81 Fun Couples Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun Couples Trivia Questions and Answers

Looking to have some fun with your partner? We have lined up some interesting and error-free trivia games that help you will some quality time with your partner to improve your relationship and also to help you guys know each other better.

We have created this couple’s trivia questions and answers on issues relating to love and romance. Have a good time playing this wonderful game with your partner. Try the questions and click on “Show Answer” to see the correct answers to the questions you’ve answered.

1. What Is the name of a Cupid in Greek mythology?


2. What Is the name of the person that wrote the oldest-known Valentine’s Day message?

The Duke of Orleans


3. Cupid is the son of whom in Roman mythology?


4. Whom does Cupid fall in love in Roman mythology?


5. When did Sweethearts candy first get its shape?


6. Which Roman goddess did the saying “Wearing your heart on your sleeve” originate from?


7. Mean-spirited Valentine’s Day cards were called “___ Valentines.” in the Victorian era?


8. In which place was the oldest-known Valentine’s Day message sent?


9. In which year was the oldest-known Valentine’s Day message written?


10. When was Sweethearts candy production temporarily suspended?


11. What Is the number of roses that are sent for Valentine’s Day each year?

50 million

12. What Is the name of the person that invented the first Valentine’s Day candy box?

Richard Cadbury

13. How many marriage proposals are there every Valentine’s Day on average?


14. Which Roman holiday can valentine’s day be traced to?


15. What do yellow roses symbolize?



16. What is the number of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates that are typically sold each Valentine’s Day?

35 million

17. What do florists call a single red rose surrounded by a baby’s breath?

Signature rose

18. William Shakespeare mentions Valentine’s Day in which of his plays?


19. People’s heart rate is increased to how many beats per minute when kissing?

Approximately 110

20. What brain chemical is known as the “love hormone?”


21. Which popular website debuted on Valentine’s Day in 2005?


22. In which year was Saint Valentine said to be martyred?

269 BC

23. Which person is known as the Mother of Valentine’s Day?

Esther Howland

24. Aphrodite, the love goddess, was said to be born from what?


25. In which year was February 14 first declared to be Valentine’s Day?


26. What Is the approximate number of people that typically buy Valentine for their pets?

9 million

27. In which year was the first American Valentine published?


28. Which country is Valentine’s Day known as “Friend’s Day?”


29. Apart from valentines day, which holiday are the most flowers sent?

mothers day

30. Women and girls ate bizarre foods on Valentine’s Day in medieval times to do what?

To dream about their future spouses

31. Which US state produces most of America’s red roses?


32. What Is the name of the emperor that called for St. Valentine’s execution?

Claudius II

33. What Is the name of the notorious gangster who orchestrated the St. Valentine’s Day massacre?

Al capone

34. Women purchase what percentage of all Valentines sold?

Approximately 85 percent

35. What Is the name of the emperor that built the Taj Mahal in honor of his wife?

Emperor Shah Jahan

36. What amount of money do Americans spend on chocolate for Valentine’s Day each year?

$1 billion

37. How many percent of married men don’t make plans in advance for Valentine’s Day?

64 percent

38. Stems of roses that are sold on Valentine’s Day every year are how many in number?

189 million

39. What number of Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year?

About 1 billion

40. What Is the name of an essential invention that was patented on Valentine’s Day?


41. Where was the oldest living love poem written?

Clay tablet

42. What Is the name of the fruit that was once known as a “love apple” for its alleged aphrodisiac properties?


43. In what year did the first recorded speed dating event take place?


44. The Guinness World Record for the longest marriage ever recorded was?

86 years, 290 days

45. What Is the name of the country that has a holiday on the 14th of every month?

South Korea

46. Which king declared the date Saint Valentine’s Day in 1537?

King Henry VIII

47. The famous structure that was built in honor of love and loyalty was?

Taj Mahal

48. In which country was the oldest known love poem found?


49. Hallmark, a card manufacturing company, launched its first Valentine’s Day product in what year?


50. Who published the first American valentine?

Esther Howland

51. In which century did it become common and popular to exchange cards and gifts on Valentine’s Day?

18th century

52. On which day was the valentine’s day originally celebrated in ancient Rome?

15th of February

53. What Is the most popular thing that happens in the Philippines during valentines day?


54. Ghana celebrates Feb. 14 as?

National chocolate day

55. In which country do women traditionally buy chocolates and gifts during Valentine’s day?


56. Wales celebrates a Valentine’s Day of sorts during which month?


57. What Is the name of the country that celebrates Valentine’s Day during the summer?


58. What Is the name of the event where thousands of couples kiss simultaneously?


59. Lovapalooza is celebrated in which country?

The Philippines

60. Valentine’s Day started with which people?

The Romans

61. Valentine’s Day was first declared a holiday by who?

A Pope

62. The first Valentine’s Day celebration occurred in?


63. During the valentine, English women believed bay leaves to bring what?

Good luck

64. In the 1700s, rural English women would pin how many Bay leaves in their pillows during Valentine’s day?


65. Candy hearts were original?

Medical lozenges.

66. The origins of conversation hearts date back to the?


67. Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants, second only to?

Mothers day

68. Which two colors do most people consider the color of love?

Pink and red

69. Which people started using heart shapes as a symbol of love?
French and Italian artists from the

14th century

70. What do men and women in the United States prefer to flowers?


71. Which flower accounts for over half of the flower sales on Valentine’s Day?


72. Which career field is the number one recipient of Valentines?


73. How much do Americans spend on jewelry during Valentine’s day?

Approximately $19 billion

74. Which important medical invention was introduced on Valentine’s Day?


75. What Is the name of the romantic comedy-drama that was nominated for seven Academy Awards in 1998?

As Good as It Gets

76. The song “I Will Always Love You” was famously covered by who?

Whitney Houston

77. In the abbreviation “XO,” what do “X” and “O” stand for?

X for kisses and O for hugs

78. Which US state has a town named after valentine’s day?

Valentine, Texas

79. Which country exports the most roses?


80. Who released the song “What’s Love Got to Do With It” in 1984?

Tina Turner

81. During the Valentine’s season, how many pounds of Kisses does Hershey make?

8 million

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