81 Fun Trivia Questions And Answers About Women

Fun Trivia Questions And Answers About Women

People often think that women have limited roles and opportunities but that is not true. The following set of trivia questions will help you to expand your knowledge and discover some fascinating facts about women’s life and power.

1. How old was Queen Elizabeth at her coronation?


2. What was the term women used to say that they were on period back in the days?

“ on the rag”

3. Who was the first female transgender?

Christine Jorgensen


4. Which tradition was a common tradition among women in China?

Foot binding

5. How much time can a woman keep a secret?

Average women can’t keep a secret for more than 47hrs.

6. What is the name of the woman that invented Kevlar by accident?

Stephanie Kwolek

7. Who is the only woman to ever rule China?

Empress Wu Zetian(624-705)

8. When were women finally allowed to attend school in China?


9. Why were women in ancient China forbidden from going to school?

It was seen as a waste of time to educate a woman because their opinion didn’t matter then.

10. What word or sentence do women use more throughout their lifetime?

Request words

11. Who was the first woman in Africa to be awarded a degree in medicine?

Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi

12. What did the queen of England give lady Diana as her engagement present?

a sapphire and diamond

13. Which famous American actress was the first woman to run a U.S airline?

Maureen O’ Ha

14. Who was the first American woman to fly the Atlantic solo?

Amelia Earhart

15. Diana was the princess of which kingdom?


16. Which woman impacted mostly Michael Jackson’s musical career?

Diana rose


17. Michael Jackson song Dirty Diana was written in honour of who?

Princess Diana

18. Mother Teresa was from which country?


19. Why are Islamic women in Arab nations encouraged to wear hijab?

To prevent sexual harassment

20. A woman who pulled herself up by a bra strap?


21. Mona Lisa painting is worth how much?

$100million, in 1962, but today’s market that will be around $860million

22. Which woman holds the record for the most expensive painting done by a woman?

24. Who was the first American woman poet whose poetry was published in London in 1650?

Anne Bradstreet

25. Who was the U.S president’s wife who saved historic paintings when the British army burned the white house in 1814?

Dolly Madison

26. Who is the first woman conductor of a large orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony, appointed in 2007?

Marison Alsop

27. Mary Kies was the first woman to be granted a U.S patent. What did she invent?

The technique of weaving straw with silk and thread

28. In 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to?

Earn a medical degree in the U.S

29. Which woman was the inventor of the original monopoly game?

Lizzie Magie

30. Sally Ride is most famous for being the first woman to do what?

Enter the space

31. Which educator was the fourth African to earn a doctorate?

Anna cooper

32. What abstract painter were the first arts graduate from Howard University and the first woman to have a solo exhibit at the Whitney Museum of arts in New York City?

Alma woodsey Thomas

33. Who was the first woman of colour to go into space on the shuttle endeavour in 1992?

Dr Mae Jemison

34. Maggie Lena Walker, the first woman bank president in the U.S was born in which year?


35. Who was the first woman recorded to ever have a twin?


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36. What kind of women does society need?

Educated and courageous

37. What was Queen Elizabeth’s occupation before becoming a queen?

A soldier

38. Who is the longest-serving monarch in the world’s history?

Queen Elizabeth

39. What is the name of the woman that invented the life raft?

Maria Beasley

40. Name one attribute that 95 per cent of women on earth possess?


41. In 1999, the most browsed woman on the internet was who?

Cindy Margolis

42. Which woman has the most marriages?

Linda Wolfe

43. Who is the first woman to run for the presidency in the United States?

Victoria Woodhull

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44. What is the rule that is strictly observed in the queen’s dining?

Whenever the queen stops eating, every other person must stop.

45. Who was the first female king in England?

Mary 1

46. Why do women who are getting newly married throw bouquets?

It is said to bring good luck to the guests

47. Which country has the most feminists?


48. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf served as a president in which country?


49. Which country has a tribe that offers their wives to their guests?


50. Who was the woman that proposed the theory of radioactivity?

Marie Curie

51. What is the first black woman to receive a PhD(doctor of philosophy)?

Shirley Jackson

52. The first woman to create a 100% solar-powered car was?

Maria Telkes

53. What is the name of the first woman to invent the programming language COBOL used in programming?

Grace Hopper

54. Between men and women, who has a better sense of smell?

Women have a better sense of smell than men

55. Why is it that naturally, women don’t like to take risks?

Because of their bigger angular cingulate cortex which prevents them from jumping into danger.

56. What is the name of the woman that discovered and invented the dishwasher in 1886?

Josephine Garis Cochran

57. In 1946, disposable diapers were made by which woman?

Marion Donovan

58. What is the name of the woman that was regarded as the first female teacher of India because of the role she played?

Savitribai Phule

59. What is the estimate of women that served in the Soviet armed forces in World War 2?

Over 800,000 women.

60. What is the reason behind women’s ability to hear the cry of their offspring more quickly than men?

Women are biologically sensitive to high pitched noises.

61. What is the name of the first female Secretary of State of the United States, appointed by President Clinton in 1997?

Madeleine Albright

62. Why is it that women get drunk at a faster rate than men?

Because the female body has less water in its tissue.

63. What is the name of the woman that designed an electric refrigerator in 1913?

lorence Parpart

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64. Who is popularly known as the first computer programmer?

Ada Lovelace

65. Who was the first black woman to serve on a Board of Education in Washington DC?

Mary Church Terrell

66. Study shows that women see about 20% more colour than men, why is it so?

Because of genetic mutation.

67. Who was the female astronomer who discovered a comet that was named for her, on October 1, 1847?

Maria Mitchell

68. Who is the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics, after she discovered the structure of atoms?

Maria Goeppert Mayer

69. The women’s brain is smaller than men’s brain by how many percent?


70. What is the name of the first Native American to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1963 for her work in decreasing infant mortality?

Anne Dodge Wauneha

71. The longest-serving female U.S. senator who was elected in 1986 was?

Barbara Mikulski

72. Why are women more rational in their reasoning than men?

Because of a thicker cerebral cortex than men.

73. What is the name of the lady that discovered polonium and radium?

Marie Curie

74. Who was the first black woman lawyer in the United States?

Charlotte Ray

75. What is the name of the major city in the US that was founded by a woman?


76. What woman has won a total of 56 Grand Slam tennis competitions events?

Martina Navratilova

77. On average, how many more words do a woman speak than a man every day?

Women speak 13,000 more words than men daily.

78. Who became the first female president of Harvard University?

Drew Gilpin Faust

79. Who earned the nickname “Mother” after she volunteered to be a nurse during the Civil War?

Mary Bickerdyke

80. What is the name of the woman that discovered the circular saw?

Tabitha Babbitt

81. How many pounds of lipstick do an average woman eat throughout her life?

4 pounds

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