81 Fun Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

Fun Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

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How many pieces of Armour are there in Minecraft? If you are a Minecraft lover, you should know the answers already. If you know the correct answer, Kudos, keep playing this trivia game to answer more fun questions. If you don’t know the answers try more interesting Minecraft trivia as will find the answer within this game and click the “Show Answer” if you want to see the correct answer to each question.

Hard Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

1. Minecraft, a video game, contains a material called Redstone that can be used primitively to make logic gates and electric circuits. True or False?


2. The organization that was formed to lead the introduction of this video game in schools was called? Minecraft Org or Minecraft Edu?

Minecraft edu

3. In what year was it now possible for new players to create their skins? 2008, 2011, or 2010?



4. Markus Persson was the person that produced the music and sound effects used for this video game. True or false?

false, Daniel Rosenfeld  produced the music

5. Which of the game modes of this game allows you to create and build things without distraction? Innovative mode or Creative mode?

creative mode

6. The estimated number of people that play this video game every month is? 200 million or 55 million?

55 million

7. To change the music that is being played in the game, you can insert an enchanted music disc in the jukebox. True or false?


8. Alpha, which was the major update of Minecraft, was released in which year? 2012 or 2010


9. To survive, players don’t have to gather natural resources in the environment. True or false?


10. What was the name of the project that Un-Habitat collaborated on to have a real-life environment in this game?

Block-by-block project

11. Some of the hostile mobs in this game don’t need the headgear to have protection from the sun. Yes or No?


12. Except for the end, the overworld, and the nether, Minecraft has two other dimensions. True or false?


13. The gaming program that is based in Australia that chose Minecraft as the best downloadable game in 2010 was?

Good Game

14. One of the hostile mobs that has the least probability of dropping a carrot is the?


15. The sound effects of Ghasts were depicted by the recording of which domestic animal? Cat or Dog?


16. The health of the Iron Golem mob is higher than that of the Enderman mob. True or false?



17. The Diversity of Minecraft that you can enter after completing the Monument by getting the colored wool is the? Diversity two or Diversity three?

diversity three

18. In the creative part of this video game, there is access to almost all the resources in the inventory to players. True or false?


19. Assuming the Minecraft game is a reality, how big could it have been in real life?

Bigger than planet Neptune

20. The magazine that is based in America that recognized Minecraft as one of the best games in 2010 was? Investopedia or Forbes?


21. The slimes drop which item in the video game? Poop balls or Slime balls?

slime balls

22. While playing the game, what can you put on to stop Enderman from ambushing you? Sackcloth or a Pumpkin?


23. To make one iron ingot, how many slabs of iron are required? Three or one?


24. The version of the Minecraft game that was released in the year 2019 was?

Minecraft earth

25. The material that you make use of if you want to mine ores and stones in the game is the? Digger or pickaxe?


26. It is in layer 13 that you can find diamonds in the video game. True or false?


27. The version of the game that was developed in the year 2012 by 4j studios was on which platform?

Xbox 360

28. Without including the tentacles, what is the height of the Ghasts?

four blocks

29. Dandelions are one of the rarest plants in the game, but which plant is rarer than it is?


30. Starting from the time of production and 2019 how many copies of this game have been sold? 380 million copies or 180 million copies?

180 million copies

31. When was the time that this game, Minecraft, had a beta release that was rolled out later in the year? 2015 or 2019?


32. Skeletons were first introduced in what version of the game?

alpha version

33. The country in the world that allows Minecraft to be played in its educational environments is?


34. What was the time duration that was taken to produce the first Minecraft game? 2 months or 6 days?

6 days

35. The UK newspaper that categorized Minecraft as the best video game in the 21st century was? The Times or The Guardian?

The Guardian

36. The mob in this video game that breeds inside the underground only is the?


37. What is the number of night creatures that can be found in Minecraft? 7 or 5?


38. The type of vegetable that can be used in this game to make a night vision mixture is?

golden carrots

39. What Are the platforms or consoles which can be used to play this game?

Xbox and Wii

40. Raw fish is what is used to tame ocelot. True or false?


41. If lightning strikes the range of four blocks of a creeper, a charged creeper is not built. True or false?


42. The version of this game that made use of augmented reality was?

Minecraft earth

43. Ocelots don’t make creepers petrified. True or false?


44. As you play the game if you make use of a skeleton to accidentally shoot a creeper, what will it drop?

music disc

45. The mob that spawns underwater in the un-modded game is the?


46. The percentage of zombie spawns born as baby zombies can ride chicken? 15% or 5%?


Easy Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

47. What is the name of the studio that produces the Minecraft game?

Mojang studios

48. What is the name of the founder of this video game?

Markus Persson

49. The game was created in the year 2009. True or false?


50. The mission while playing the game is to kill the Ender Dragon. Yes or No?


51. Minecraft was purchased by Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft for which amount of money? $2.5 million or $2.5 billion?

$2.5 billion

52. Cave Gam was the first name of Minecraft. True or false?


53. Ender dragon is the main dragon on the island. True or false?


54. Blue and green is the color that the zombie mobs wear. Yes or No?


55. If you are 100 blocks away, the Ghasts will not see you. True or false?


56. When it is killed, the creeper mob drops gunpowder. True or false?


57. Skeletons shoot guns when you get into their way, true or false?


58. The best way to kill a spider in this game is with? A gun or A sword?

a sword

59. Skeletons drop bones and arrows on this game, true or false?


60. Players collect lava and water using which tool in this game? Bowl or Bucket?


61. Gravity affects two blocks of sand and gravel. Yes or No?


62. Minecraft was released in which month?


63. There are how many versions of Minecraft? Two or five?


64. The update that was announced in the year 2019 was?

Nether update

65. The currency that is used in Minecraft earth is? Dollar or Rubies?


66. Facebook played a huge role in promoting Minecraft. True or false?


67. The background music of this video game is? hip-hop music or ambient music?

ambient music

68. The smallest animal in this game is? Cat or chicken?


69. To cook, players made use of which block in the game?

furnace block

70. Who controls the Enderman in the game?

Ender dragon

71. What can you use in the game to construct complex things?


72. What was the programming language that was used to create this game?


73. Which location are dungeons found in the game?

deep down

74. The most valuable thing in this game is?


75. Minecraft is in which category of games?

sandbox game

76. The second-largest mob in this video game is?

The ghasts

77. In which dimension are ender men mostly spawned?

The end

78. What type of block cannot be crafted into Armour?

wood block

79. How many pieces of Armour are there in Minecraft?


80. The sheep drops which new food?

raw mutton

81. What was the first enemy that was introduced in this game?


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