81 Fun Vacation Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun Vacation Trivia Questions and Answers

A vacation is a way of relieving ourselves from stress by relaxing. How about playing a game that will help you uncover some interesting vacation spots, destinations. How about a game that will help you discover some fascinating details of some beautiful tourist location that will make you feel like you have been there yourself.  So get ready to play a fun Vacation trivia game click the “Show Answer” to see the right answer to the questions.

Travel Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Lake Titicaca is the biggest lake in South America that is shared by which countries?

Bolivia and Peru

2. At The Taj Mahal, there is a bench named after a British royal, who is it?

Princess Diana

3. Which island country in the southeastern Caribbean Sea is also known as the ‘Island of Spice’?



4. What is the only country in the world not to have a rectangular or square flag?


5. Which European capital was built on 14 islands?


6. Finland has been rated as what type of Country for the last 3 years running (2020, 2019 & 2018)?

The happiest country in the world

7. On which Caribbean island can you swim with pigs?

The Bahamas

8. Which two cities did the original Orient Express travel between?

Paris and Istanbul

9. Which capital city has a name that means “good airs” in English?

Buenos Aires in Argentina

10. Which landlocked sea is 422m (1385ft) below sea level?

The dead sea

11. Which countries are completely land-locked in South America?

Bolivia and Paraguay

12. In which country is there a natural gas pit nicknamed the ‘Door to Hell’ that has been burning since 1971?


13. Which capital city has the most Michelin stars in the world?


14. In 1993, ‘Ayers Rock’ also became known by its Aboriginal name, what is this name?


15. Where would you find the Callanish?

The Isle of Harris in Scotland

16. Stinky Tofu is the National Dish of which Country?



Vacation Spot Trivia Questions and Answers

17. Located on the western shores of Hudson Bay, this unlikely vacation spot draws tourists from around the world to view its wildlife–and, with luck, its displays of the Aurora Borealis. To which destination would you likely either have to fly or take the Canadian Railway?

Churchill, Manitoba

18. This is a classic destination for hikers and climbers, with a national park, located in the western USA, containing the features of El Capitan and Half Dome?


19. Which vacation spot is at the end of a chain of small islands, off the southern tip of Florida, only 90 miles from Cuba?

Key West

20. It is arguably one of the top two or three places in the world for gambling, but also has a lovely climate?

Las Vegas

21. This island is part of a configuration known as “the Coral Triangle”, an area known for its a high number of reef-producing corals and marine biodiversity in general, where is it?


22. The name of this destination translates to “hill”, which is how it looks from afar. What delightful Asian location is this?

Phuket, Thailand

23. Which vacation spot is a great place to see the Northern Lights, especially during the long winter nights?


24. Located on the romantic French Riviera, this city is known for its casinos. Surrounded on three sides by the country of France, it is not a French city. What is this city?

Monte Carlo

25. Hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948, can you name this alpine ski area that is one of the most expensive in the world?

St Moritz

26. This island paradise was, at one time or another, home to such luminaries as Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost, Truman Capote, and Calvin Klein. It is the land’s end for one of the most-visited states in the US. Can you name it?

Key West Florida

27. One of the most famous beaches in the world is located about half an hour’s travel from the statue of Christ the Redeemer. What is its name?


28. The lively city is known for its street music, festive vibe and melting pot of French, African, and American cultures is well worth the trip?

New Orleans

29. Not far from these beach towns, one of Costa Rica’s top tourist attractions, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, protects one of the continent’s last unspoiled?

Costa Rica

30. A barrier island chain off of North Carolina’s coast, the Outer Banks is a great place to relax on a budget?

Outer Banks

Vacation Destination Trivia Questions and Answers

31. Tikal and Caracol are Mayan sites located respectively in?

Guatemala and Belize

32. Located not far from the Riviera Maya is the remains of a Mayan city. An easy day trip from the Mexican coast, what famous pre-Columbian edifice is pictured here?

Chichen Itza

33. Which two countries are the Iguazu Falls part of?

Argentina and Brazil

34. What is the most southerly capital city in the world?

Wellington. This is such a beautiful city to visit

35. What island in San Francisco Bay was the site of an almost escape-proof prison?


36. If you were having a cocktail at Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba, what would you be drinking?

A Mojito

37. Stinky Tofu is the National Dish of which Country?


38. This place is almost a caricature of a great vacation spot. In what desert playland has singer Wayne Newton been a fixture for more than 50 years?

Las Vegas

39. What is Europe’s most mountainous country?


40. Mate (maté) is the National Drink of which South American Country?


Summer Vacation Trivia Questions and Answers

41. How many long-distance summer trips are made in the USA each year on average?

650 million

42. What does SPF stand for?

sun protection factor

43. In which country is the biggest waterpark in the world?


44. Bolivia’s red lagoon has deposits that are seen on the surface called?

Borax deposits

45. True or false? The month of June is named after a Greek goddess?

False, June is named after the Roman Goddess, Juno

46. A good summer vacation spot in Bali, has beach clubs that are known as?

boujee beach club

47. Which is the longest continuous beach in America?

long Beach, WA

48. When did the first-ever swimming school open in the United States?


49. America’s deepest lake, crater lake, Oregon originated after which event?

After Mount Mazama erupted more than 6 thousand years ago

50. In which city were the summer Olympics held in 2012?

London, England

Christmas Vacation Trivia  Questions and Answers

51. The city that never sleeps which has something for everybody during the Christmas season is?

New York

52. Which place is one of the best places for a Southern-style Christmas?

Sea Island, Georgia

53. Which European country is front and center in so many Christmas movies: it positively glows during the holidays?


54. Which city known as Sin City is less sinful and more sensational during the Christmas holidays?

Las Vegas, Nevada

55. Which city in New York is known as “America’s Most Perfect Village,” for Christmas?

Cooperstown, New York

56. San Antonio’s famed River Walk is known to be especially gorgeous during the Christmas holidays because?

It is when the river is lined with Christmas lights and the highs are in the mid-60s

57. Which New Jersey’s Victorian seaside town turns into a Dickensian village for Christmas, with everything from candlelit trolley tours, to wine tasting, to a holiday tree-lighting ceremony?

Cape May

58. Which charming town in South Carolina is the perfect exploration spot for Christmas trips when the city is less crowded and the lights and celebrations are in full glory?

Charleston, South Carolina

59. Which Christmas vacation town has theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios?

Orlando, Florida

60. A New Mexico town that throws a month-long celebration called Yuletide, paying homage to the city’s unique blend of cultures is called?


61. Which country is filled with towns for those that love celebrating Christmas in huge snows?


62. A wonderful spot for Christmas trips that offers an affordable and outdoorsy destination with so much to do for all ages that it’s undeniably ideal for Christmas vacations for families?

Colorado Springs

63. A place with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s, traditional celebrations include the 12-day Virgin of Guadalupe and the day of the Three Wise Men, plus inviting, picturesque beaches, it’s a no-brainer for a holiday getaway?

Los Cabos, Mexico

64. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is known as?

Christmas City in the USA

European Vacation Trivia Questions and Answers

65. Which place was made for history buffs and architecture aficionados thanks to it housing the world-renowned Acropolis and Ancient Agora?


66. Which European vacation spot is located south of Zurich, Bern and Basel, are a haven for winter sports enthusiasts?

Swiss Alps

67. A vacation here will leave you feeling as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale?


68. Which city in Spain has a diverse architecture that sets the city apart from other European destinations?


69. Which island is situated off the southern coast of Turkey isn’t as popular with foreigners as other European beach and island destinations farther west?


70. A European city that has the world-class British Museum and music theatres all over are?


71. Which coastal region in Italy has a once-in-a-lifetime view of the Mediterranean Sea from beautiful cliff-side towns?

Amalfi coast

72. The town in Italy that boasts top-notch museums, stunning architecture and mouth-watering cuisine, including Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia, is?

Florence, Italy

73. A city far off of the coast of Lisbon which is a Portuguese archipelago is an underrated European gem?


74. Why is Rome a can’t-miss spot on your trip to Europe?

The aroma of fresh Italian cooking wafts through the alleys, and historical sights stand proudly at every turn

75. Which storied Austrian city is best known for its music and monarchs and home to the oldest zoo in the world?


76. A Greek island is known for its unique volcanic landscape, relaxing beaches and picturesque local architecture?


Vacation Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

77. A Christmas movie in which Selena Gomez starred as Grace, a recent high school graduate who embarks on a dream trip to Paris with her stepsister and best friend is called?

Monte Carlo

78. What is the name of the movie that projects Hawaii, surfing, and a group of badass women who spend their days on the beach?

Blue Crush

79. Which Singapore setting of a romantic comedy starring Henry Golding and Constance Wu is so beautiful you’ll find yourself bookmarking flights?

Crazy Rich Asians

80. Which movie is proof that Hawaii is a vacation paradise?

Forgetting Sarah

81. You get four vacations out of this movie about a group of best friends—played by Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel, and Amber Tamblyn. What is the name of this movie?

The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants

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