81 Fun and Interesting Planet Football Quiz

Fun and Interesting Planet Football Quiz

Football is a game that is played by 22 players, 11 players on each team. The modern football that is played today originated from Great Britain and ever since then, a lot of innovation and leagues have been created in different countries to play the game. The following trivia questions and answers on champions league, world cup, and club football will help you know more about this game:

Planet Football Quiz Liverpool

1. Liverpool football club came into existence in what year?


2. The football club that was beaten by Liverpool in the European cup final in 2005?

AC Milan

3. The first FA cup won by Liverpool FC was in which year?


4. What is the name of the person that scored Liverpool’s only goal during the final of the European Cup?

Kenny Dalglish


5. Who broke Liverpool’s club-record signing in 2018.

Virgil van Dijk

6. The road that runs behind the Kop stand at Anfield is called?

Walton Breck Road

7. What is the name of the club that Liverpool beat in the European cup final, 1978?


8. When was Jurgen Klopp appointed as the coach of Liverpool FC?


9. The highest African scoring player in Liverpool football club is?

Mo Salah

10. What is the name of the stadium of Liverpool FC?


Planet Football Quiz Manchester United

11. In the year 2016, Manchester United broke their club-record transfer fee for which player?

Paul Pogba

12. How many times has Manchester United been the champions of England?

20 times

13. What is the highest goal tally Manchester United has used to win a match in all competitions?


14. The Manchester United player that has the most appearances is?

Ryan Giggs

15. What was the score when Manchester United won Roma in the champions league 2007?


16. What is the name of the player that has scored the most goals in the club?

Wayne Rooney

17. The name of the stadium owned by Manchester United is?

Old Trafford


18. The longest-serving Manchester united manager was?

Sir Alex Ferguson

19. The highest transfer fee that Manchester United has ever received was for which player?

Cristiano Ronaldo

20. What is the nickname of Manchester United Club?

The Red Devils

Planet Football Quiz England

21. The furthest that the England National team has ever gotten in Euros was?

The semi-finals

22. How many games have England won against Ukraine?

four games

23. What is the name of England’s highest goal scorer in the Euros?

Alan Shearer

24. What is the name of the club that England’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford plays for?

Everton fc

25. At the youth level, what is the name of the country that Jack Grealish played for?


26. Gareth Southgate played in which position for England before becoming their coach?


27. In what year did England fail to qualify for the Euro?


28. In the year 2004, which country knocked England out of Euros?


Planet Foot Quiz World Cup

29. Since the first world cup, which country has constantly appeared each time it is played?


30. The only player that has won a record 3 world cups is?


31. What is the name of the country that has 201 goals in the world cup?


32. What is the name of the country that was the first to wear player names at the back of their jerseys in the world cup finals?


33. The only nation in the world to win both the female and male world cup?


34. The name of the player that has scored 13 goals in one world cup is?

Just Fontaine

35. The player that has scored 15 goals at the world cup finals is?


36. The country that has lost the world cup final more than any other country in the world?


37. The name of the country that has won the most world cups is?


Planet Football Quiz Chelsea

38. Nuno Valente has not played for Chelsea. True or False?


39. Ruben Neves was the premier league player that became the youngest UEFA champions league captain against Chelsea. True or false?


40. What was the jersey number that Steve Sidwell wore for Chelsea? 7 or 9?


41. The first player to be signed during the Abramovich era was?

Glen Johnson

42. Juan Mata has never worn the Chelsea captain armband. True or false?


43. Who was the highest goal scorer of African origin in Chelsea?

Didier Drogba

44. What is the name of the highest-scoring American player in Chelsea?

Christian Pulisic

45. In which year did Chelsea resign Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan?


46. What is the name of Chelsea’s coach that came from PSG to win the champions league for them?


47. What number does Kante wear for Chelsea? 4 or 7?


48. Mo Salah once played for Chelsea football club before moving to Liverpool. True or false?


49. In Chelsea games, how many goals have Radamel Falcao scored?


50. What is the name of Chelsea’s goalkeeper that is from Senegal?

Eduardo Mendy

Planet Football Quiz Real Madrid

51. How many UEFA champions leagues has Real Madrid won? 7 or 13?


52. How many back-to-back UEFA champion League has Real Madrid won?

3 back to back

53. Real Madrid’s club-record signing came in for which player?

Eden Hazard

54. What is the nickname of the Real Madrid football club?

Los Blancos

55. What color is the home kit of Real Madrid? Blue or white?


56. In what year was the Real Madrid Football club established?


57. What is the name of the coach that led Real Madrid to win the UEFA champion league back to back?

Zinedine Zidane

58. What is the name of the Real Madrid midfielder from Croatia that won the Balon d’Or?

Luca Modric

59. The former Real Madrid player that has won 5 Balon D’or is?

Cristiano Ronaldo

60. What is the name of the official stadium of the Real Madrid football club?

Santiago Bernabeu

61. The CF in Real Madrid CF means? Club dú football or Club dè futbol?

Club de fútbol

Planet Football Quiz Arsenal

62. What is the nickname that is given to Arsenal football club?

The gunners

63. What is the name of the stadium of Arsenal football club?

Emirates Stadium

64. What is the nickname of the popular Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger?

The professor

65. In what year did Patrick Viera clash with Roy Keane? 208 or 2005?


66. The first seat of the new Emirates stadium was ceremonially installed by which player?

Abuo Diaby

67. What is the nickname that Arsenal football club fans bear?


68. Arsenal has won the UEFA champion league once. True or false?


69. What were Arsenal Football Team called when they won the Premier League without being beaten for once?

The invincibles

70. The North London derby is played between Arsenal and which other club?

Tottenham Hotspur

71. What is the name of the club that Arsenal lost their 2006 UEFA champion league final to? Chelsea or Barcelona?


72. What is the name of the goalkeeper for Arsenal during their undefeated Premier League Title?

Jens Lehmann

73. Who was Arsenal’s captain, after Tony Adams’s retirement from football?

Patrick Viera

Planet Football Quiz Champions League

74. What is the name of the club that went ahead to win a treble after winning the UEFA champions league?


75. The first Asian player to win the champions leagues was?

Park Ji Sung

76. What is the name of the player with the most champions league goals?

Cristiano Ronaldo

77. Did Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer help Manchester United win their champions league final against Bayern? Yes or no?


78. What is the name of the city where Real Madrid stayed and beat Juventus in the champions league final?


79. Is the UEFA champions league also played by football clubs in North America? Yes or no?


80. The only player so far to win the champions league with three football clubs is?

Clarence Seedorf

81. What is the name of the club that won the champions league back to back 3 times?

Real Madrid

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