81 Interesting Batman Trivia Questions and Answers

Photo: DC Comics

Interesting Batman Trivia Questions and Answers

Photo: DC Comics

If you enjoyed Batman Movie, then you will certainly enjoy this specially crafted Batman trivia game. Try this “Who considers himself as the gentleman of criminal activities that operate in Gotham City?” I guess this question will be easy for you to answers if you are a fan of Batman. Well if you don’t know the answer, don’t go hard on yourself as you will find the answer and answers to more interesting trivia questions covering all seasons of this fascinating movie. Sit back and enjoy this Batman trivia question, because you will find out soon that these trivia questions are as fun as the movie itself. Check the correct answers by clicking on the “Show Answer” button:

1. What is the name of the two villains that appeared in “Batman Forever”?

The Riddler and Two-Face

2. In the movie “Batman Begins”, who was the person that murdered Martha Wayne and Thomas?

Joe Chill

3. What is the name of the person that played Batman during the first Batman live-action movie?

Lewis Wilson


4. In the “The Dark Knight’ trilogy movie series”, who was the person that acted as Batman butler? Joe Chill or Alfred Pennyworth?

Alfred Pennyworth

5. In Batman Forever, who was the person that played the role of Robin?

Chris O’Donnell

6. In “Batman Returns”, who played the role of Selina Kyle in the movie?

Michelle Pfeiffer

7. To make the observatory into a massive freeze ray was the major plan that Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze had in the “Batman and Robin” movie. True or false?


8. Catwoman was not Selina Kyle’s secret identity in Batman Returns. True or false?


9. In “The Dark Knight” who played the role of Commissioner Gordon?

Gary Oldman

10. MacGregor’s syndrome was the syndrome that Nora suffered in “Batman and Robin”. True or False?


11. What is the name of the person that currently writes Batman comics? Bob Kane or Scott Snyder?

Scott Snyder

12. In “Batman Begins”, the name of the main villain is?

Ra’s Al Ghul

13. Who considers himself as the gentleman of criminal activities that operate in Gotham City?

Mr. Penguin

14. What is the name of the nightclub that Mr. Penguin uses as a cover to hide his criminal activities?

Iceberg Lounge

15. In the Batman movies that Christopher Nolan acted, who played the role of Scarecrow?

Cillian Murphy

16. Two-Face was a Gotham city district attorney, before becoming a villain. True or false?


17. In the “Lego Batman” movie, who was Batman’s voice-over?

will Arnette


18. The real name of Batman’s sidekick, Robin is? Cillian Morgan or Dick Grayson?

Dick Grayson

19. In which of Batman’s movies was the family of Dick Grayson murdered? Batman Returns or Batman Forever?

Batman Forever

20. Who was the first villain since the first Batman movie? Two-Face or Joker?


21. In Batman Returns, what is the name of Selina’s boss?

Max Schrek

22. In the “Dark Knight Rises” who single-handedly found out that Bruce Wayne was the Batman?

John Blake

23. In the “Dark Knight Rises”, who was the popular Hollywood star that acted as Bane?

Tom Hardy

24. What was the profession of Dick Grayson’s family? Musical group or Acrobatic group?

Acrobatic group

25. The director that directed both “Batman” and its sequel are called?

Tim Burton

26. In “Batman and Robin” was the secret Identity of Barbara Wilson? Batwoman or Batgirl?


27. Who played the role of Mr. Freeze in the “Batman and Robin” movie?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

28. Who used plant revolution to threaten Gotham City in “Batman and Robin”? Two-Face or Poison Ivy?

poison Ivy

29. Burt Ward played the Robin character in “Batman: The Movie”. True or false?


30. Till the new-52 series, what is the number of characters that have taken the title of Robin? 7 or 5?


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31. Bruce Wayne, had a son with which character? Tim Drake or Talia Al Ghul?

Talia Al Ghul

32. Bill Finger wasn’t the first comic writer that named Batman “The Dark Knight”. True or false?


33. Was Bruce Wayne’s son raised by the League of Assassins? Yes or no?


34. In what year did the Batman comics start their production? 1951 or 1931?


35. Jason Todd is not among those who have taken the title of Robin. True or false?


36. What is the name of the child of David Cain and Lady Shiva who was an infamous Batgirl?

Cassandra Cain

37. Julie Maddison was the first love interest of Batman in “Detective Comics”. True or false?


38. What is the name of those that gave birth to Bruce Wayne?

Thomas and Martha Wayne

39. The Riddler wasn’t the alias of Edward Nigma. True or false?


40. Did Batman fall into the hand of thugs in a valley while pursuing Catwoman? Yes or no?


41. The worst enemies of Batman were kept in which rehabilitation center in Gotham city?

Arkham Asylum

42. The trustworthy business manager in Wayne’s enterprises was?

Lucious Fox

43. “You will never win” were the last words of Batman before he was killed in “Final Crisis”. True or false?


44. What is the name of the person that saved Batman from thugs as he was pursuing Catwoman?

The huntress

45. Anytime that Batman wants to infiltrate the dark criminal underbelly of his city, which name does he use?

matches Malone

46. What is the name of the poison or toxin that Joker is afraid of?


47. Breeding roses is the hobby of Batman’s butler. True or false?


48. What is the name of the person that killed Batman in “Final Crisis”?


49. What is the name of the superhero that Batman’s butler beat in “Injustice: God amongst us”? Spiderman or Superman?


50. What is the name of the actor that played the role of Commissioner Gordon in both “Batman Returns” and “Batman Forever”?

Pat Hingle

51. Batgirl is not Alfred’s niece. True or false?


52. Batwoman’s niece is the original Batgirl. True or false?


53. What was the name of the Batmobile in the “Dark Knight”?

The Tumbler

54. In which “Detective Comics” did Batman first appear?

Detective Comics 27

55. Which other person from the Batman family debuted at the same time with Batman in Detective comics?

commissioner Gordon

56. The broker was the one that provided Gotham’s worst criminals with secret lairs and hideouts? True or false?


57. What is the name of the Batman villain that struck mostly on every holiday? Clay Face or Calendar Man?

calendar man

58. What is the alias of the supervillain Mad Hatter?

Jervis Tetch

59. The gun-selling mobster that was called Penguin was?

Oswald Cobblepot

60. What is the name of the wife of the famous Batman villain, Mr. Freeze? Caro or Nora?


61. Zsasz usually leaves the tally mark of their victims on their bodies. True or false?


62. Harley Quinn was not the little miss crown princess. True or false?


63. After being thrown into the slaughter swamp, which villain became a zombie-like creature?

Solomon Grundy

64. What is the name of the high-tech Batman villain that has magnetic properties? Clay face or Zebra man?

zebra man

65. Dr. Harleen worked in the Arkham Asylum before she became Harley Quinn. True or false?


66. Which of the comic characters resemble a nursery rhyme?

Humpty Dumpty

67. The Batman villain that developed a chemical formula that can turn men into beasts was? Zebra man or Hugo Strange?

Hugo Strange

68. What is the villain name of Arthur Brown?


69. After being bored of hunting cats in the jungle, which Batman villain turned to crime?


70. What is the name of the villain that uses anything related to the clock to commit a crime? Calendar man or Clock man?


71. What is the name of the villain that was a con artist that used deception?

Dr. Zodiac

72. The army of homeless was formed by which Batman villain?

Deacon Blackfire

73. Who was the person that was often blamed for Catman’s crimes?


74. What is the other name of the villain, Deadshot?

Floyd Lawton

75. What is the name of the villain that has a sweet tooth?


76. Batgirl first encountered and defeated which Batman villain?

The killer moth

77. What is the name of the Batman villain that has a glove that has the frequency to smash human skulls?

bone blaster

78. What is the original name of Professor Pyg?

Lazlo Valentin

79. Abattoir is a villain that almost killed his own family. True or false?


80. Poison Ivy’s original name was?

Pamela Isley

81. What is the name of the villain that was dropped into a vat of chemicals? Clay Face or Firefly?


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