81 Interesting Baby Shower Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting Baby Shower Trivia Questions and Answers

Ready to light up your baby shower party with a fun game? Try this; At what age can babies recognize themselves in the mirror?  Get ready to answer some more fun trivia questions and click the “Show Answer” to see the right answer to the questions. These questions are crafted to teach lots of important things about babies and their development. Check out 130 Fun and Romantic Adventure Bucket List for Lovely Couples.

1. At what age can a baby smile socially?

Anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks after birth.

2. What are some of the popular baby shower games?

Bingo, Guess the Price, Feed the Baby, Sharing baby stories, etc.

3. How many hours does the average newborn sleep in 24 hours?

16 hours

4. The baby should have his/her first bath after what happens?

When the umbilical cord falls off.


5. How can you tell about the size of the tummy of mommy?

Make Use of tape or ribbon to guess the size of mom’s tummy

6. At what age do babies start having actual tears?

Babies start having tears by one month of age.

7. Can a baby in the womb taste the food the mother eats?

Yes, they can

8. When does a baby recognize familiar people?

At approximately 3 months of age.

9. Are babies born without kneecaps?

Yes, babies are born without kneecaps.

10. How many times should a new parent bathe their baby?

At least thrice a week.

11. Which is the color that babies recognize first when their color vision begins to develop?

The red color

12. A baby’s first poo is known as what?


13. Which color was associated with baby boys in the 1900s?

It was the color pink.

14. What was the birth weight of the heaviest baby born to date?

The heaviest baby born was 22 pounds.

15. What is the percentage of kids that are born with birthmarks?

80% approximately.

16. What is the average amount of steps that a toddler can take in an hour?

A toddler can take approximately 2400 steps in an hour.

17. What is the most common food craving among pregnant women around the world?



18. How many bones does a newborn baby have at birth?

A newborn baby has 300 bones in his/her body.

19. How many extra calories should a woman eat in the third trimester?

Approximately 500 calories.

20. What is the highest number of teeth a baby is ever born with?

Sean Keaney of the UK was born with 12 teeth.

21. When do you know if your child is a leftie or rightie?

10 weeks after birth.

22. What was the most significant attraction in Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower?

There were adorable elephant sculptures that were made of flowers.

23. What is the actual percentage of babies who are born on their due date?

Approximately 80 percent

24. In the world, how many time intervals are there for babies to be born?

After every thirty seconds, a baby born

25. What is one of the most special gifts you get on a baby shower?

A book about babies like a guide for parenting.

26. How did mommy tell the dad about the pregnancy?

It will result in very interesting facts and bring laughs due to interesting little things.

27. How fast is the breath of a baby?

Thrive as fast as an adult.

28. Which colors were used for Ximena Duque’s baby shower?

All the decorations were done in grey and pink colors

29. Which is the first sense a baby acquires after birth?


30. What is the average age when babies start crawling?

Most babies start crawling anywhere between 6 to 10 months of age

31. By what age does a baby usually double its birth weight?

After about 5 months.

32. When does the baby’s umbilical cord fall off?

1-2 weeks after birth.

33. According to the old nursery rhyme, children born on what day of the week is ‘fair of face’?

It’s Monday.

34. Which are the first baby items that parents tend to buy?


35. How many days does a baby take to recognize his father’s voice?

About 14 days.

36. When can babies recognize themselves in the mirror?

Anywhere from 18 months to two years of age.

37. What is the baby shower game that can be used as an activity for the guests?

Baby shower word searches.

38. How much does a woman’s blood volume increase during pregnancy?

By 50% approximately.

39. How long does it take for the fingerprints to appear on a baby’s fingers?

From three to six months of age.

40. When does a baby recognize the voice of the mother?

At the time of birth – one week.

41. How often does a baby wee in their first six months?

After every 20 minutes.

42. What is another name for a pacifier in England?

A pacifier is also known as a dummy.

43. Who usually organizes or hosts baby showers for the mother-to-be?

It is either close friends or family members.

44. According to research, who is better at changing babies’ diapers?

It is men who change diapers in 1.36 minutes while women do it in approximately 3 minutes.

45. What was so special about Eva Longoria’s baby shower?

The baby shower decor was done in a bright
yellow color![/bg_collapse]

46. How long does it take for a baby’s eye color to get fixed or permanent?

It may take up to 1 year.

47. At what age babies can taste salt?

By 3 to 4 months of age.

48. What is the name of the event celebrated in India as a pregnancy ritual?


49. What is forbidden or is not a done thing for a pregnant woman in Turkish tradition?

Pregnant women should avoid looking at monkeys, camels, bears, etc.

50. How long does an average pregnancy last?

It is for approximately 40 weeks

51. What can babies do that is almost impossible for adults?

Babies can swallow and breathe at the same time.

52. How can you say ‘baby’ in the Japanese language?

A baby is called Akachan.

53. What was the weight of the lightest baby ever born and survived?

245 grams.

54. What is the highest number of children born by a woman?

69 children.

55. How far can a newborn baby see?

A baby can see only up to 8 to 14 inches.

56. What is the proportion of a baby’s head to its body at birth?

A baby’s head is one-quarter of the size of its body at birth.

57. How is the Shower bingo game played?

Guests fill in the bingo cards with gifts they think the mother will receive during the baby shower.

58. When is it appropriate to take a pregnancy test?

A week after a missed flow.

59. Do you think babies are born with blue eyes?

Most babies are born with brown eyes color.

60. At what age do babies start sitting?

At around 5-6 months.

61. What percentage of new babies get delivered on their due date?

Approximately 5%

62. Can babies yawn when they are in the womb?

Yes, they can.

63. How often should the baby be fed?

After every 2-4 hours.

64. After how many weeks does a baby get to smile?

Around 5-8 weeks

65. What is the longest number of days for a pregnancy ever recorded?

375 days

66. At which week scan can you find out the sex of your baby?

20 weeks

67. Which is one of the most classic baby shower games?

This is the baby shower bingo game.

68. What is the recommended time that you should start cleaning your bay?

After the umbilical stump falls off.

69. What was the theme for Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower?

It had a princess theme.

70. What is mummy’s favorite dish?

Hint (Ask all friends and relatives present at the baby shower)

71. Baby showers are celebrated by different cultures. What is it called in South Africa?

A Stork Party

72. What is the average number of diapers a baby uses in a day?

7-12 diapers

73. The area around the umbilical cord stump of the baby should be cleaned regularly. True or False?

False. It should be kept clean and dry at all times.

74. How often should you change your baby’s diaper?

Every 2 to 3 hour

75. What’s the baby’s astrological sign going to be?

It is determined by the possible dates of delivery.

76. Can baby pictures of the guests be used to play a game?

Guests bring their baby pictures and everyone tries to figure out who’s baby picture matches which guest.

77. What is a baby shower called in China?

It is called “Red Egg” or Ginger Parties

78. How much bigger does the uterus become while pregnant?

It becomes 500 times bigger.

79. Who can tell you about mommy’s favorite drink?

Everyone can guess but her close friends must know her favorite drink as they spend a lot of time together.

80. What’s been your biggest food craving during pregnancy?

This question is for mommy.

81. Have you decided on the name of the baby?

Mommy and daddy can both tell the names what they like.

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