All Cried Out’?

Alison Moyet

40. The song that made Whitney Houston the UK number one in 1985 was?

Saving All My Love For You

41. The person that led the opening performance of the Live Aid Concert in July 1985 was?

status quo

42. What is the name of the person that won the Eurovision Song Contest twice in the ’80s?

Johnny Logan

43. The 80s duet that featured Fleetwood Mac and Eagles was?

Leather And Lace

44. Who sang the song that is played during the opening and closing credits of the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’?

simple minds

45. Reverend Richard Coles was part of which British duo?

The Communards

46. Who became a chart-topper in 1988 through the song that she released that year?


47. The title of the 1981 song that was in the UK top six in the year 2009 was?

Don’t Stop Believin

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80s Toy Trivia Questions And Answers

48. What is the estimate in millions, Rubik cubes that were sold in the early 80s? 10 million or 100 million?

100 million

49. Hungry hippos, a popular 80s game was designed for how many players?

2 to 4 players

50. The Care Bears came out in which year? 1984 or 1981?


51. What is the name of the 80s game that won a Guinness world record for the fastest game ever played?

hungry hippos

52. Between 1983 and 1987, how many carebears were sold? 12 million or 40 million?

40 million

53. What is the name of the 80s game that led to riots and the destruction of properties?

Cabbage Patch Kids

54. What is the name of the company that released Transformers in 1984?


55. When Cabbage Patch Kids came out, how many pieces were available?

About 500 pieces

56. In what year did my little pony come out? 1986 or 1982?


57. On the first day of release, how many pieces of game boys were sold in North America? 10,000 or 40,000


80s Cartoon Trivia Questions And Answers

58. The first animated mini-series in television history was which 80s cartoon?

G.I Joe

59. The last cartoon series produced by an animation firm called Filmation studios was?

Brave Starr

60. What was the year that G.I Joe premiered? 1987 or 1983?


61. The shortest running animated Disney series of all time that was produced in the 1980s was?

The Wuzzles

62. In the Hulk Hogan cartoon of the 80s, the Hulk Hogan character was voiced by who?

Brad Garrett

63. The cartoon series, Galaxy high was created by who?

Chris Columbus

64. What is the real name of Rainbow Brite?


80s Rock and Roll Trivia Questions And Answers

65. What was the name of the rock and roll that came out in the 80s?

Glam metal

66. Ratt was a band that played rock and roll music. True or false?


67. Guns N Roses were not successful in the late 80s. True or false?


68. Most of the rock and roll bands had long hair and their men wore makeup. True or false?


69. Rock and roll music was a mixture of pop music and? Reggae or heavy metal?

heavy metal

80s TV Trivia Questions And Answers

70. In what movie was Jan-Michael Vincent stunt double killed?

Airwolfs classics

71. The Golden Girls was acted by older women. True or false?


72. Which 1980s TV show that premiered from 1982-1989 had Steven and Elyse Keaton characters?

Family Ties

73. The house that was featured in Bel Air wasn’t actually in Bel Air but in Brentwood. True or false?


74. Cheers, a TV show of the 80s Fall into which genre?


75. In what year was the A-team premiered? 1981 or 1983


76. The Dukes of Hazard which falls into the adventure and comedy genre premiered on?

1979 to 1985

77. When acting as Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith was once rejected. True or false?


80s Horror Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

78. The virgin hero is a horror movie that was popular for depicting the idea of being pure by not having sex. True or false?


79. Which horror movie in the 80s had the idea that someone living with a mental health condition was an emotionless killer?

mental illness

80. The Hillbilly Cannibals popularized by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? True or false?


81. Films like Sleepaway Camp and Terror Train latched onto this incredibly problematic idea of a trans villain. True or false?


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