81 Fun Cultural Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you looking to discover and learn more about interesting cultures and religions around the world? We got you, as we have careful complied interesting and error-free cultural trivia questions and answers. In this post, you will find a super fun cultrural quiz for your next trivia night with friends and family. So relax and enjoy the game.

1. Removing your lei in public is considered very rude in which US state?
Answer: Hawaii

lei Photo: myhawaiihostel.com

2. Which color of the flower represents a relationship break-up or deceit in Russian?
Answer: Yellow

3. Countries in which part of Asia is slurping loudly considered a compliment to the chef?
Answer: Countries in South-East Asia

4. Kissing which body part is a common way of greeting someone in Spain?
Answer: Both Cheeks


5. Is the “Thumbs up” gesture considered offensive in Middle East countries?
Answer: Yes

6. Which color of flowers do the Chinese associate with death and funerals?
Answer: White

7. Do Japanese people consider tipping people as good or bad?
Answer: Bad

8. Spanish celebrate New Year’s Eve by eating 12 _______ at midnight?
Answer: grapes

9. In Australia, When a men hail a taxi, it is impolite to sit where?
Answer: back seat

10. In Egypt asking for what when dining is considered an insult to the host?
Answer: Salt.

11. In which country is the tradition of feeding each other with your hands called “gursha” considered as hospitality?
Answer: Ethiopia

12. In which country is it important to maintain eye contact when toasting to avoid 7 years of bad sexual relations?
Answer: Germany

13. Visitors are required to remove their______ before entering sacred places, like religious temples in Thailand?
Answer: Footwear

14. Which among the United States, Germans, Japan, and Venezuela is it acceptable to be 10 to 15 minutes late for a dinner invitation?
Answer: Venezuela

15. Is arriving on time for a dinner party in Tanzania considered polite or rude?
Answer: Rude

16. How many writing formats do the Japanese have?
Answer: 3

17. Which animal is believed to be sacred by Hindus?
Answer: Cow


18. Who pays the dowry in Hindus, a family of the bride or the family of the groom?
Answer: a family of the bride

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19. In Norway, is eating sandwiches with a fork and knife against table manners?
Answer: No, but eating sandwiches with your bare hands is.

20. People in Thailand eat mostly with a spoon in the right hand and ______in the left?
Answer: Fork

21. Which people should not sit at the corner of the table in Russia, otherwise they will not marry?
Answer: Unmarried people

22. The British do not like talking about their private life, True or False?
Answer: True

23. Is gifting pointed and sharp gifts considered right or wrong in the Netherlands?
Answer: wrong

24. When in South Korea, it is right to use a single hand while giving people something, True or False?
Answer: False. Giving with both of your hands is the correct practice.

25. What will the French do to their glass before alternating from red to white wine?
Answer: wash or clean

26. Muslims are restricted from consuming pork, True or False?
Answer: True

27. Where are children in Greece are told to throw their teeth?
Answer: Roof

28. Is touching someone’s head in Malaysia right?
Answer: No

29. In Japan, it is custom to serve the younger first before the elderly when eating, True or False?
Answer: False. It is custom to serve the elderly first.

30. In France, what number is the “OK” finger sign read as?
Answer: Zero

31. How many years did Hungarians swore not to clink their glasses when having a drink?
Answer: 150 Years

32. Which number means luck in China?
Answer: 8

33. what does nodding (move your head up and down once) your head mean in Greece?
Answer: No

34. What color of Pen inks symbolizes death in South Korea?
Answer: Red

35. Where is “the world islands” located?                                                                                                                                      Answer: Dubai

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the world islands Photo credit: emirates247.com

36. looking straight into people’s eyes is considered rude in Italy, True or False?
Answer: False

37. In Nigeria, staring one in the eye for a prolonged period is considered a bit rude? True or False?
Answer: True

38. The United Kingdom, people greet a lone magpie to avoid what?
Answer: bad luck

39. How do people greet each other in Japan?
Answer: bowing

40. What is the lucky number in Italy?
Answer: 13

41. According to a Russian superstition, having hiccups means what?
Answer: someone is thinking about you

42. Nigeria, Greece, and Japan, which among these countries is doing a high-five considered offensive?
Answer: Greece

43. In which country is Finger-pulling a sport called Fingerhakeln?
Answer: Austria

44. Which is the first self-governing country that allowed women to vote?
Answer: New Zealand

45. It is considered rude for someone younger to finish a meal before the older in Nigeria, True or False?
Answer: True

46. Slurping while eating is not considered rude and noisy in which of the countries? Cambodia, Seychelles, Ghana.
Answer: Cambodia

47. In which country do people buy funny hats for their 25-year-old single friends on November 25?
Answer: France

48. In Japanese culture, what do people take off before entering a home to show respect?
Answer: shoes

49. People like eating with their hats or cap on in Spain, True or False?
Answer: False, it is considered rude

50. Which country is wife-carrying a sport called eukonkanto?
Answer: Finland

51. In which country did the cultural art of calligraphy originate?
Answer: China

52. What is the most consumed meat in the United States during Thanksgiving?
Answer: roasted turkey

53. What shape of chocolate box do most people buy in The United States during Valentine’s Day?
Answer: Heart-shaped boxes

54. Which coffee drink is considered a breakfast-only beverage in Italy?
Answer: cappuccino

55. What is the unlucky number in China?
Answer: 4

56. What should you do when someone in Japan bows to you?
Answer: bow back

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57. You most always wait for a citizen to start a handshake in China, True or False?
Answer: True

58. Is placing two mirrors opposite each other according to Mexico Superstition open a doorway for what?
Answer: the devil

59. What is the Jewish holy book called?
Answer: Torah

60. Which country did Taoism originate from?
Answer: China

Taoism Photo credit: globalmissioncenters.org

61. Which religion did Druze religion originally develop out of?
Answer: Ismaili Islam

62. The largest religion in the world?
Answer: Christianity

63. Which month of the Islamic calendar is Ramadan?
Answer: ninth month

64. Which religion is the leader known as “The Enlightened One” associated with?
Answer: Buddhism

65. What is the major religion in Egypt?
Answer: Islam

66. Where did the Rastafari religion Begin?
Answer: Jamaica

67. What name do Muslims call God?
Answer: Allah

68. Which country is it believed that Saint Thomas introduced Christianity too?
Answer: India

69. What Christian Church is the biggest in Poland?
Answer: Roman Catholic Church

70. What is the second-largest religion in the world?
Answer: Islam

71. The Yin-Yang is a major symbol of which religion?
Answer: Taoism/Daoism

72. Who founded ‘Religion of Humanity’?
Answer: Auguste Comte.

73. What is the biggest religion in Cuba?
Answer: Christianity

74. Who founded Methodism religion?
Answer: John Wesley

75. People who practice Islam are known as?
Answer: Muslims

76. Zend Avesta is the holy book of which religion?
Answer: Zoroastrianism

77. In what country is Candomblé mainly practiced?
Answer: Brazil

78. What are the two largest denominations of Islam?
Answer: Sunni and Shia

79. Which religion is mecca associated with?
Answer: Islam

80. Which religious movement was started with the aim to establish a Jewish State in Palestine?
Answer: Zionism

81. Which religion is associated with baptism?
Answer: Christian

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