81 Fun Pokémon Trivia Questions and Answer

Pokemon Trivia Questions and Answer

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Are you a fan of Pokemon looking to know more about pokemon? We have crafted this fun trivia so you can discover and test your knowledge about Pokemon while having fun.  We have carefully complied these interesting trivia questions and answer for your fun and pleasure. So relax and play this trivia game.

1. How many Pokémon species were featured in Pokémon Yellow? 120 or 151?


2. When the HP becomes zero, a Pokemon continues to fight in the battle. True or false?


3. The Pokémon school was shown to Ash by whom? Miley or Mallow?


4. The success rate of capture becomes higher when the target’s HP is low and the Poke ball is stronger. True or false?



5. How many legendary Pokémon appeared in Generation IV? Five or Nine?


6. Who created Pokémon? Wong Satoshi or Satoshi Tajiri?

Satoshi Tajiri

7. In 2019, which Pokémon series was directed?

detective Pikachu

8. The Pokémon Gym leader is known as?

L.t Surge

9. The HP of target Pokémon and the type of Poke ball used are the factors included in the success rate of capture. Yes or No?


10. The company didn’t create the Pokemon anime series and film, True or false?


11. When was the franchise created?

in 1995

12. Which company manages the media franchise ‘Pokémon’?

The Pokémon company

13. You can bring a smile to Pikachu’s face in Pokémon video games by using it in battles? True or false?


14. What is Pokémon known as in Japan? War monsters or pocket monsters?

pocket monsters

15. Which game allows the players to trade Pokémon between cartridges?

Pokemon Yellow

16. What was the original name of the Pokeman company?

Pokémon Monsters Red and Green

17. Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow take place In the Kanto region. True or false?



18. What does Pikachu do in the game Pokémon Yellow? Ignores the players or follows the players?

follows the players

19. When was the video game of this franchise released in Australia and North America?

in 1999

20. What does a Pokémon’s level dictate?

its physical properties

21. What is the name Pokémon Ash tried to catch in the market?


22. What did Professor Oak give to Ash for his cousin, when Ash was with his mom?

Pokemon egg

23. The green-colored long hair was possessed by which girl?


24. Can you name the English slogan of this franchise?

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All”

25. Kiawe fought with the team skull by using which Pokémon?


26. What is the name of those that developed the Pokémon Yellow video game?

Game freak

27. When Ash and Pikachu were trying to catch Grubbin, what Pokémon chased them?

Tapu Koko

28. What is the full name of Ash? Ash Tarina or Ash Ketchum?

Ash Ketchum

29. When did Pokémon make its first debut?

in 1997

30. Where can you easily find wild Pokémon? At lakes or Tall grasses?

tall grasses

31. The Alola vacation tickets were won by whom?


32. What power does Tapu Bulu have to manipulate? Water or vegetation?


33. Who voiced the detective Pikachu?

Ryan Reynolds

34. Primarina releases what when it dances? Fire or water?


35. Where can a Pokémon be healed free?

Pokemon center

36. Tapu Koko is known to be the guardian of which Island?

Melemele Island

37. The Pokémon Mismagius is a type of? Legend or ghost?


38. Mallow thought that Ash was a student when both of them met for the first time? True or false?


39. Ash hit his head on fruit in the forest, name the fruit?


40. TM28 contains the movie Tombstone? True or false?


41. In the Pokémon school, many students were bullied by whom?

Team skull

42. Kiawe was helped by whom in the battle with team skull?


43. Steel-type moves used on Fire-type Pokémon are not very effective. True or false?


44. How many gym badges certified by the Pokémon League are there? Six or eight?


45. When Ash was on the Melemele beach, he stepped on a Pokémon, what was it?


46. Name the Pokémon that the children were raising when Ash went to see the school?


47. Who was the water pokemon master?


48. What type of Pokémon is called Hitmonlee?

fighting type

49. Who are the main characters of Pokémon?

Ash and Pikachu

50. Who voiced Ash Ketchum?

Sarah Natosheny

51. What is the name of the grandson of Professor Oak? Dan Oak or Gary Oak?

Gary Oak

52. What was the setting for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon?

The Alola region

53. The characteristic of Dragonite Pokémon is that it is kindhearted with human-like intelligence. Yes or No?


54. Which poke ball is the most effective one?

master ball

55. Who voiced the character of Professor Samuel Oak?

Unsho Ishizuka

56. Stoutland passed away In ‘One Journey Ends, Another Begins. True or false?


57. What does Ash want to become in the future? Watermaster or Pokémon master?

Pokemon master

58. Who is the new companion of Ash in Pokémon Journeys? Gary or Goh?


59. What is the full meaning of HP in the game?

Health point

60. The Pokemon Boldore is a type of what? Ice or Rock?


61. The ultimate goal of the game is to complete the Pokedex entries. True or false?


62. What is the new Pokémon anime called?

Pokemon Journeys

63. Pokémon Turtonator is a type of what? Water or fire?


64. Name the other person on vacation along with Ash and Pikachu?

Ash’s mom

65. How many basic screens are there in Pokemon Yellow? Five or three?


66. In which year was the Pokémon Yellow version released?


67. On the way to Professor Oak’s cousin, Ash’s mum picked something as a gift, what was the gift that she picked?


68. Ash received what from Tapu Koko?


69. Who are the first legendary Pokémons?

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres

70. What type of attack is Flying-type Pokemon immune to?


71. In which Pokemon generation was Lugia introduced? 3rd Generation or 2nd generation?

2nd generation

72. Haunter is listed as ‘ghost’ and what other type?


73. How many Mega Evolutions does Charizard have? 2 or 4?


74. What item heals a Pokemon’s HP by a small amount each turn?


75. What Pokemon can be resurrected from the Helix Fossil?


76. What weather condition does Groudon summon upon entering battle?


77. Grabbing one of Ninetales’ tails is said to bring a curse of how many years? 600 years or 1000 years?

1000 years

78. Who is the tallest Pokemon?


79. What is Larvitar’s fully evolved form?


80. What type of move is Hyper Beam? Hard or normal?


81. What condition does Hippowdon summon upon entering battle? Firestorm or sandstorm?



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